Episode 207 - Racism, Revenge and Ruin

About 3 months ago

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SPECIAL GUEST: Scott McKay, author of Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It's All Obama.

How is it that overnight the America we grew up in has become all but unrecognizable? How did the greatest nation on earth turn into a snake pit of bitterness and acrimony? How did our government come to make war on the very liberties – of speech, thought, religion – it was created to defend: Why has our justice system become a blatant instrument of partisan injustice? Why are entire generations so ignorant of the ideals that made this country a beacon for all humankind they reflexively denounce America as a hellscape of indecency and oppression?

The answer: Barack Obama.

Scott McKay, author of Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It's All Obama, is the publisher of The Hayride, an award-winning culture and politics site that covers Southern and national current events.

In addition, Scott’s work can be found in the pages of the conservative mainstay, the American Spectator, where he has been a regular columnist since 2012. Scott's first political book, The Revivalist Manifesto, is the distillation of his work at The Hayride and the American Spectator, outlining the need and opportunity to form a new American political consensus in which a rethought conservative movement assumes leadership and creates a national revival.

Scott's writing career started in 1997 with the launch of Purple & Gold, a sports magazine devoted to college athletics at Louisiana State University. Over the eight years Purple & Gold was in existence it grew to over 15,000 subscribers and was known as one of the most comprehensive, well-written and insightful college sports publications in America. Scott resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Book: https://www.amazon.com/Racism-Revenge-Ruin-Its-Obama/dp/1958682063?s=digital-text