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About 2 years ago

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Diamond: Wow. Hey, you all, welcome to Diamond and Silk Chit-Chat Live. We are your hosts, Diamond and Silk, on Silk. Oh, Silk!

Silk: Diamond. Oh, Diamond!

Diamond: Okay. So, Silk, I had to go out today.

Silk: Yeah.

Diamond: So, everything just irritated me, and I thought I heard a little thunderstorm coming because that means more rain is coming. So, wash whatever this stuff is away. So, with that being said, I want you all to stop right now.

Silk: Stop.

Diamond: And I want you to share. Share this podcast, this broadcast, share FrankSpeech.com. I always say sharing is caring.

Silk: Sharing is caring.

Diamond: If you care about your fellow brothers and sisters and care about America, you would share.

Silk: Yes.

Diamond: You would just share, Silk.

Silk: You're going to have to share.

Diamond: Sometimes, if I don't read the emails, the girl sends some stuff over to me. You all, Diamond is fine. People think I'm down, and I'm feeling helpless. I'm not. I'm being calm. This is how I look when I'm calm. See, if I'm not calm, I'll catch a case because I had to go out yesterday and today. So, I talk about what's going on in the world, and I bring it to people's attention. And yesterday I had to go out, and I had to let somebody know that if you took that mess, not knowing what's in it, you're the fool. You know, I had to let her know just like that.

Silk: Just like that.

Diamond: Oh, yes. So, you see, sometimes my mouth can get me into trouble, so I cannot be on ten. Right now, it's time to be calm. And another reason why I'm trying to be calm is that I want people to get it. See if I'm always out here on ten going off with Diamond to fight, and ain't nobody else doing nothing.

Silk: Nobody else is doing anything, right.

Diamond: This fight is so big we need all of you.

Silk: Everybody got to be involved.

Diamond: A lot of people have been calling me throughout the week, ever since last week, and I haven't been answering my phone. One of the reasons I don't have my phone anymore is because of all of the stuff going on. Another reason is what people don't understand is don't use me to appease you. You aren't doing anything about what's going on. You are still traveling. You are still spending money. You aren't planting any garden, and you just think that the two black girls are going to fight this. You need to have your behind on the front line fighting it.

Silk: That's right.

Diamond: So, I'm like, you know what? All of you that call my phone to look for some reassurance. Watch me on here. Don't call my phone number anymore. I need you to open up your mouth and start speaking out. Did you hear what the guy said last night, Rodriguez? It's going to take all of us to speak out, to call it out all. Not just Mike Landale, Mike Flynn, Diamond, and Silk, or Brannon Howse; it's going to take all of us.

Silk: All of us.

Diamond: So, every day, I can't come on here radical. Maybe I do need to calm it down so you can see what is going on.

Silk: Yeah, because sometimes you have to take a step back for them to actually see it.

Diamond: See, I've been on the phone all day with people going off, and I'm like, you know what? I'm tired of that, too. The reason why I'm tired of it is that they don't get it. They are still living their life. They are still traveling. They are still spending money like nothing is happening. Do you sort of see? And it just is bothering me. So, if I don't call you back, stop calling me.

Silk: Just stop calling.

Diamond: My phone isn't going to be by me, anywhere. It's only going to be by me when I come on here and look at emails, period.

Silk: Speaking of emails, if you have any questions or comments, be sure to email us at [email protected]. That's [email protected].

Diamond: Thank you. Shout out to everybody that's watching us on Getter.

Diamond: Hey, Getter.

Diamond: Frank Speech app, Roku, Apple T.V., all social media platforms wherever this is. Shout out to our RSBN. You all stream our content onto their platform and our other affiliates. We really appreciate you.

Silk: Yes, we do.

Diamond: We really appreciate you all. Thank you, baby. Somebody said that my color is pretty tonight. I still feel beautiful, but I got to calm it down because I'll be in a slap meet. Listen, let me tell you something. It's difficult for me when I go out and handle business, and I see the foolishness.

Silk: The foolishness, yeah.

Diamond: This is so difficult for me, you all. It's difficult for me.

Silk: Yeah, you can't keep quiet.

Diamond: So, what I have to do, I have to calm myself down, or I will be arrested.

Silk: We don't need you getting arrested.

Diamond: No. Do you see what I'm talking about? Because I don't want that to happen. So, just because I'm not saying a whole lot. For one, this pollen stuff irritates me. It's like, ants all around me, and I can't get rid of whatever it is. When the rain comes, I feel better. But when it isn't raining, it's like, ugh! That's one of the reasons.

Silk: And it sticks to you. It's like, aah!

Diamond: Then I don't always need to be on ten. I know you all love to see it, but there is no sense in me getting my pressure up, and something happened to me. You all better get up and fight the fight.

Silk: Better do what you got to do.

Diamond: I need some of you all to come to the front lines. Get out of the kitchen and come to the front line of the battle. You better open up your mouth, or you're going to lose your country. We aren't going to have a country.

Silk: Ain't going to have a country.

Diamond: Listen, they are destroying this country. Did you hear what Brannon said about them opening up the border?

Silk: Yeah, yet they are the ones that are constantly talking about; here comes a variant. Oh, we got a virus here. Here comes a pandemic.

Diamond: And you got all of these people coming in.

Silk: And you got all these people coming in.

Diamond: One thing, I got to talk to myself, and I got to make sure that I calm it down because if I don't calm down, you are all going to be fried fish trying to get me out of something.

Silk: Oh, we don't need fried fish.

Diamond: I'm serious because this stuff irritates me. People aren't doing what they are supposed to do. They want you to appease them. They want you to get on the phone with them, be argumentative and be on ten so they can feel good about themselves. But they are the main ones that are not doing anything. They have said nothing and aren't stepping on the front lines. They still act like everything was when President Trump was in office, and it's not. That right there ticks me off. So, I love you and for all of you that have my phone number. I'm not going to get it changed, but if I don't call you. You don't have to call me.

Silk: If you don't answer.

Diamond: If I don't answer, you don't have to keep calling.

Silk: But you need to make sure you answer my calls.

Diamond: I still have to answer your call and do my own thing. Listen, if I hear you voted for this, don't call on me. If you voted for this foolishness, don't call me because we tried to tell you, and you wouldn't listen. When my mother was alive, she tried to tell her sister. Boy, she warned them. So, don't pick up the phone, no. There is not anything I can do for you.

Silk: She warned them. They went out, and they did it.

Diamond: They went out, and they did it. Now some sad situations are going on. You are all going to have to pay attention. You are going to have to start doing your research. This fight is big, and you can't just depend on Mike Lindell, Mike Flynn, Diamond, and Silk.

Silk: Or Steve Bannon.

Diamond: Or Steve Bannon. Who else is out there on the front line? Mel K, Alex Jones, to solve it. We got to solve it collectively, together.

Silk: Together.

Diamond: And I'm not arguing with anybody, Silk.

Silk: I understand.

Diamond: I'm not arguing, but I'm just telling you. Do you hear how hoarse my voice is?

Silk: I got you. That pollen is no joke.

Diamond: I'll be yelling at the top of my lungs. It's bad enough I have to watch this foolishness. I'm going off about that. Now you're calling me, bugging me about this. Listen, I need you all to take your perspective places on the battlefield. Get out of the kitchen. You ate too much peanut butter jelly. A lot of you all got fat.

Silk: Too fat.

Diamond: Sitting there watching me act crazy. Get out of the kitchen. I don't need you drinking any more milk, gassing everywhere. Get out of the kitchen. I need you to open up your mouth. I need you to go to your school board. I need you to go to your state legislator. I need you to spell it out because these people are trying to destroy this country. They're destroying it right before our very eyes. Then there isn't going to be anything that we can do about it. If we don't take action and baby, we need some action. That's the only way I'm going to feel a little satisfaction. Do you see what I'm just saying?

Silk: I see what you are saying.

Diamond: So, I didn't want you to get mad at me all the time. Listen, when you all see me, just chill. I'm trying to relax so that I won't go off.

Silk: Got to sit back and watch it all go down.

Diamond: When I hear about a baby that's been murdered and left in the alley because of an abortion clinic where you have no regard for human life. You have no regard anymore for our children and for the sanctity of how we're supposed to live. Our morals and our values are gone. That's what I'm saying, Al, over there on Getter. That's right, stop looking for me to appease you. I need you all to open up your mouth. If you can't get to the school board, call them. I need to know what the heck you are teaching our young people because I got to make sure no pedophilia or foolishness is going on. If enough of us speak out...

Silk: That's right.

Diamond: Things have changed. Rodriguez said it last night with Baby Cyrus. The guest that we had the night before basically said it. We are the problem because only a few of us will open up our mouths.

Silk: Only a few of us aren't scared to talk.

Diamond: But we the problem. One more thing, one of the January sixers was acquitted today.

Silk: Matthew Martin.

Diamond: Uh-Huh. Because they had the video where he was let into the capital. And I'm like, oh... (hands folded) I'll be so worried about them.

Silk: Yeah. A lot of them were led into the capital. A lot of them were waved into the capital. A lot of stuff doesn't make sense to Silk. My deal is if somebody was trespassing, why wasn't there any restrictive sign, signage out? Why was there velvet rope for people to walk through? If you didn't want them in there, why didn't the police escort them out or ask them to leave? So, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered, but hopefully, soon, very soon, all of this here will be revealed. Especially all of those hours of video that Nancy Pelosi and the team, the group are keeping from "we," the American people.

Diamond: I got to read this, and then I'm going to bring on the guest. Somebody said, "We should not be living our daily lives and trying to feel as normal as possible. I am totally awake and talk about what's going on with everyone I come into contact with, but we have to try and save our sanity. Let our kids and especially our grandkids have some kind of normalcy." Listen, I'm not telling you to take anything away from our babies. I want you to protect our babies, but I need you all to listen. I talk to people every day, and they call me. I'm all upset, and I'm going off. They like that stuff. Then they travel and do what the heck they want to do. We are about the face of food shortage. They aren't planting any garden, nothing. I'm like, maybe if I quieted down. Maybe if you can't get a hold of me, you will get out there on the front lines, and you will see what the heck is going on. The battle is big enough for all of us. It's going to take all of us, not just a few of us. Do you see what I'm saying? And I'm not telling you not to live as normal as possible, but this isn't normal.

Silk: Well, we can't be in denial.

Diamond: This isn't normal.

Silk: And you have a lot of people that are actually living in denial. These people want you to be in this illusion, delusion. Like, this is supposed to be real, but it's really fake. They want you to look the other way, so you won't see what's really going on. You can't live that way. You got to know what's happening out there. See, for me, when I say that I refuse to live in a Biden regime world. That means when they talk about muzzling me. I refuse to put a mask on my face because nobody is going to muzzle me. I'm still in the United States of America. So, there are certain aspects I refuse to abide by. I am in the United States of America. We are in a free country, even though it feels like a third-world country.

Diamond: That's right, and that's all I'm trying to say to you all. It's time for us all to wake up. Not just some, not just a few, everybody should be outraged.

Silk: Everybody.

Diamond: And no, don't take anything away from our baby.

Silk: No, don't take anything away from my babies.

Diamond: They've already suffered.

Silk: Suffered mentally.

Diamond: And they are still suffering, what these people are trying to do to them. Now, if your school board isn't doing that, kudos. Now, go to your state legislator, and make sure that you know how the election is going to be run in 2022. Are you going to have machines or not? Are you going to bring in these mail-in ballots? Know what's going on in your state. It's not that we need to start at the federal. We know what they are doing. We've got to start at the state level for them to protect us. That's what needs to happen. Okay, I could go on. Silk, do you want to introduce our guest?

Silk: Well, we have a wonderful gentleman that's going to be coming on. But we have a video that I want to show first. So, Logan, can you please play that clip for me?

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: Hi, I'm Joe Pinion, and I'm running for U.S. Senate here in New York against Chuck Schumer. We begin this journey on a day meant to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Because our campaign starts when his dream remains deferred. Dignity for every single American. Now, the last endeavor of Dr. King on this earth was the Poor People's Campaign. A movement to achieve economic justice for all people of all colors and all creeds. And yet, 54 years later, that vision remains unfulfilled. Twelve million children all across this nation live in poverty. One-third of black children that call New York State home live in economic despair. All told, 37.2 million Americans find themselves struggling with the ravages of poverty. The time has come for us to rediscover what Dr. King called The Fierce Urgency of Now. Our promise in this campaign is to declare that poverty has reached a state of emergency. Our promise is to affirm that reading must be a human right for every single child that calls this nation home. And our commitment is to insist that if America truly is the land of opportunity, we must commit to closing the opportunity gap once and for all. See, our fight is not left versus right. It is right versus wrong. The time has come to rebuild.

Silk: Wow. Please welcome to the show, Candidate for U.S. Senate, Mr. Joe Pinion.

Diamond: Hi.


Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: Good to be with you; I am ecstatic to be with you guys. I feel like it's been too long. It's always good to sit down with the one and only Diamond and Silk.

Silk: Bless your heart.

Diamond: Thank you so much.

Silk: Thank you so much for joining us.

Diamond: Okay. So, when I heard that you were running against Chuck Schumer, I was like, oh, really? What made you decide to want to run against him?

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: Well, I think it's a lot of things. Obviously, I went home and told my mother I was considering quitting my job at Newsmax as host of Saturday Agenda. After she was done crying, she asked me what most people ask me. Why in the world are you doing this? I told her what I had told many people. There are some things in life worse than not having your own television show. It's called not having a country. So, for me, when you look at what is transpiring all across this land and all around the globe because of the chaos that has been thrust upon us. Since Joseph Robinette Biden placed his hand on the Bible, and more specifically since Charles Ellis Schumer has been allowed to become the majority leader of the United States Senate, you have to say that something must be done. This is abnormal. When 12 major cities hit all-time highs for homicides, that is abnormal. When shootings go up 90% in New York City, homicide up 30%, all because of the three most dangerous words ever uttered in modern politics; defund the police. This is abnormal, so if we do not have leadership with the courage of their convictions, to say that what is happening today in America is wrong. That when you have an open sesame policy on the southern border that allows Chinese cartels to team up with Mexican cartels and flood Main Street, U.S.A., with enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman, and child, many times over, each and every single month. The time has come for we, the people, to take back our power. For the people in New York State to know that they have a chance to have a choice for the first time in 24 years, and we choose freedom. We choose an America that works for the people again. We know that in this race, Chuck Schumer has to go. With your help, we're going to get the job done.

Silk: Oh, I love it.

Diamond: That was a mouthful.

Silk: Oh, a large mouthful. You know, I came across something that you said. You said if you are unhappy with the world that has been currently built. You cannot continue to vote for the architect who built it.

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: Right.

Silk: I thought that was so profound. Can you please elaborate on that statement?

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: Well, absolutely. You look at somebody like Charles Schumer. This is a man who has been in the United States Senate for 24 years and has been in Congress for 42 years. He spent six years in the New York state legislature before that, 48 years in government serving the people of this state, underserving the people of this nation. He has the unmitigated gall to come to you and say, if you just give me six more years, I promise I will deliver the bold change that all Americans deserve. I've told people all across the state of New York that anything that Charles Schumer promises to do for you tomorrow, he had the power to do for you many yesterdays ago. The heart of any problem that he fixes tomorrow is likely a problem that he is responsible for creating. So, we just have to let people know that, again. I don't care whether you're left of Bernie Sanders or right of Donald Trump. Chuck Schumer's fingerprints are on everything going wrong in our politics today, and I say that with no reservations. It's simply the truth. So, we are going to run a Just the Facts Campaign because the facts show us that it is Charles Schumer who single-handedly received 15% of all the money that Wall Street donated to the United States Senate when he was running the D.S.C. One man, of 100 members, got 15% by himself. You don't have to be an expert to know why the cost of the rotisserie chicken is going up while Wall Street gains are record-breaking, and Chuck Schumer seems to think that inflation is only a high-class problem. So, we've got work to do here in America. Put your hard hat on. Help us over at JoePinion.com, because again, let people know we've got a chance to have a choice. With your help and voice, we're going to give this nation back to the people again.

Diamond: Okay. So, Chuck, I think he's in New York.

Silk: He's in New York. Uh-Huh, Chuck Schumer is in New York.

Diamond: Now, that's a very liberal state.

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: Yes.

Diamond: That's a very liberal state. So, how are you going to convince people that still have their heads somewhere in a gutter? Still just acting as if all of this is normal. What are you going to do to get these people to the polls to vote?

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: As my mother said, isn't New York just a blue state? And I said New York is not a blue state. New York is a state in search of common sense. Quietly as it's kept, you have Chuck Schumer, who's been there for 42 years. He's polling that 33% of independents and 70% of independents say they are in some way dissatisfied with the job he has done. He is polling 46% overall with New York state voters. So, those are numbers that say that the people in New York are looking for something different. You add in the fact that we have record inflation. We have the highest food costs in the history of the world already going up because of what we see happening in Russia and Ukraine. We have a president, Joe Biden if you can call him that, who doesn't know his left from his right, who was also under 50% in New York. So, quietly as it's kept, we have a chance to let people know that it doesn't have to be this way. We will build an uncommon coalition filled with the police officers who watch 2021 become the most dangerous year to wear a badge in the history of this nation. And now watch in horror as 2022 becomes even more dangerous, a 43% increase year over last already. Officers gunned down in the line of duty. We tell them, whether you live in New York or whether you live in Texas, come help us knock on doors. We can get the job done and let people know they can go another way.

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: The nurses who lost their job because of mandates that made no sense ran into the fire in the midst of COVID, no mask, no vaccine, no anything. Today, they find themselves on the unemployment line with no access to the unemployment benefits they earned. Come help us knock on doors. Spread the word that any people who will discard you after you have discarded your happiness on their behalf are not people worthy of leadership? For all those parents who know that 60% of the children who attend our public schools in New York State are not reading at a proficient level, yet the people who run our government are more concerned with putting the parents on a terrorist watch list for calling out the obvious, then making sure that the children who go into the school building get the tools they need to become the best version of themselves. I'm telling you right now. We can win this election. We can exercise Chuck Schumer from Congress. We can make sure that government works for the people again. If you don't believe me, don't take my word for it. Just look at the data. But as you've said before, the world cannot continue to vote for those who have destroyed it. We've got to go another way, and that starts with making sure that we retire Chuck Schumer once and for all.

Diamond: Wow. I mean, that was a mouthful.

Silk: You are full of a lot of stuff that is bubbling over, and I absolutely love it.

Diamond: Yes, I do, too. So, we know how we're going to beat old Chuck Schumer, but I'm looking at all of this here, Joe. I want to know what your thoughts are, first of all, about the 2020 election.

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: You look at what happened in 2020. Some things are just undeniable. What is undeniable is that we have states that did not follow their own laws. What is undeniable is that the same people wanted to pretend that the information the people needed to know in order to make a more informed decision. Like, the son of the president of the United States is currently corrupt, and what's the then vice president using his position of influence to help that corrupt son gain a foothold abroad with countries that mean to do us harm. Those are the things that the American people were not allowed to hear because we have a fourth estate that is supposed to keep the people informed. Instead, in many ways become the chief obstructor to us, getting truth and justice and one man, one vote in this nation. So, first and foremost, for our efforts, we have to make sure that we spread the word far and wide, that people have a chance to have a choice. As Silk and Diamond have said before, if you are unhappy with the world as it is today, we can't keep voting for these jokers. But then we have to also go to the people who are on our side, who are well-heeled and well-to-do, and say, help us build that armada that protects our democracy, which would be the attorneys who are there to make sure that at 9:01 or 9:05 p.m. Eastern Time when the polls have been closed. We have a process that ensures that nothing funny actually occurs when the people have already had their voices said. So, any way you slice it, we've got to safeguard our election. Any person who tells you they're concerned with voter rights and says that voter integrity is not their concern is somebody who is not trying to empower the people. But keep the people in their pocket for their purposes to keep themselves where they want to be.

Diamond: Wow. You are going to win this.

Silk: Are you the only Republican candidate running?

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: Yes. So, it was an abrupt departure at Newsmax. Again, Newsmax had been the benefit of a lifetime in many ways. But we resigned officially on January 9th. We announced on M.L.K. Day, as you had in that video, on the 17th and the 28th, we became the Republican nominee officially for a United States Senate here in New York. Fun fact: the first time a black person had been nominated for U.S. Senate in the history of New York State by either major party. So, again, when these people on the left say that they have a monopoly on progress when they are the ones that care about truth and justice for black and brown people. I'll remind you that it doesn't seem as if that largesse spills over into the opportunities provided for people that look like us. So, we're excited about the opportunity to let people know, again, that there's not just one way that people act. There's not just one way to fix America, but we can find common ground and purpose to have some common sense restored to the halls of power that dictate us having an America worth dying for again.

Silk: When are the primaries? Do you have a primary there in your race?

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: We've got no primaries. So, we have dispatched the would-be challengers. We are officially the Republican nominee. We won't have a primary, which is of great benefit to us because now we can spend that time talking to those independents. That's the more registered independents in New York State than registered Republicans. We now get to spend our entire efforts with our whole soul and whole spirit into this effort to make sure we spread the word far and wide that Chuck Schumer has to go. To remind people that it's not a surprise that Russia is hacking the free world because it was just a year ago, in May of 2021, when Russia hacked our fuel supply, Russia hacked our beef supply, and Chuck Schumer said nothing. And Joe Biden quite literally said the words, I trust Vladimir Putin, that he didn't know what was happening. As if you can hack America from a cafe in St Petersburg, and the Kremlin has no idea what's going on. So, we need to let the people know what's going on, which is that we've got a corrupt government led by corrupt career politicians. We're going to fight for term limits. But first, we've got to issue Chuck Schumer his retirement papers on the ballot on November eight, 2022.

Silk: Okay. It sounds like you have the backing of the people, but do you also have the backing from the G.O.P.?

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: Absolutely. You know quite well that it's one thing for the party to want to see you win. It's another thing for the party to do the work to help you get it done. For me, we are committed to this race to say quite clearly. If we're going to win, it's going to be grassroots, people-driven movement. It's going to be the soccer moms in Arizona. It's going to be the P.T.A. moms in Tennessee and Florida who are going to do their part to help us raise the resources to help spread the word, who are going to volunteer their time to send text messages, send smoke signals, and picture messages to let the word go out that what Chuck Schumer does in the name of New Yorkers in D.C. affects every single one of us. So, yes, he may be the senior senator from New York, but he also has a second office down in D.C. It's the U.S. Senate Majority Office, and that office is not supposed to be partisan. Yet the only thing that ever happens in that office are things to benefit a Democratic majority. So, we've just got to get back to core principles. So, yes, I think the party has been helpful, but I think the only way this effort will be fruitful is if we put our trust in the hands of the people. I place my heart in their hands. I hope they place their trust in mine, and together we are going to make sure that while going to JoePinion.com, by following us on Getter, Joe Pinion, following us on Truth, and Joe Pinion, follow us on Twitter, Joseph Pinion, my full name. We're going to get the word out there that 2022 is going to be the year we take back our republic.

Silk: You know, I understand that you're running, and this is for New York. I understand that Chuck Schumer is in New York. But what Chuck Schumer has done has affected all of us, the whole entire country. I don't care where you are at. I want to make sure that you all stop what you are doing and make sure you donate to JoePinion.com. Help him in any way you can because we need a voice like this. We need a voice like this for "we," the American people. Okay, not somebody in here for 42 years talking about giving me another six years to do nothing. It reminds me of Jim Crow Joe Biden, who's been in a government position for over 48 years, talking about he can do this, or he can do that. He is part of the architect that helped build what you see right now, destruction.

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: Absolutely.

Silk: So, that is why we need somebody like Joe Pinion to make sure he gets put in a position that can help "we," the American people. Whoo!

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: Absolutely. You talk about Jim Crow. Right now, here in New York, we said in that video, one out of three black children living in poverty in the Bronx, The Boogie Down. Again, has had so much for America, hip hop culture, all of that. Three out of five black children live in poverty in the heart of New York City. That doesn't sound like progress to me. That doesn't sound like people on the side of black and brown people getting their just deserve here in this nation. So, at the end of the day, we just need to remind people it's not about what people say. It's about what people do. When we talk about 2 Chronicles, if my people who are called by my name humble themselves and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear their voice in heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land. If we want better outcomes, we have to make better decisions if we're tired of looking at the newspaper and finding out that 70% of the children in Baltimore high schools can only read at an elementary school level. Then how in the world are we going to make sure that generations of black people are in a position to give their children what they deserve? It's child abuse.

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: What happens every single day across this country, particularly to the black and brown children. So, again, if you want to talk about Jim Crow, start with what happens in these classrooms. If you're really talking about voter I.D. laws, as if that is somehow Jim Crow, and we have, honest to God, bedrock Jim Crow in our classrooms, leaving children handicapped and marginalized for their entire existence. And you're not standing on a rooftop demanding that we have School Choice for every single child in this country, come hell or high water. Then you are not in a position to speak for our community. So, we're committed to building again that durable coalition, that uncommon coalition of all people, of all colors and creeds, because that is what's required to make sure we have an America that has that ambition and that trajectory for that perfect union we always have sought.

Diamond: Joe, our January Sixers, the Patriots, some were let in. Some of them are still jailed after a year. A black veteran was jailed for a whole year. No due process, and he lost everything that he had. He wasn't even at the Capitol. He just went on social media and said something. What are you going to do?

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: I've often told people if we're going to sit here and call people who kneel for our flag S.O.B.s, then somebody who is going to use that flag of this nation to break glass at the people's house has to be held accountable. But we are not going to debase our republic by depriving them of the liberties and the freedoms that the flag is supposed to represent. So, for me, again, we have due process for a reason, because often, those with power accuse those without the power of doing things for which they are innocent of what they stand accused. So, the same people that say that we have a systemically racist country that has systemically oppressed black people have tripled into the justice system, which is why we see disproportionate outcomes for black and brown people. Somehow decided overnight when it suits them, and the justice system is perfect and always gets everything right. Concretely, we know, for a fact, that is just not the case. In many ways, it's those who have the means that get the better outcomes. Those without means have to take whatever the justice system is willing to mete out. All of that being said, look, we know for a fact all people that were present on January 6th were not created equal. But they are supposed to be treated equally under the law of this country. When you've got people in Guantanamo Bay getting better treatment than people who are actual codified United States citizens, something's gone terribly wrong in America. I don't care how many votes I lose saying that because what's the virtue of winning an election if the people we elect are actually going to stand up for the full constitutional principles that allow this nation to endure and be what it is today?

Silk: That's right.

Diamond: Oh, interesting.

Silk: Okay. So, what do you think about open borders? We have a constitution where we have somebody like Jim Crow Joe. I don't call him president. I call him a squatter and thief. That's just what I call him and believe him to be. He was installed by the swamp, not elected by the people. That's my own humble opinion. But he did take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution here in America. So, when I see his open border policies and how it's affecting "we," the American people. I have more disdain for this imbecile. So, my question to you is; what are your thoughts on the violation of our laws by this regime with having an open border policy?

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: You know, the preamble to our Constitution starts with the phrase We the People of the United States, in order to form a perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, and provide for the common defense. The American people have been left defenseless against a cocktail of death called fentanyl. That we know is emanating from China by the Chinese Communist Party that is being ferried across our southern border by Mexican cartels. We have counterfeit prescription drugs that are killing Jamal in Harlem, and Becky in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, equally. It's not a racial thing. It's American sons and daughters doing the dying because people who swore an oath to this country have forsaken that oath. They want to build a utopia that only exists and works on paper, while all of us in the real world are paying for that price with our lives and our security. So, any way you want to slice it when you look at the refugee crisis heading our way and the unsecured southern border is a risk to the health and safety of the American people. It is a national security threat, and that's before you just get to the basic common-sense approach that somebody like Donald J. Trump talked about long before he even came down that escalator on that fateful day in 2015 when he said, either you have a country, or you don't. If the border is open and you have no sovereign border, and your countries have no respect for sovereignty in your land, they don't have a country anymore. You've got chaos, and you've got people who are paying the price for leaders who don't seem to care.

Silk: That was so profound.

Diamond: Let me ask you this. You know, the Supreme Court was started in 1789. We have never had a black woman on the Supreme Court. So, I do think it's time for a black woman, but I need the right black woman. The one that's going to stand up for the Constitution. What are your thoughts about this, Ketanji Brown Jackson, and her views on what she feels about the definition of a woman? She can't do that, and even her record slapping these pedophiles on the wrist.

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: I don't know where to start. It's really a sad state of affairs. I often say, take all politics aside. Why is it that black people are forced to make such horrific choices? Either we have to get a black woman on the court, and in order to do so, we must deal with the fact that she can't even affirm her womanhood, is going to be lenient to the worst of the worst pedophiles, and things of that nature. So, I think from a historical standpoint. You look at the legacy of black women in this country and the legacy of all women in this country. But you can look at somebody like Sojourner Truth, Ain't I a woman? You look at somebody like Maya Angelou; I am a woman, phenomenally. And you look at Judge Jackson; I am not a biologist.

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: What in the world are we talking about? This doesn't make any sense, and so if the goal of this appointment is to honor the legacy of black women who have been overlooked, to honor the sacrifices and the contributions that black women have made to this country. Then how can we do that by placing a woman on the court who has effectively said through her nonwords that womanhood is up for negotiation? And not understand the terrible, terrible plight that places and the peril that places women of all colors and creeds. What she has effectively said through her nonwords is that black women are five times more likely to encounter difficulty during child labor and die. Black women who are still paid pennies on the dollar compared to the compatriots of black women who again are in many ways have been left to be the main breadwinnersthe families where the father is absent. I again, in many ways, was raised by my mother and my grandmother. These black women now no longer have a sovereign definition under the law. According to a woman, we're going to place on the court to decide what that definition is going to be. So, again, in some ways, this is not even anything to do with a trans movement. This is just simply saying, what are we going to do with a court that somehow no longer knows what words mean? And if you don't know what words mean, how in the world can you enforce the letter of the law in the most literal sense of the word?

Silk: The letter of the law. Do you all hear him? It's the letter of the law. Woo, woo, woo.

Diamond: I love it.

Silk: Have you ever been a politician before or been elected for anything?

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: No. For me, I've always said, you do what you can, where you can, to help the country with whatever tools and gifts God has given you. I worked in the non-profit health care space for a very long time in the poorest congressional district in the Bronx, ended up being there in the Bronx, providing health care services for the underinsured and the uninsured. Specifically, I worked on providing bridge grant loans for children and attended those health care centers to help them get a little bit of extra money to go off to college to help offset some of those college costs. But I was always engaged in politics. I was the outreach director for the New York State Young Republicans, secretary for the Manhattan Young Republicans, and Rapid Response Director for the National Federation of Young Republicans. So, in these volunteer capacities, as a young person getting a little older here, I guess now I'm an old, young person running for the U.S. Senate. But I had the opportunity to interface with the press, and these interfacing opportunities led to me being able to start doing political commentary on Fox News and Fox Business. All of those opportunities led me to have my own show on Saturday Agenda on Newsmax. Now, I find myself here with the blessing to be in a position to have these conversations as the church reminds us, often in life, you have to get selected before you get elected. So, I'm conscious of the fact that the opportunities I've had in my life that allowed me to go to Colgate University and play football allowed me to come home and work face to face with the pain that impacts our communities on a day-to-day basis. That allowed me to be beamed into hundreds of thousands and millions of homes on various networks. They all have been preparing me for this moment to be a forceful advocate for the people who need change. They need the government to work for them the most, which in many ways allows the government to empower all of us at the level that our constitutional republic promises.

Diamond: Interesting. Real interesting.

Silk: Perfect. Good, I heard plenty.

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: The people at home, if they've heard enough, can go to JoePinion.com, too.

Silk: Can you tell everybody how they can follow you, where they can find you, and how they can support you? Go ahead.

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: As I said, we're on Getter. So, obviously, I know we're streaming on Getter now. So, it's just @JoePinion. Follow us, and help us spread the word. Chucks got to go on Twitter, Joseph Pinion. Help us spread the word. Chuck Schumer's got to go. You know, you can find this on Truth. We're still there, Joe Pinion. You can add Joe Pinion and let his people know it's time to retire, Chuck Schumer. And everyone out there can go to JoePinion.com, J-O-E P-I-N-I-O-N. It's like opinion without O, but let people know we've got a chance to have a choice. That what we are dealing with is abnormal, and if you believe as I believe, it doesn't have to be this way. Join us in this effort to send an earthquake to the political system that says the day after Election Day, when Chuck Schumer is headed for the retirement home of politics. The Democratic Party will be changed forever, which means that our republic will be improved in ways that we vastly deserve. So, as I've told everyone, it is woodchuck season. I've got my ax. We're going to chop down this tree. We're going to cleave Chuck Schumer from the herd, but I need your help to do it.

Silk: As he said, we have a chance to have a choice.

Diamond: I love it.

Silk: Woo, I love it.

Diamond: Joe Pinion, thank you so much for being on the show.

Silk: And promise us you will come back.

Joe Pinion, Candidate for U.S. Senate: I'll be back as much as you guys will have me. I love you dearly and thank you so much for the opportunity. Truly, by the grace of God, it does take a small village to help spread the word and change the nation. So, thank you so much.

Silk: Bless you.

Diamond: Thank you for being on.

Silk: Thank you.

Diamond: Now, people just want to be like, oh, no, it's a liberal. But let me tell you something. You all remember A.O.C. I don't care for her, but let me tell you how she beat out that guy, grassroots work. That's what is going to have to happen.

Silk: That's what's going to have to happen.

Diamond: Look, we got to get involved. I don't look for our military to save us because I heard the military is sick. We got to save us.

Silk: That's what I had heard. When I listen to Joe Pinion, I look at everything that's going on. I need a down-to-earth individual that doesn't have a problem calling a spade a spade. Not no politician.

Diamond: Career politician.

Silk: Career corrupt politicians that are going to say the same thing. They get in, and they do nothing.

Diamond: Now somebody says A.O.C. was a talker, too. No, A.O.C. was a bartender. She didn't impress me one bit.

Silk: That's what she was.

Diamond: I was shocked that she got in, but her strategy was she knocked on doors.

Silk: Her strategy worked.

Diamond: And we need somebody different. Listen, they got to be different, you all.

Silk: They got to be different aside from what we are used to seeing.

Diamond: So, you go to the career politicians, with those beautiful words.

Silk: All talking words that you can't even understand.

Diamond: You think they're going to do something for you, and they have destroyed the whole country? They are introducing pedophilia to your children.

Silk: Let's look at this right here. We have President Trump. Yeah, he might have talked some broken words.

Diamond: When you say broken words. He may have cussed a little bit.

Silk: Oh, that's what I'm talking about, cuss words. And they say that he wasn't presidential. He had mean tweets. He's going to do this. They said he's going to get us in war and all of this other stuff. That's what they said about President Donald J. Trump. President Donald J. Trump had U.S. energy independence.

Diamond: Come on.

Silk: Had jobs over here and wanted to give $500 billion to the black community. President Trump had everybody prospering. That's what he has going on with the way that they described him. Now, you got somebody that they say is presidential. This guy doesn't even know his head from his backside. He just walked around in a daze, destroying everything that he touched. I don't see Congress putting forth any legislation to change things. Biden is just going in during executive orders, changing up things, stopping things. They want to tell us that there is a pandemic, another variant coming, but they got our borders wide open and want to remove Title 42 for more people to come in. This so-called person that they say is presidential got us at war from within. This is the person that they say is presidential. Now, I'm looking at Joe. I'm looking at Joe Pinion. I'm looking at Chuck Schumer. Chuck Schumer has been in there for 42 years.

Diamond: Look at New York.

Silk: Look at New York. It's gone to hell. It's gone straight to hell in a handbasket. But now you got Joe Pinion. He knows how to resonate with the people. He's not talking about resonating with these corrupt career politicians. If he was talking that same B.S. that they were talking about, he'd be just like them. But he's talking directly to the people so that you can understand him.

Diamond: Somebody said that A.O.C. is not destroying America.

Silk: Honey, who do you think is behind a lot of this stuff from this Green New Deal?

Diamond: I hope I read it right.

Silk: Who do you think is behind this? A.O.C., she's a prop, just like a lot more others are bought and paid to push this liberal agenda. Intentionally, it seems to me to destroy our country. A lot of them up there. That's why I just don't understand how at this point, I would be embarrassed to be associated with a Democrat. I would be embarrassed after looking at how they just destroyed the Democrat Party, the Democrat name. This is a one-party rule that we've had for the last year and look at our country. You all want to sit back, and talk about how somebody is talking, have somebody looks.

Diamond: But if they were talking ghetto, it would be a problem.

Silk: It would be a problem. Let's get out of here.

Diamond: We need somebody different.

Silk: We need somebody that doesn't have a problem calling it out.

Diamond: Coleen said, call your senators. I agree. Listen, call your senators. Call your senators.

Silk: Yes, and under President Trump, not one war started. Not one war under President Donald J. Trump. The one that they said was not presidential. But this imbecile that we have right now is like a two-year-old in a room full of crayons, just messing everything up.

Diamond: Well, I'm going to tell you what. I'm not going to be able to move on from 2020 until they get this right.

Silk: Well, most definitely.

Diamond: You can't.

Silk: Not if they're going to continue with Chuck Schumer, get in there for all of these different terms. How did he remain in there for all of these different terms? I look at Maxine Waters. Gasoline Maxine is who I call her. She's been in a government position for all of these years. When does she ever a campaign?

Diamond: That's what I said.

Silk: When do these people ever campaign? So, is the fix in? Is the cheat already in?

Diamond: That's what I'm talking about, Silk. That's what I'm talking about.

Silk: You all think I'm just going to sit back here, and we're going to be bamboozled. They may be gaslighting you all, but they're not gaslighting me. I can see all through it. I can smell the rotten egg of the gas. I can smell it.

Diamond: And let's give people a chance. Chuck Schumer is a powerhouse, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall. David used a slingshot with one rock.

Silk: One little stone. Knock, knock, knock that big old giant right on out.

Diamond: So, thank you to everybody that's saying how beautiful I look tonight. I really appreciate you all. Thank you all for sending in the little tease that I should make to calm down. I've never been like this.

Silk: I was about to say; usually, it's me.

Diamond: I think, in my humble opinion, they should ask for something to spray everywhere. Oh, yes. We will pray for Dr. Zelinski. We will pray for him. Pray for everybody. Pray for the world.

Silk: The entire world.

Diamond: And I'm not trying to be mean, but I really need some people to join us on the battlefield. Don't just sit and watch us and think it's cute. But open up your mouth and start in your state. Start with your senators. Don't confirm this foolishness.

Silk: And shame on any Republicans that are supposed to be conservative that voted for someone who leads pedophilia. Shame on you. I mean, what do you want me to do, sugarcoat it? Let me tell you. Too much sugar can make you sick. People are already being sick around here with too much stuff, being sugarcoated. Let's just call it right on out. This lady is soft on pedophilia. We got our schools wanting to teach our children all of this pedophilia stuff, want to groom our kids, and basically molest them. That's what's going on, and then we got our conservative Republicans that are going right along with this foolishness.

Diamond: David said he would be phenomenal for New York. God bless him. Time to clean up.

Silk: It's time to clean up. It's past time.

Diamond: Oh, thank you. I love you all. You all know I love you and listen. Thank you for the wealth of information. I don't want you all to feel like I'm down. I'm not down. I'm trying to be calm.

Silk: You got to be calm.

Diamond: I'm trying to be calm. We got to get ready to go, but I walked in somewhere, and they had the whole back locked up. I'm like, oh, somebody came up here to mess you up. Let me tell you something. People are on edge. You got some people that are not woke. You have some people going along like this is normal, and we just need more people to wake up. We can't do this by ourselves. Mike Lindell can't do this by himself. Brannon Howse can't do this by itself. We need your help, period. We need your support. You can support us by going to MyPillow.com. Use promo code TrumpWon to receive up to 66% off your entire purchase because some of that goes back into what we're doing here right now. They are growing. I'm so proud of them and their building. That's what it's going to take. I just need you all to know that I love you, but I need you to get out of the kitchen because you are not allowed peanut butter and jelly.

Silk: You just stayed in there too long.

Diamond: And come on out here on the battlefield.

Silk: On the battlefield. Get on the front lines with Diamond and Silk.

Diamond: I'm not telling you to create any insurrection and start no riots. But open up your mouth if you're concerned about our babies. If you're concerned about our health and what they're trying to do to us. Open up your mouth, and start speaking.

Silk: That's right. Like I said last night over there in Britain. This women cycles, this man that's been cycling as a man for all of these years now decides he wants to be a woman and wants to get over into the tournament of the women's cycling team. The women stood up and opened up their mouths and said that they would boycott this. That's when they went back and said, sir, you cannot do this, so, if the women were swimming in the water, whenever jaws jumped in, whenever that whale jumped in. If they had stopped, got out of that water, opened up their mouth, and said something was wrong. The water isn't right. Something is in the water. Guess what? We wouldn't be as far as we are today with what we see going on. So, you got to open up your mouth and call it out.

Diamond: And stop accepting, accommodating, and tolerating foolishness. Oh, make sure you follow us on Getter and Truth Social. Once you sign up, make sure you're following Diamond and Silk. Go to Diamond Store and get yourself one of these, or one of these. Don't forget about our book, Uprising: Who Said You Can't Ditch and Switch? The awakening of Diamond and Silk. You can get the book at MyStore.com. Use promo code TrumpWon to receive up to 30% off your entire purchase.

Silk: And don't forget about the Bionic Wrench. Make sure you go to MyStore.com. Use promo code TrumpWon and order to get the Bionic Wrench.

Diamond: Somebody said, take your aprons off, ladies. We are on the battlefield. We have no aprons on.

Silk: No, we've been on a battlefield. We've been on the front line for some time.

Diamond: I need some more people to join me.

Silk: We just want more people to join us. We know we're two black chicks who started with politics, but now it's time for you all to come on out on the battlefield with us because it's going to take all of us to fight this fight.

Diamond: All right. Every day we pray at 11:21 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. We pray for you. I hope you're praying for us. Prayer changes things.

Silk: And pray for Diamond. Everybody pray, say a special prayer for Diamond. That God touches and heals her body in Jesus' name. Amen

Diamond: From all of this stuff. I feel like I need to be in a bubble.

Silk: Do you want to do like Michael Jackson? I'm just joking.

Diamond: I feel like I'm wrapped in something because I'm usually fine around this time, but this time I'm just not. It just irritates me. Listen, we just come in to give you all the 211.

Silk: We call it 211 because there are two of us, and we're the ones giving it to you. So, in the meantime and in-between time, we'll see you next, right here on FrankSpeech.com, Lindell TV with Diamond and Silk Chit-Chat Live. Bye-bye.

Diamond: Bye-Bye.