Development of Self-Spreading Vaccine Well Under Way and You Heard About It Here First

about a year ago

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He Knew Early On in 2020

Brannon Howse discusses a recent article published on March 18th by National Geographic titled: 

“The controversial quest to make a ‘contagious’ vaccine”

“Really?” Says Howse. Brannon points out that this topic was discussed by him on a show he did way back on May 19th, 2021! 

It’s taken National Geographic and the conservative media a whole year. The story is being picked up like it’s breaking news and distributed across conservative sites now. Well, it was reported by him first. It’s nothing new according to Howse. Often they get stuff out 6 months, a year, or more, and then suddenly it gets picked up and goes viral. Howse demonstrated that on his show in 2021.

Johns Hopkins Report Discovered.

Tom Littleton found this in a report from Johns Hopkins. They got a grant for $19,500,000 to study how to respond to global catastrophic biological risks. And, this was from 2019! It was about self-spreading vaccines that are engineered to move through populations like a communicable disease.

Howse points out what he covered then, that people may not want this. He reiterated the potential for unintended consequences like blood clots, sterilization, and destruction of your immune system. He mentions interviewing Judy Mikovits who was telling us this was going to happen. At the time she was called crackpot and kook.  Even conservatives were telling him not to interview her. Well, she was right and he reported it first.