God's call to those sleeping in the church

About 7 months ago

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Dec 13, 2023 "Rick's Alone Time with God" Blog: Wake up, my children, wake up. I am speaking to my Body of Christ that are not engaged in this worldwide spiritual battle. Wake up now. There is no longer any time to waste. My Remnant is ready for battle, but most of my body is still asleep on how the enemy is attacking. They did this through secret societies and in subtle ways to lull you to sleep. #Godscall #JoinMyRemnant

Now, for those listening that have not stood at full attention like my Remnant. Listen closely. I have chosen you for this time to awaken at this time. There is zero time to waste. I need you to seek first the Kingdom of God and my righteousness. You can only do this by spending time with me. #Remnant #CalledbyGod

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