Episode 202 - Scandal in the Catholic Church

about 2 months ago

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Michael Hichborn joins Jeff!! Michael is the Founder of the Lepanto Institute, which through in depth investigations and reports holds the Catholic Church accountable when it moves away from its biblical teachings.

Michael has researched and produced an annual report on organizations receiving grant money from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. This annual report, exposing dozens of grantees that are promoting abortion, birth control, homosexuality and Marxism, has led to a nation-wide review of the CCHD and a tightening of its guidelines.

Michael has also conducted research on Catholic hospital systems that are involved in the performance of abortions and sterilizations; he wrote a detailed report on abortion and contraception-providing organizations receiving money from Catholic Relief Services; and produced a detailed report on Obamacare and its danger to women, preborn babies and the elderly.

Michael's website: https://www.lepantoin.org

TPR Website: https://wwww.redbloodedpatriots.com