Episode 267 - The War on Women

About a month ago

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Author Jennifer Strickland joins Jeff! Jen is an author, TEDx speaker, former model, and the founder of U R More, a ministry that teaches people their worth in God’s eyes. She is also the creator of Let’s Write, a program that helps authors finish their books so they can impact lives with their work.

Jen has written eight books and studies teaching women and girls their true worth, including Girl Perfect, More Beautiful Than You Know, Beautiful Lies, 21 Myths (Even Good) Girls Believe About Sex, and her new book, I Am a Woman. She holds a master’s degree in Writing and Literature and a bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism.

For 15 years, Jen worked worldwide as a print, runway, and commercial model. She lived in several European countries and got an inside look at one of the most glamorized industries in the world. Today, she uses her experience as a model, knowledge of Scripture, and love for young women to expose the lies of the media and teach them to see themselves in God’s eyes.

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Jennifer's Website: https://www.urmore.org


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