Establishment in GOP Gather Power as Elon Musk Makes Users Beg | Dr. Mark Sherwood

about a year ago

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The nation has been deceived once again as seen in the midterms. With the deliberate failure of the current GOP to perform a Red Wave the voting base begins to doubt the Republic and its elections.

Arizona and Georgia are still in and shining a blaring light on the integrity of elections. Kari Lake continues to fight, as she should, for the governorship which she clearly has won. Maricopa County, among others, has shown that they will stop at nothing to take away the ability to return to America's founding and original conservatism.

The establishment continues to keep change from occurring within the Republican party. With the shadow of Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell holding steady, they now look to gather a stay for Ronna McDaniel. All of these people are the reason that the GOP has not represented its voter base.

Conservatives cry out for the GOP to be washed clean. With the legacy of the establishment power structure this looks to be a battle that will only grow larger. Will there ever be a chance for the conservatives to regain real control of their party?

Conservative and independent news outlets have turned on the America First agenda. They've promoted the establishment and are now moving to uplift Mike Pence as a good candidate to replace Trump. Breitbart is one such outlet. What is really happening here?

As Elon Musk continues to supposedly rebuild Twitter the leftists leave in a whining exodus. However, as he stands with power is there really free speech when people beg to be reinstated to Twitter?

Trump is reinstated, but is it just a distraction away from the true plans that Elon has for Twitter as wealthy elites consolidate power?

Dr. Mark Sherwood returns for Hope, Health, and Freedom to bring understanding for healthy choices during a holiday lost to overabundance and materialism. Has the meaning of thankfulness and gratitude been lost as we see people gorge and seek attention for volunteerism?

Generation Z is widely vilified for their actions of ignorance and indifference. Can the generation be reached and guided toward truth?

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