Episode 216 - The Seed Police

About 4 months ago

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Author, filmmaker and TPR Contributor Gayla Prewitt returns to discuss her fictional book “Seed Police” and the real possibilities of seeing such tyranny in our future, GMO’s and other hazards in our food!

About Seed Police:
What if risking your family's safety was the only way to rescue the rest of humanity? What would you do? It's the not-too-distant future, and only the government is allowed to grow food. Owning seeds is illegal. Teenagers, Chance, and Emily, along with their families, who call themselves the “Seed Savers,” race against government patrols and a deadly pandemic. The pure seeds they hold are the key to human survival. Will they escape the Seed Police?

Gayla's website: https://www.gaylaprewitt.com
Seed Police: https://a.co/d/9B1o0w2

TPR Website: https://wwww.redbloodedpatriots.com

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