Documentary on The REAL Origins of Covid Will At Monday at 6PM

About 2 years ago

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Origins of COVID-19 Revealed!

On the Stew Peters Show, the host welcomed Lauren Witzke, the executive producer of the Stew Peters Show and the documentary Watch the Water. This new documentary that is set to premiere Monday focuses on the origin of COVID-19. Watch the Water was supposed to air last Friday, however, the creators wanted to make sure the feature film was done right.

Witzke states “we have to get it right. We had to make it so everyone understood the capacity of what we are showing them.” The executive producer continued to explain the heaviness of Watch the Water as it exposes information from thousands of documents. According to Witzke, this documentary is “heavy and dark.” Many of the editors and staff threw up after reading the documents, causing a lot of distress in the process of making this documentary.

Witzke made it clear that they couldn’t push out this documentary with the evidence. The people deserved better and to know the true origins of COVID-19. As Stew Peter states “I don’t pride myself on always being first, I want to be right.” Without a doubt, Watch the Water is going to be an intense documentary.

You can watch this documentary on the Stew Peters Show on April 11th at 6 pm!