Dr. Li-Meng Yan, Who Escaped From China To The United States To Expose Chinas Cover-Up Of The Origin Of The COVID-19 Pandemic On Why China Will Not Cease Its Bio-Weapons Attacks On America

About 2 years ago

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Brannon Howse: The Democrats. Well, they told us before the 2020 election what they wanted to do. One reason we know what they want to do is because they actually put it down on paper. In the summer of 2021, I showed you this report. This is the Sector Democrats of America, their report. Written by several progressive Marxist, and Socialist Democrats. One of the things they wanted to do after Joe Biden, they said, when the White House was to make sure that the term In God We Trust was no longer used. They also wanted to get rid of the word Judeo-Christian.

Among other things, they also wanted to have the Department of Justice spend money to de-radicalize conservatives. They went so far as to declare that they want the IRS to decide who is a church and who is a business. Deeming that many of the megachurches are just businesses. Well, I would have to agree with them on that. Many of the so-called megachurches today are simply just that. They're really just businesses counting nickels and noses. But that's not for the IRS to decide.

That's really according to our way of life and our rules that's really for the individual groups to determine whether or not they meet the qualifications set out by the IRS to be called a church. Because otherwise we clearly have a problem. We have the establishment of a religion by the government. Elevating one denomination or religion or church up over another, was something the Founding Fathers did not want to do.

So, I ask you, do you really want people like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and the people like her that would be in power at the Department of Homeland Security or the IRS or the Justice Department to decide who is an acceptable church? After all, maybe we should just decide that the government in Washington isn't an acceptable government. Start ignoring them and not pay taxes to them and just be done with them. Because two people, two teams, two groups, or multiple groups can play that game. You want to start defining what's a legitimate church.

Maybe we should start defining what is a legitimate government. I guess I can make the case probably better than just about anybody as to what's a legitimate government. And I'll tell you right now, what we have in Washington is an illegitimate government. But that's exactly what they want to do. They want to decide what is a church and what is not a church, the same way they want to decide who is a domestic terrorist and who is not. If you showed up to the Capitol on January 6th for what you really just wanted to be a rally and didn't even go in the Capitol and did nothing you're still classified as a domestic terrorist.

But yet if you are out in the streets harassing justices of the Supreme Court against federal law, you're apparently a person of great nobility and a freedom fighter, a social justice warrior, to be commended by, well, people at the highest levels of our government and inside the White House. So, you see how this works? One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist. Another man's terrorist is another man's noble freedom fighter. Yet the Democrat Marxists told us in 2020 when Biden becomes president, we'll decide what is a church.

Joining me tonight is Dr. Li. Dr. Li, many of you know, was on my radio show a few months ago. She is from China, but she was a World Health Organization doctor in Hong Kong. She warned the world about what was going to happen when it came to this whole COVID pandemic. She was on my show a few weeks ago, warning about, well, the next plandemic and what it might look like. She joins us tonight. Dr. Li, welcome to Brandon House Live. Thanks for joining us.

Dr. Li: Hi, sir. Thank you for having me again.

Brannon Howse: Great to have you. You are a brave individual. Tell those who maybe don't know your story tell us a little bit about yourself and your story.

Dr. Li: Okay. So, I am an MD, a medical doctor, and also Ph.D. I'm also a virologist. I worked as a W.H.O. reference lab at the University of Hong Kong until April 2020, and I am the first scientist from outside to investigate what happened in Wuhan about the outbreak at the end of 2019. Also, my confidential investigation, which is I was assigned by my boss, W.H.O. expert Dr. DuPont. This actually triggered the Chinese Communist government because from the beginning I was warned to keep silent, if not I will be disappeared. Don't make China government unhappy.

However, my findings show that clearly, this virus was not from nature, and it was from the People's Liberation Army Lab, and COVID 19 virus was genetically engineered to target humans. We called it gain of function. Then because of the urgent situation, I have to deliver it by myself. There was a YouTube media based in America in the middle of January 2020, and I kept working on that hoping it actually might make the regime change some strategies and reduce them by force. However, until April 2020, Communist China decided to disappear me.

So that's why I had to escape to America. After that, I appeared in the media telling people what happened during the outbreak of the pandemic. I wrote three reports with my scientists. We explained in a scientific way why this is the People's Liberation Army's unrestricted bioweapon and also revealed the scientific misinformation.

Brannon Howse: Wow. So, so you have a beautiful accent. I want to make sure I got this right for our audience. You use the word disappear several times. The Chinese Communist Party wants you to disappear. I translate that. They want you dead. They want you to go away forever and never talk again. Because you know too much. Is that what you mean by disappearing?

Dr. Li: Yes. Disappearing is not only about death. It's also about mentally disappearing. That means if you are not dead, they can also make you lose your thinking using drugs or other tortured ways. This means when you become a psycho, with all the words you say, people won't believe the evidence. So, this is another way. Basically, it means no one will hear from you and no one can believe you under this kind of mistreatment.

Brannon Howse: You use the word unrestricted warfare, I believe. And of course, we know that in 1999, the two communist Chinese colonels wrote the book Unrestricted Warfare that we have talked about here on my programs for many years. Long before the COVID came out, we were doing full shows on that very thick document, Unrestricted Warfare, where they openly tell us what it is their plans are, and they include using bioweapons. They also talk about how the things that are close to us and familiar to us normal and lovely everyday things will become dangerous.

Things like hugging someone or sitting close to someone or shaking someone's hand. They said, "We can make those dangerous and this will have a great psychological impact." They talked about this massive psychological war that could bring on to the American people through bioweapons. Is part of their goal a psychological war?

Dr. Li: I mean, unrestricted actually means this kind of attack can be conducted based on misinformation and propaganda, which means there is no limitation. So clearly when I defined the unrestricted bioweapon, it is because COVID 19 virus is a weaponized virus plus misinformation and propaganda which mislead Americans and wasted their time in looking for the origin and thinking about what happened. So, I want to tell people that the communist ideals back in the 1990s have expressed their ideas about attacking America and other democratic countries.

However, if you can read in Chinese and also if you live in communist China like me for 30 years, you definitely would understand it's not some occasional case. Actually, Communist China never had any good ideas to be real friends with Americans. All of these leaders from Chairman Mao to Chairman Xi, actually, are using their own ways to undermine America. And their ultimate goal is always to achieve world dominance. Xi Jinping is using unrestricted bioweapons to accelerate it.

Brannon Howse: Even as we're on the air tonight, we are reading reports that, if they are to be believed from the sources that they're coming from, I have every reason to believe that China is practicing already, not on the oceans, but they're practicing on the ground. Long-range missile attacks on what is set up on dummy like aircraft carriers. In other words, they're practicing. China is already, apparently, according to reports, which have now come out in the last 24 hours practicing perhaps a strike on some of our American aircraft carriers.

I did a TV show two or three years ago now on Pearl Harbor, 2.0. We also know that Russia has a military manual that we've seen translated that calls for doing the same thing, a Pearl Harbor 2.0. So, we don't only have to worry about the new way of warfare bioweapons, but we have to worry about the old way, the kinetic warfare. Speaking of that, what is your what are your thoughts when we get back to the virus? What are your thoughts about what's happening to Taiwan? How concerned are you about China taking Taiwan?

Dr. Li: So yes, actually because of the work I'm doing and also the efforts we're making for anti-communist China. So, there are more and more Chinese people who are bravely delivering the message to us from mainland China, even the very central core around Xi Jinping. So, what I can tell you is actually Taiwan is always the target of the Xi Jinping regime. Also, they are preparing for getting Taiwan in a very unexpected way, which means at this moment, Xi Jinping and communist China, know that the weapon virology compared to America is still not capable enough.

However, they know that if they are using the alternative way, that means using an unrestricted way they could get power more easily. So, the very favorite protocol, Xi Jinping, is to create a lot of chaos in Taiwan, which includes the outbreak of viruses, the earthquake, outrage, and all these kinds of things. Then they say help. They can create a lot of propaganda and also even protests at that time. Those people who are helping communist China in Taiwan can take over the current government. And also, at that time when America wants to do something, it would be too late.

That is their purpose. And also, they are developing their weapons. So, if there is nothing happens to communist China, then by 2027, we believe that Communist China will increase its weapon level military force very harshly. And at that time, they also could launch the hot war against Taiwan.

Brannon Howse: Oh, wow. By 2027?

Dr. Li: Yes, that is a hot war. However, Xi Jinping may want to get to Taiwan by the end of this year. So, he prefers the unrestricted way.

Brannon Howse: Hmm. Let's talk. Let's go back to the virus. So, you know that from the way you examine the virus and look at it, I guess under a microscope, you can tell that this was manmade? A lab-made bioweapon, correct?

Dr. Li: Oh, yes. By analyzing the genome of this virus, it's very clear that there is more than one character showing that this virus was purposely modified in the labs, and they inserted the function to target humans.

Brannon Howse: What is it in the virus that makes it more deadly to certain people with underlying conditions or older people? What is it about that versus the younger people? Is there something in the virus that they did deliberately to take out older people or people that were more chronic in their illness?

Dr. Li: So, this kind of slow death rate virus for communist China is about to take down more labor force from enemies countries. I mean, in their textbook, their document about this unrestricted bioweapon using coronavirus, they clearly mention that one person gets sick. There may be three other people to help him. So that means the labor force will fall at the same time. And what I want to tell people is it isn't just the folks that are senior people. However, you know, they have purposely enhanced the affinity of this virus towards humans, especially targeting the human A2 receptor. Basically, it's like they changed the virus to target this in the human body.

So, the thing is the human A2 receptor is around all the vessel systems in your body. So that means you have vessels in the organs so they can be the target. And the more vulnerable this worker is, the more easily these are going to become the target. So, for people who have underlying diseases, like, for example, diabetes, kidney problem, and other things, of course, their target organ will be destroyed more than the other people.

And it's very common for the senior people, but not only for senior people, even for young people, if they have some underlying disease or even for obese people, these also have a different kind of harm towards them. So, this is not only about age, but also actually generally targeting humans. And also, for young people, it can trigger a cytokine storm on the other mechanism, but the result can be more hidden.

Brannon Howse: Hmm. Let's talk about what you talked about on my radio show about a month or so ago, and that is what was going on in China that you were tracking. That was your concern after the Olympics of an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever. We've seen I don't know if you've seen the studies. We've done some studies and some shows here with former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston. She pointed us to a 2013 document that we can find on the government's website, the NIH website. This 2013 study showed that people are more likely to give up their liberties, their freedoms, to an authoritarian government if they have fear and anxiety from, number one, a pathogen, and number two, famine. Isn't that interesting?

We've already dealt with a pathogen, the coronavirus. We have more that's probably coming. And now there's talk of food shortages, food supplies, famine. So, the two things, number one, the pathogen was number one for people being afraid and scared and giving up their liberty and freedom willingly to a central government, a strong, tyrannical government. Two famine, with that, can you imagine a hemorrhagic fever that has people bleeding from the eyes, bleeding from the nose, and people are connecting it to Ebola. And now we are reading and hearing from Karen Kingston and others with documented proof that there are attempts to make this where it is aerosol or airborne. Can you speak to all that, please?

Dr. Li: Yes. I think this was actually verified. The things I have read from the People's Liberation Army, another document, a very important one is called biosafety, and biosecurity. It has actually it's a fundamental secret document from the People's Liberation Army for Xi Jinping's regime to contact the unrestricted power weapon program in 2014. So, in this book, they also describe that panic also, and also other related social problems can be caused by the food shortage. And that's why communist China not only focuses on weaponizing the virus against humans but also very many cares about agriculture and also related harmful pathogens. And also, they care about your agricultural policies. They purchase your farmland, and they send agents to infiltrate America.

Even recently, China Embassy down in America has visited a tree farm in America. And he claims that he left the case hard in this kind of farmland. And also, I want to remind the people, that yes, fear can cause a lot of side effects if you come to China and if you say what happened during the lockdown, especially in Shanghai in the past months, you will see the starving.

And also, the fear of the virus actually gave communist China a lot of opportunities and also huge power to counter people. So that's why we have to review aid in advance. No matter hemorrhagic fever virus or no matter what fever. We have to understand the communist China strategy and also target aid. We need to fight back to defend our freedom. Once you give them this kind of power to control you, you will never get it back.

Brannon Howse: So, do you believe that hemorrhagic fever is on their playbook?

Dr. Li: Oh, of course, it's in Xi Jinping's box. And what I feel a little bit happy about now is that because of our effort, we have already told people about the possible hemorrhagic fever virus attacking during the Winter Olympics. So, this kind of pressure finally make the Xi Jinping regime pass upon the release of this virus. However, this government has already checked the bioweapon as their best tool to undermine America and other countries, so they will never stop. Once there is a right opportunity, they will use it and they will use it more. So that's why we can't give them more time. We have to stop them from the root.

Brannon Howse: What is going what was going on for the last month or so in Shanghai, where all these people were being locked down, they were starving to death, and they were crying from their balconies. You know, some of them were willing to go out in the street and protest. And I guess they figure they're going to die if they don't anyway. So, what do they have to lose? Well, what were they doing? Was that another flare-up of COVID or was there some other agenda there at play?

Dr. Li: That is a pure political moment in China. It's also like the Cultural Revolution. And the other seminal moment happened in our history over the last 70 years. Xi Jinping will be the next chairman at the end of this year, and he has to fight against the other opponents in the CCP. So, Shanghai is a tough place. He won the country at that time and all people at home to start them will be very helpful to his ruling in Shanghai. So that's why it also reflects that COVID 19 is not only a virus, it's more about the weapon.

It is weaponized by the virus, and it has multiple purposes. And also, it can help people. If you cannot believe that CCP released the virus in the community in Wuhan and caused the outbreak in Wuhan. If you still cannot believe CCP using their own citizens for the virus vectors, so look at Shanghai. That shows clearly how cruel this government can treat its people. They never care about humans.

Brannon Howse: Hmm. Do you see things in America happening in America? The talk of disinformation boards, calling conservatives domestic terrorists, going after parents that are concerned about what's happening at a school board, trying to take away the license of doctors that want to prescribe or did prescribe Ivermectin. You know, we're going to deal tonight with a story where some of the Democrats want to use the IRS to decide who is a church, and who is not a legal church. Acceptable church with the IRS, you know, nonprofits. Does any of this sound familiar to you coming from communist China?

Dr. Li: Oh, there are a lot of things that sound familiar. And I have to admit, there are a lot of problems happening in America, too. However, as a foreigner and I won't tell people on my side my opinions. I can say the problem, but CCP also can say it. So that's why coming into China, they analyze you, they observe you, and they help to create such problems. And they want to divide Americans. They want to use this kind of chaos to let America hate America and hate Americans.

And also, like Americans fighting against even killing Americans, and then they will achieve their goal to undermine America. However, I feel also very lucky that this is America. America is a country that is established based on the American Constitution and also on the face of God. So, all these things I have told people. That you have your rights endorsed by God and you have the freedom. You have to defend your rights. That's why although they try to censor people, they try to suppress the doctors, they try to put some wrong in the instructions.

People can stand up and fight. And that's why we say some mandate policies are withdrawn by the court. And also, as a Chinese person, I'm also with my friends who they think the movement back to China, they say it's called the moment of the Declaration of Independence in China. We advocate for people to write their own Declaration of Independence like what happened 250 years ago in America, to express their feelings in pursuit of freedom, and also to tell communist China that you have the right and by the end, by God. And this actually makes the communist China government very, very scary. And we have more and more people following us now.

Brannon Howse: Wow. And so, you're doing this and reaching back and sending this message to your homeland in China, stand up, declare your independence, and write your own declaration of independence. Your rights come from God. These are inalienable rights that come from God. Just as America acknowledged in their Constitution, the Declaration of Independence. Follow that example. China follows that example. Citizens of China throw out these communist dictators. That's the movement you're encouraging as a Chinese individual to your family and friends and citizens back in China. Is that what I just heard you say?

Dr. Li: Yes, we have at least the meetings of Chinese people back to the mainland and out of China who are following us, and they are all encouraged to use their own way to express these ideas. Why, after leaving the person, his name is Mr. Ma, he got arrested recently and Xi Jinping wanted to put him to at least a life imprisonment because they really feel scared about this kind of power. They are scared of people's courage and wake up. However, we still have more followers. We have people in music and also, we have people writing in their own versions, using legal reasons or using other ways to express their singing, their thoughts. And that will become something that makes communist China finally break down. We believe that.

Brannon Howse: And you said earlier that they're fomenting civil war in America. They want to see America hated around the world and they want us to fight each other, and Americans fighting Americans and create a civil war in America and then exploit that for their own advantage to bring down America. Is that what I heard you say a while ago?

Dr. Li: Yes. They all ask what I emphasize. Communist China is far more compared to America in the military force. That's why they can't come for you in the hot war. They know they will lose immediately. But they are the experts in misinformation, propaganda, and in articulating people's human weaknesses. That's why America was wildly infiltrated.

And also, you have so many scientists or other people like Fauci, who are helping communist China end up pandemic because they are all manipulated by communist China as the replaceable tools. That's why we need to let people wake up. And when people wake up, they are using their way to show their ideas to fight against communist China. Then this kind of compromise, the person people will be scared, and communist China cannot work as they expected.

Brannon Howse: In our final moments here. Do you believe that people like Dr. Fauci and all these other folks that we could name do they believe in communism? Are they deceived by communist China? Is it about the money? I mean, have they converted to communism? I mean, I know I know the communists don't need to win us for communism. They just need to win us for liberalism that allows for communism.

So, do you think people like Fauci have just been won over? Have they been bought off? Have they actually converted to communism, or do they believe that communist China, while they don't want to be communists, communist China is a more progressive ideology that they do appreciate more than the American worldview? What is it about these people? Is it money?

Dr. Li: Honest, frankly. Of course, money is very important. And also, those absolute power will make people addicted. So, I really don't see I don't think Fauci or the other compromised scientists or politicians there will be loyal to communism. No, they just like that style because KPD in that kind of regime, they will be the person who holds the absolute power and who will be very rich. However, they are so stupid because I mean, this communist regime is really like a machine they make all the people inside get broken, like missing the meat.

So, they just start. They can become the person finally smiling in this regime. But they didn't say actually they are just true as all the other people happened in the history. And also, I have to say, like Dr. Fauci, because he becomes a focus in America, he cannot manage to convince the American majority of Americans to believe this virus comes from nature. So even China starts to abandon Dr. Fauci because they think they will have more replaceable tools instead of Fauci.

Brannon Howse: Wow. So, they'll find another useful idiot somewhere.

Dr. Li: Yeah. If Communist China is still there, they will always find new tools. It will. It's like in the movie, you know, the king of Night has the throne base. So, if you ask the king of knights, there are always more zombies. But if you kill the king of night, then that zombie will disappear.

Brannon Howse: Hmm. Do you have a website that you want to promote?

Dr. Li: Not yet. I'm on Truth Social.

Brannon Howse: Excellent. Excellent. Well, we're going to ask our audience to pray for you and for your protection and your safety. I know you're a target because of all the things you're saying and doing. And we know there are a lot of communist Chinese agents here in America today. There are a lot of CCP agents that have infiltrated and are here. And I don't think our American people are maybe up to speed as to understanding just how much our enemies are actually in our country, looking to compromise Americans and looking to target people like yourself and other Chinese patriots that I know that are here that are speaking up and speaking out.

I was at CNBC this summer, this past February, a couple of months ago in Orlando. And I interviewed a couple of ladies from China. And what they're saying, like what you're saying is not popular in China and they have to be very careful. So, I'm going to ask our audience to pray for you, for your protection. And I'm going to thank you on behalf of all my listeners tonight for your bravery, for caring about not only the people of China, because we know the people of China, the vast majority are victims. So, we pray for the people of China as well.

But we also appreciate your love of not only the people of China and trying to see freedom come there, but your love of Americans and trying to warn us, even if it means putting yourself at risk. So, we want to thank you for what you're doing for us here in America, as well as the rest of the folks around the world. Thank you for your bravery and for what you're doing.

Dr. Li: Thank you, sir.

Brannon Howse: Wow, folks. Great interview. Have a great evening, folks. We're going to definitely be having her back. And I think we have a big announcement soon as well about an opportunity to hear her speak in person. Wow. I hope you'll check that out. Her social media platform.