Corporations Move To Destroy American Businesses: Walmart Cancels Mike Lindell And MyPillow

About 2 years ago

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Large Retail With Political Agendas

On the Stew Peters Show, Stew talks about how large retail companies are trying to cancel Mike Lindell and MyPIllow. Mike Lindell’s story is one of the American Dream. Overcoming adversity and low points in his life, finding Jesus, and providing many American jobs with MyPillow

Many large retail corporations choose to have their products made and shipped in from overseas. MyPIllow was made right here in the United States providing American families with jobs and careers. While many Americans admire and respect Mike Lindell, the elite class is looking to crush him.

The elite class does not like real Patriots, and they are trying to do everything in their power to cancel Lindell and MyPIllow. Mike Lindell stood by President Trump in the 2020 election even while so-called Republicans were abandoning him. Still to this day, Mike Lindell is fighting for the truth behind the 2020 election.

No matter how many bash him or remove his products from stores, Mike wants to expose the truth about the election and the voting machines. Because of this Walmart has stated they will no longer be carrying his products. Everyone knows this is because of Mike’s politics and has nothing to do with the great MyPillow product.

Walmart’s Agenda

Walmart’s founder Sam Walton’s story is very similar to Mike Lindell's. Sam, a Christian man, turned a local retail store into the largest chain in America. A homegrown success story.  Unfortunately, Sam Walton died over 30 years ago, and that small business entrepreneur mentality that he shares with Mike is no longer a part of Walmart.

Walmart’s current CEO supports BLM, calls for sweeping gun control laws, and leans very liberal in all their decisions now. Now a majority of their products are supplied by Chinese factories.

Corporate Cancel Culture

Mike states that Walmart as well as Costco has removed the MyPillow products and he fully believes it is because of questioning of the election. Costco handled it differently, by slowly removing products over a course of six months.

Walmart removed the product from the As Seen On TV section, even though it was the number one product in the section. The MyPillow sales were still very strong and Walmart still decided to remove them. Walmart claimed sales were fatiguing and a bogus rating system which was all false. Mike was willing to offer a $19.88 pillow for the best price ever. Walmart lied about having MyPillow online which is not true.

Mike has talked to the Wallstreet Journal, telling them that this is all backlash because Mike keeps fighting to have fair elections and remove corrupt voting machines! In addition, Mike does not plan to lay off any workers because they are family to him. Support American families and buy a MyPillow today.

The $19.88 MyPillow is now available to everyone on use promo code STEW and you will get this great pillow for $19.88. Walmarts loss will be your gain!