Dale Bolton Interview - Thrive for Good - OvercomersTV.Live - #286

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Joined Youth With A Mission in Cambridge Ontario in Dec. 1980 – eventually directing the Discipleship Training School to take teams to Latin America (Mexico, Columbia, Puerto Rico) Started and directed the counseling center in 1983 called Christian Alternatives in Cambridge Ontario which lead to planting a church in 1987. Helped plant 2 more Vineyard churches, one being the Airport Vineyard Christian Fellowship which brought about the Toronto Blessing in 1994. During that time Dale ministered in 15 different countries teaching leaders and established humanitarian projects. 2004 was a pivotal year for both Dale and his wife Linda Bolton. Understanding for the first time the reality of 40 million unsupported children in Africa caused both Dale and his wife Linda to want to make a difference at a community level. A for profit company, Natural Calm Canada was created by Dale’s wife Linda to raise funds and a non-profit organization. The company supplies products to 6000 different health retailers, drug stores and mass retailers across Canada Thrive for Good was created to empower communities impacted by the orphan crisis. Training programs were established to support food and health security programs. After working with over 200 communities a leadership training center was created in western Kenya. As of 2020, with the help of his wife and national leaders, 1,000 projects have been started in over 20 countries impacting not only orphan care organizations but also prisons, schools, HIV groups, churches and organic farmers. Dale loves going to many different countries to share the truth that “my God shall provide all our needs.” And this is the victory that has overcome the world our faith... https://overcomerstv.live/overcomers-...


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