Developer of Million Voices Joins Mike to Discuss How You Can Easily Let Your Voice and Wishes Be Heard By Your Elected Representatives

about a year ago

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On Lindell TV, Brannon Howse and Mike Lindell welcomed John Graves, the developer, and CEO of Million Voices. Million Voices is a non-profit that promotes the fundamental principle that peoples voices matter and need to be used. This non-profit focuses on helping individuals to change their world by helping them communicate with their policymakers directly. 

Graves believes that people can make the greatest impact at the state level. Citizens do not have to wait for the next Senator or Presidential election to advocate and change policies. Million Voices helps by allowing people to connect and communicate with policymakers with ease. It will match you to your representative based on state and give you consistent updates about what matters to you!

Graves and Mike discuss the issues with major technology companies blocking information around certain issues. As a result, Million Voices provides non-partisan voter guides and options to get information that would normally be blocked.

When talking about election crime, Graves stated that many of the blocks that investigations are facing can be changed at the state level. That is why it is imperative to become active on the local level.