Eamonn Mathieson MD -- A Medical Witness to the Australia Shutdown

About 2 years ago

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Peter R. Breggin MD

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Removed from YouTube due to censorship.
Eamonn Mathieson MD is an anesthesiologist in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is a founding member of the COVID Medical Network, a scientific group under attack from the Australian equivalent of the FDA for simply evaluating scientific papers relevant to COVID-19. We share the most current COVID-19 breaking news. We are able to draw conclusions about why Melbourne with its low rate of infections and deaths became one of the most-locked down cities in the Western World. It confirms my theory of who’s behind the global predators. It confirms the truth that the hyped up numbers of infections and deaths from COVID-19 is not the even the cause of the shutdowns, but merely the window dressing. The truth is that the predators behind it all simply do as much damage as they can get away with to Western patriotic democracies like Australia and the U.S. Widen your horizons with this interview.


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