Defending The Republic Inc. Looking Back. Looking Forward.

About 2 years ago

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Sidney Powell

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Defending the Republic, Inc. has accomplished much in its first year. We are standing up against the obvious fraud in the 2020 election. We have taken on the representation of multiple January 6 defendants who have been hunted down as if they were foreign terrorists and tortured with solitary confinement in the filthy, bug-infested hole of a jail in D.C. in conditions unfit for human habitation. We have also stepped into the forefront of the covid and vaccine issues, providing substantial information on our website, working with America's Frontline Doctors, physicist John Droz and his group, Project Veritas, and others to provide all the truthful information we can to all of you who want as much legitimate actual science--not political science--as possible to make informed decisions and take responsibility for your own health. In further evidence of our dedication to the truth and freedom, we have sued the entire defense department to force it to protect the rights of service members who do not want to be injected with a biochemical, DNA--altering experimental substance. If you haven't heard yet, the government finally conceded in our litigiation that there is no Comiraty available in the United States at all. There is no FDA approved injectable for Covid actually available, and the government and pharmaceuticals refuse to say what is in what they have been injecting into our service members. We have also produced two stunning documentaries: Political Prisoner: The Couy Griffin Story Doctor's Orders We have compiled multiple short videos that we ask you to watch on multiple subjects. Those who say there is "no evidence" on any of the points we advocate simply have refused to look at it. Please visit and look for yourselves. You'll also find a fun shop we've just opened online where you can also help support us and spread the word by wearing our fun, patriotic gear. We have worked to build a small, extremely hard-working and dedicated staff that respects the trust you've placed in us by donating your hard-earned dollars and who share your love of this country, our constitution, and the American culture in which freedom previously thrived. Our growing pains have only made us stronger, leaner, and more determined than ever to accomplish our mission of fighting for you, our Constitution, and the rule of law every day.