Defending Our Children

About 2 years ago

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Sherronna Bishop: All right. Today on America's mom, we have Dr. Hotze from the Lone Star State, and Aly Legge joins us from Florida, an activist mom. And what's up with that Disney coming to Colorado? We'll look back at policies complete destruction of Colorado starting in 2019.

Sherronna Bishop: Jesus said it would be better to have a millstone hung around your neck than to harm one of these little ones. And parents, that's really where you come in. We have to be willing to lay down all that we have to protect and defend our children. Whether it be your job, whether it be your reputation, or maybe even your ego, to be a fool for your child is what's necessary right now. COVID brought us so many gifts, and it exposed the darkness that had crept into our public school system.

Sherronna Bishop: Although some already were aware of it. Most of us got on board when we heard radical things that led to this over-sexualizing of our children. The knowledge that our teachers weren't teaching our children to read, write, history, and the things they were teaching them was laced with this weird ideology that denigrated America and denigrated our values, making the family unit a shameful thing rather than a normal situation. In fact, everything that was normal, natural, and neutral seemed to be being pushed under the rug and challenged or shamed for our kids. So as we're going on with our lives and we have these moments to view exceptional people who have decided to become fools for their children. Remember, that's the calling on your life as well. They're counting on us to stand up for them, defend them, and make sure that they have a country that's worth living in, in their future.

Sherronna Bishop: While it's a great day to be an American, and it's a greater day to be standing up for our rights and freedoms. Our first guest has been doing that almost his entire life from the moment he was elected as high school president. He has been working actively to secure our fundamental freedoms. In addition to that, he's been an expert in health and fitness. I saw that Suzanne Somers has said what an amazing man he was and even contributed to one of his books. There are very few times in my life where I'm a little bit in awe, but Dr. Hotze is one of those people who just inspires you to be your best, do your best, and serve with all of your heart. Dr. Hotze, there's so much more to say about you, but thank you so much for being on America's Mom today and all that you have been doing and working in the Lone Star State of Texas to secure that place and to spread this message of freedom and hope all over the nation. For the last two years especially, you've been doing just that. Thank you so much for being with us today.

Dr. Steven Hotze: Sherronna, it's a pleasure. And really, it's a privilege to be with you because I know you've been fighting there in Colorado, too, so congratulations on your efforts.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, thank you so much. And you might be new to some of my viewers. So tell us a little bit about what you've been doing. You've worked in health and wellness for years and have been such a contributor. Like I said, even the stars, know, Dr. Hotze.

Dr. Steven Hotze: Well, I have coached the Health and Wellness Center. I've been in practice for 46 years of overseeing the care of over 40,000 guests at my various centers. I have four on staff. We have a vitamin store and a compounding pharmacy here with 70 on staff. So our goal is to help people obtain and maintain health and wellness naturally. So it's for sure that they've got energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life.

Sherronna Bishop: You're a great example of that.

Dr. Steven Hotze: Well, I've been on my program since I was 39 years of age, including healthy eating, replenishment of hormones, vitamin and mineral supplementation, exercise, and a good, healthy eating program. So that's what we do here. People get well.

Sherronna Bishop: You know, for the last couple of years, we've watched everything about health and nutrition, preventative care, and supplementation being pushed to the side. How have you and your practice dealt with that, and what are you recommending for people who are coming out of this pandemic craziness to get back on track and start living a healthy life again?

Dr. Steven Hotze: Well, the first thing is to turn off the TV and quit watching it. Quit listening to the fraud cheats of the world and all the other government health experts that have bought into this lie and really are propagating the lie. From the get-go, I knew this was a scam gimmick. My mother taught me as the oldest of eight children, seven boys. She said, Son, never follow the herd. You'll get stampeded to death or driven over a cliff. Move away from the herd, lead the herd, you're a leader, and with God's grace, you have to go and do that. So I knew when I saw all the mass hysteria and fear and panic that was created back in March of 2020 that it was a total scam because everybody was hysterical, and the same talking points will be given all over the world. I knew this was planned out. And we won't go into all that. But you've seen what has happened. Our guests are healthy and well. We put them on a health and wellness program, and one of the things is we have two goals help people get a healthy immune system and increase their energy level. All our guests are on a good vitamin program. Dr. Hotze's immune pack, we would put people on that. And so people got viral illnesses, a small percentage of our 6,000 active guests may be had over the last two years maybe four or 500 people that had some kind of viral illness.

Sherronna Bishop: Wow.

Dr. Steven Hotze: That likely was the flu. Somebody had COVID. You may not know this, but over the last ten years, the average number of cases of the flu was over 30 million. In 2020, the year of the so-called COVID pandemic, there were 39,000, I'm sorry, 30 million cases of the flu annually and 39 million cases of the flu in 2020. In 2021, there were only 1600 cases of the flu.

Sherronna Bishop: Wow.

Dr. Steven Hotze: The flu is being coded as COVID. And the PCR test was a bogus test. It was positive. And 90% of the people who took it, whether you were sick or well or not, it is not a measurement. It is not a test for COVID. It's a test that tests whether you have any viral particles in your body, which we all do. And so the CDC, you may not realize this, in July of '21 said as of December of '21, we're going to do away with the PCR test because it's positive for the flu. Well, duh, that's exactly what they were doing. They're measuring people with this. And this so-called pandemic was simply a means to scare people into getting the experimental COVID gene modifying clot shot.

Dr. Steven Hotze: And over the last year in 2021, overall mortality in the United States, according to insurance companies, has increased by 40%. All kinds of problems, heart disease, pericarditis, liver disorder, strokes, everything 40% more people died in 2021 than in the previous year. Add that to the clot shot. That's exactly what they were doing. And that clot shot contains graphene oxide, which interfaces with brain cells and causes your brain cells to become a transmitter in your brain to receive and transmit signals, so people that get the shot are going to be able to be tracked. And, you know, the whole nine yards, next thing you know, they're going to want to put chips in your hand.

Sherronna Bishop: I just read an article this morning about that. I mean, Elon Musk, where we're really praising him right now, but he's a huge advocate of microchip systems in the body and IU's in human beings. So what you're saying is not far-fetched.

Dr. Steven Hotze: Listen, Ray Kurzweil, who's the chief engineer for Google, said in 2015, near 2040 are thinking would be nonbiological. That means they were going to have us wired into the part of the Internet of Things so that our brains would be able to download things from the computer by thinking about it. A great computer, which is their God, controls everything in life, contact tracing. They want to know everything about your finances, about your activities. You're thinking they want to be able to control you. Listen up, folks. My recommendation has been to our guests is to stay as far away from the COVID-19 experimental injection clot shot as you would a West Texas rattlesnake.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, and speaking of West Texas rattlesnakes and how poisonous they are. Let's talk politics for a moment. You've been involved, and policy always finds us right, no matter what we're doing, even when we're trying to live our best life. Everything you just described for the last two years, we have been wounded, damaged, hurt, and destroyed by policies implemented by bad politicians. And you decided to take a closer look at election security in Texas and where we know there has been massive voter fraud. And tell us a little bit about your journey and what's happening with you now. I mean, you're not just a regular citizen. I mean, you have been involved in policy and in politics for a long time. You've run this successful, world-renowned company. And then here you are challenging the status quo, saying what we're not allowed to say, which is what happened in 2020.

Dr. Steven Hotze: Well, that's exactly right. I was chairman of the Harris County Republican Party Executive Committee back in the early 1990s '92. And after doing that, in '94, I found a conservative Republicans of Texas and of Harris County. And so I've been very active in politics, trying to get good conservative leaders and really Christian patriots involved in politics. And we had great success in Texas. And then as everybody got older, the ones that weren't on my program but kind of faded out, you know, they got in their sixties and seventies, and they're worn out. So in 2020, I had some private investigators come to me and tell me that there was they knew about voter fraud going on in Harris County and had been investigating it. Could I help them raise the money to be able to fund their activities? I said, sure. So I have an organization called Liberty Center for God in Government, which is a level 1C3 organization dedicated to protecting the God-given unalienable constitutional rights of our freedoms and our liberties, which the government doesn't give us. By the way, God gave it to His government to protect them. So dedicated to that. One thing we focused on was election integrity, honest and fair elections. Who doesn't want fair and honest elections? Well, there happens to be a group of people in Harris County and across the nation that don't want fair and honest elections because they want to steal elections. Well, I decided we were going to fund this group. In October of '21, one of my investigators was tailing a suspect who was an illegal immigrant, who had three Social Security cards, was tailing him, and he was in a truck.

Dr. Steven Hotze: And the suspect was in a truck, and my investigator was in a car, and the truck slammed on his brakes, and he bumped into the back car, causing a ding in the truck. When he got out, the illegal immigrant ran at him. And they got in a fight. The police pulled up. According to testimony in a civil suit, the first police officer on the scene said the private investigator had him on the ground and did not hold a gun to him. All the things that the paper said, he had him at gunpoint. No, he didn't have him at gunpoint.

Dr. Steven Hotze: The police officer said he was holding him on the ground and said, "Officer, I'm a private eye. There's voter fraud, and he's a suspect. And he charged me, and we got in a fight, and I've got him controlled here on the ground. By the way, Officer, I do carry a gun. Could I give it to you?" He said sure. Well, he got a traffic ticket. The investigator, then the DA's office, investigated his funding because he was involved in stopping voter fraud. And they found out that Liberty Center for God Country was funding it. And that I was the CEO of Liberty Center. Aha, big-name politician, big-name political activist, a conservative Christian activist in town who has fought for years over everything from primarily fighting the radical homosexual movement and transgender movement for decades. So it happens to be that our district attorney is a source-funded lesbian. So, boy, she's hot trot.

Sherronna Bishop: So you would have been fined if your name was George Soros. But it happens to be Dr. Hotze. And you're helping someone who's investigating election fraud, and now you've been indicted.

Dr. Steven Hotze: Well, he got indicted ten months later. And then, I held an event with Mike Lindell on April 2nd and our attorney general, Ken Paxton, with 500 people, one of the largest events supporting election integrity. And 18 days later, I get a subpoena two days later after the event to appear before the grand jury. And 18 days later, the grand jury indicted me for what allegedly this private investigator had done. So that told me that we were right over the target because they're shooting at us now.

Sherronna Bishop: That's exactly right.

Dr. Steven Hotze: It's a Red Badge of Courage. And what we've done is gone back. We've stayed on the offensive. We continue to be on the offensive. And we're going to stop voter fraud in Harris County. I assure you that.

Sherronna Bishop: Dr. Hotze, you're a great patriot, a great American. We're going to leave our viewers on a cliffhanger today. We are going to have you back to stay in touch and stay on top of this story of what develops in your life. Thank you for being honest, for being integral. Where can our viewers learn more about you?

Dr. Steven Hotze: Go to Hotze,

Sherronna Bishop: Wonderful.

Dr. Steven Hotze: Or they can go to C, as in, can't, to find out political activity. Thanks so much for having me, Sherronna.

Sherronna Bishop: Thank you. Dr. Hotze, we'll have you back soon. Thank you. Have a great day.

Dr. Steven Hotze: Thank you.

Sherronna Bishop: And now what's up with that? Democrat Governor Jared Polis is offering Disney an escape to the mountains of Colorado for their Disney venture. While Jared Polis claims that he does not appreciate Florida's authoritarian socialist attacks on the private sector, let's not forget what Governor Polis has done to small businesses over the last two years here in Colorado, utilizing bureaucracies like the CDPHE to physically shut down businesses, prevent these businesses from maintaining any kind of monetary increase whatsoever. But he publicly states we do not meddle in the affairs of corporations. Come on, Jared Polis. We know that unless you're a multibillion-dollar organization, you are not going to get any breaks in this state.

Sherronna Bishop: God forbid you should be a religious cake baker who denies service to anyone, or you'll be taken down and completely absolved of any business opportunity in Colorado. And yet you offer this gaslighting for Disney. What's up with that?

Aly Legge is a mother devoted to five children. She's a veteran and a community leader. Her story is similar to thousands of families across this country where you've watched all of this, this disgusting behavior unfold, and you finally decide, I'm getting in the ring. She comes from Florida and has chosen to step up and run for the school board there. Aly, we are so excited to have you here on America's Mom. Welcome to the program. How are you?

Aly Legge: Thank you so much for inviting me. I really appreciate it, Sherronna. That's amazing. I'm doing great. How about you?

Sherronna Bishop: You know what? We're doing really great. We've met through Moms for America, and you're now actually working with that organization because of all of the incredible work you were doing before bringing attention to CRT, to poor management of the public school system, and low expectations. And then I saw you on the news with Governor Ron DeSantis. And I was like, I know her.

Aly Legge: Yes, that was pretty exciting. I was invited personally to speak on my family's experience with CRT, and I took the opportunity. At first, I was like, you know, I'm a candidate. I don't know if that's going to be a conflict. And they were just like, no, your story, it needs to be told, and so we need you to come now. So I jumped in the car with my babies, and the rest is history, pretty much.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, you have a beautiful family, and I know our audience is going to be very curious. What is this story? What happened in your life that led you to be so outspoken on behalf of your children?

Aly Legge: Well, so 2020 hit. And you know how everyone had to do remote learning because all of the schools were shut down? I was pretty active before then, you know, fighting for parental rights and advocating for children with special needs before that. But when our schools were closed down, and our children had to be in Zoom classes, it let us parents have a view into what the instructional day today actually looks like for us, for our children. And I overheard his history teacher tell him that the Constitution can be suspended under emergency rule, and my constitutional patriot's spidey senses went off. And as a veteran, I emailed and got in right away and spoke to the administration. The situation was handled, but it wasn't unique to just my child.

Aly Legge: A lot of other students were told the same thing in various different schools, so it had to have been something instructional that was being taught throughout our district and come to find out, it wasn't just our district, it was everywhere. So CRT encompasses a lot of different things, and it encompasses false history, which the Constitution can be suspended, which is not a thing at all. Our founding principles are inherently racist, which is also false. It doesn't just have a racial lens when teaching math or science or things like this, which our governor has decided to remove several books that were coming in for next year that had a lot of these proponents in them, which we are very grateful for.

Aly Legge: So there was also another situation where we had a graphics design teacher explain to my son that he should denounce his white stepdad because he's white and he should, you know, rejoice in the fact and respect his black father. Because of his black father, he wouldn't be here, regardless of the fact of, you know, not having an idea or an inclination of whatever actually happened to cause that division in our child's life. So it's very interesting.

Sherronna Bishop: Aly, how did your child respond to that sort of direction from a teacher?

Aly Legge: Well, so he had told him to, frankly, mind his business and that he had a dad and he didn't need a mentor because his father was his father. And he gets really good advice from his parents. Our child has a very good mind of his own. And he likes to push the envelope a little bit. So when he's told certain things like only non-minorities are racist, he pushes back and asks questions about, can you explain that further or how is that possible? So if I were to say because he's darker than me, so he says, if I were to say that all white people are something any derogatory term, would I be racist? And the teacher said, no, that's prejudice. And he looks at her, and he says, that's false. He says prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance when it comes to race. That's my 14-year-old, you guys. So even though you think they're not listening, they're listening.

Sherronna Bishop: So were you like that was my talking point? Aly, that's incredible.

Aly Legge: I was like, oh, my goodness, my baby. You are listening. Thank you.

Sherronna Bishop: This is what we're talking about too. You know, as parents who are helping to guide their children through these conversations, these are hard conversations, and giving them the tools to be able to debate, you know, and to actually bring facts to the situation is really, really incredible. So tell us about this piece of legislation that is addressing the CRT happening, which is critical race theory or critical theory, and what it's going to do for that.

Aly Legge: So what it does basically is it keeps all of that out of not just educational instruction, but it keeps it out of the workforce. So I don't know if a lot of your audience understands. Still, there are a lot of policies that have gone through a lot of our school boards that are requiring teachers to go through implicit bias training where they have to recognize their own racial bias and unconscious racial bias, which I don't know how that is even fathomable at the moment.

Aly Legge: But in order to retain their teaching license, which is completely absurd. So those are a few of them. That will cease with this bill. But it also keeps that from happening to our workforce. So employees that work for corporate industry or small businesses or anything like that that have to fill out some kind of white privilege survey denouncing their white privilege. And what I find to be very problematic is that one, we are an international country, and people from everywhere of all different shades of the human skin tone come here to escape communism and tyranny and governmental overreach, seeking to live their lives in liberty and freedom. And when they're getting here, they're being told that because they are fair-skinned, they're white, and they are privileged, and they are inherently oppressive. And if they are darker-skinned, no matter what country they come from, no matter what language they speak, they are inherently oppressed, and America is not the land of opportunity. It's not the land of liberty or freedom. It's the land of oppression and hatred. And that is absolutely false. And the reason why it's false is because our Constitution literally says that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. And we would know that if our education system actually taught the true history of our country.

Sherronna Bishop: Aly, this is why I love you. Thank you for speaking the truth and being a solid, confident, committed woman. And thank you for not using the word race. There's only one race, and it's human. So thank you for that. Where can people find you and follow your school board race and just follow you as someone who works with Moms for America? You're doing incredible outreach all the time, raising up women to be strong, to know their founding principles and their God-given rights. Where can we find you and learn more about you?

Aly Legge: You can find me in Moms of America. I'm a family and lobby manager. So what I do is I teach families how to build relationships with their legislators in order to actually hold them accountable. Because you can't hold them accountable if you don't know what they're doing and you don't have that relationship, you can email me at, and you can find me on Facebook. My regular Facebook is Aly Legge, and I'm on all platforms as Aly Legge if you want to follow my campaign. The same thing with Facebook, and you can also visit my website at, and that's

Sherronna Bishop: Fantastic. We'll post it all up. It is such a pleasure to have you. I look forward to watching this race and bringing you back on to see what the outcome is. Thank you for standing up for our kids, Aly. Have a great night.

Aly Legge: Bye, thank you.

Sherronna Bishop: In Colorado, since 2019, we've been experiencing unbelievable changes in our state. I was just a mom. I was running my small business and taking care of my kids. And these policies began to personally impact my children and me. And that's really what sparked it for me. We're going to watch a video, probably one of the first videos that I did, related to our governor, Jared Polis. Many believe that he's a center moderate. He is anything but that. I want to share this pretty incredible moment, at least for me, with all of you.

Unidentified Person (Video Clip): There are two bills that are going to be reaching your desk soon. We believe two of them, which are very, very close to me, is a privacy protection bill that will allow folks to be able to protect their data from other outside agencies. And also, one that is very, very, very close to me is people isolated from the courthouses (audience clapping). My brother picked up those courthouses. He picked up the Breckenridge courthouse in 2014. And that's what moves me to want us to start doing immigrant rights movements. That's why we're doing this right now. And I want to ask you to please sign it into law. And that the police work with us in any future legislation I can help you with.

Governor Jared Polis: Well, thank you, Mateo. Yeah, we are obviously very concerned about the court challenge to the docket that is currently occurring. We are working on what our state contingency plan might be if  DACA were overturned, but we have a very high level of concern about that. We also want to make sure that, again, the federal government, because of the DACA system, they have the information about the DACA recipients already. So that's what's particularly worrisome for much of our undocumented population. ICE doesn't necessarily have their information, but for the DACA recipients, they do. We want to make sure that we do everything we can to protect them. Again, there are things the state can and can't do. So at the end of the day, we cannot give the ability to legally work in our country. If we could, we'd be talking about immigration reform at the state level. That's why immigration reform is needed nationally because it's the only way to address the issue of people that have been here and follow the rules and risk deportation and may or may not be able to legally work whether they have DACA or not. In the meantime, we're doing what we can to make sure that we inspire confidence in our immigrant communities. We brought on board a-  I'm trying to give her a title. It's our new American office, something like that. Remember, that's called Eli? The Office of New Americans. Office of New Americans. We went back and forth on the name of it, but we got some grant money to be able to do more of this work in the governor's office, where we can support our immigrant communities statewide. And we're looking forward to working with legislators to do that.

Unidentified Person (Video Clip): The Governor's schedule's very tight. I'm told that he's got other places to be. We can take one more question.

Sherronna Bishop: Governor, can I please ask one question? A group of moms showed up here today to ask this question today.

Sherronna Bishop: Can I get one question in?

Governor Jared Polis: Thank you so much, everybody.

Sherronna Bishop: Governor, what do you plan to do about SB 163 data tracking of our children? Amazing. 

Sherronna Bishop: I'm going to wait out here for him. He's not going to answer the question. I heard what the gentleman said about a data tracking system. SB 163 allows for the data tracking of our children and their medical data being stored in Denver to see who is complying with the state. I completely agree with the sentiment that that gentleman expressed here.

Sherronna Bishop: He's an illegal immigrant, and he's worried about ice and all that kind of stuff.

Unidentified Individual: About not undocumented.

Unidentified Individual: You can't be illegal. It's impossible to be illegal.

Sherronna Bishop: Whatever. I'm just saying the same concern he shares about our information being stored is the same concern we have with 163. And for the governor not to take my question, we've been outside since 8:00 this morning waiting for him to come through. We were told he would come through the front, which he did not.

Unidentified Individual: Yeah. He came through the front. Not the front of the library.

Sherronna Bishop: Right. We were told he'd be coming through the front of the library.

Unidentified Individual: I don't know what to tell you.

Sherronna Bishop: I know it's not you. I'm not sure why he didn't take a mom's question.

Sherronna Bishop: He wouldn't take our question, so we'll see what happens. We'd like to have an answer. I share the sentiment of the gentleman regarding data tracking. We don't want our children's medical information to be data mined for the state of Colorado.

Sherronna Bishop: That is bill 163, and we're not going to hear an answer about that. It's already been pushed through the Senate. It's in the House right now. And he's got to make a decision on it. It's via vaccines. That's right. That's how they're using it. That's the channel they're going through. That's exactly right.

Unidentified Individual: I was hoping he would talk about private prisons and the shooting in Colorado Springs.

Sherronna Bishop: Governor, where do you stand on the data mining of our Colorado children regarding 163, Governor? The undocumented worker in there had exactly the same concern. We do that you're collecting data on our children. Please do not sign 163 into law. Please do not sign SB 163 into law. That is a data mining bill about our Colorado children disguised as a vaccine mandate bill. If we don't want data mining for undocumented immigrants, we don't want data mining for our children either. The state does not deserve to have our medical records. 

Sherronna Bishop: Didn't address the moms who waited out at 8 A.M. to talk to him. Came through a special elevator. You can't face the mothers.

Sherronna Bishop: If you've ever thought, does my voice matter? Can I make any kind of difference in my backyard? While I hope that the stories of these regular people are really just starting to inspire you and that you're hearing a resounding yes, you make a difference. Many of us are actually waiting for you to get inspired, to have your spark, if you will, and join us in this fight. You're waiting for an invitation when what you really need to do is pick up your own hammer, your nails, and your wood and start building your own table. There are things that only you are going to be able to do that can move the dial for us here in America. People around this world are waiting for you to be ignited. Remember, all that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Thank you so much for being with us today. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.