District court issues a temporary restraining order on vaccine mandates for the United States Air Force

about a year ago

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Can the Biden Administration Force Military Members To Become Vaccinated?

A district court for the southern district of Ohio issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting the Air Force from enforcing the vaccine mandate. This block is for any airman that has filed a request for exemption based on religious accommodation. This mandate prohibits the Air Force from disciplining or discharging anyone fighting the mandate based on their religious beliefs. The order is temporary and lasts for up to 14 days while the judge considers issuing a preliminary injunction to last throughout the entire litigation process. The judge continues to believe the mandate is illegal and the court will convert the temporary restraining order to a preliminary injunction at the end of that window. This effectively protects all of these people while the Biden regime appeals the decision to the 6th circuit appellate court. The airmen face separation from the Air Force, loss of pay, and other disciplinary measures. The Liberty Counsel is working on behalf of these plaintiffs. Its leader stated that "This is 
a great decision that grants protection for the religious freedom for all Air Force personnel from Joe Biden's unlawful COVID shot mandate. No service member should be required to choose between service to the country and service to God. Liberty Counsel will be pursuing class-wide protection for the remaining branches of the military."