Election Machines Break Federal Law

About 2 months ago

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The Lindell Report

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In this episode of "The Lindell Report," host Mike Lindell and guest Rick Weible delve into a variety of topics surrounding the integrity of election systems. Mike begins by discussing the challenges his business faced, likening it to navigating through a storm, but reassures that the focus has now returned to securing elections. He highlights a recent rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and confrontations with journalists over election fraud claims, which he asserts have not been legally dismissed based on evidence.

Rick Weible, sharing the stage, discusses his findings and actions regarding election integrity in South Dakota and other states. He reports on violations related to election machine settings and ballot image preservation, which he argues are against federal law. Rick details his communications with the FBI and his efforts to mobilize local support for more transparent and accountable election processes. He emphasizes the importance of hand-counted ballots over machine-tabulated ones to ensure the veracity of elections.

Throughout the episode, both Lindell and Weible express their frustrations with the current state of election security, critiquing both Democratic and Republican officials for their roles in what they perceive as a corrupt system. The discussion is filled with urgency and a call to action for viewers to support efforts to reform election practices and ensure that each vote is counted accurately and transparently.

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