Continuing To Fight Back Despite Of The Two-Tiered Justice System

About 2 years ago

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The Capabilities of the Voting Machines in Plain View

America's Mom, Sherronna Bishop at the Moment of Truth Summit with professor David Clements discusses some of the things that have occurred around the country with the various voting machines. They hit on entire files being wiped out somehow. How the passwords for the machines were all the same on every Dominion machine. They talk about some of the other things that seem to have been programmed into the machines that seem to be subversive. The computer was able to awaken itself with no screen coming on to indicate it was active.

Software tools were found on the machine telling how things could be done that Dominion denied the machines capable of doing. This was there from the beginning and not added by an outside party.

They further discuss how someone is being railroaded after having been in attendance in Washington on January 6th. This is after the individual has been cleared of any wrongdoing.