David Bedein: Uncovering the Truth about Terror Education in Palestine

About a month ago

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Section 1: Terror Taught in Palestine
Join Dr. Chaps and David Bedein from Jerusalem via Skype as he delves into the disturbing issue of terror education in Palestine. With firsthand accounts and in-depth analysis, Dr. Chaps exposes how extremist ideologies are being instilled in young minds, fostering a culture of violence and hatred.

Section 2: Interview with David Bedein in Jerusalem
Dr. Chaps interviews David Bedein, a veteran investigative reporter and Israeli leader, on location in Jerusalem. David has been investigating the troubling activities in Gaza and within the UNRWA for years. He shares his findings and provides a crucial perspective on the ongoing conflict. Don't miss the eye-opening highlights from David's latest investigative video.

Section 3: Pathways to Peace in the Middle East
What can be done to bring lasting peace to the Middle East? Dr. Chaps and David Bedein discuss potential solutions and the steps needed to foster a more peaceful and stable region. Learn about the efforts being made and what more can be done to promote peace and understanding.

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