Conservative Pundits Turn Against MAGA Base Defending Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House and Politicians Profit from Ukraine Aid and War | Dr. Mark Sherwood

About a year ago

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The news of the Speaker of the House election has overshadowed the developments in Arizona, a place which should not be forgotten. As our elections have been weaponized against us, Kari Lake and her team continue to push back against the Uniparty.

A hearing has been awarded to Kari Lake in her efforts to appeal the judgment delivered by Judge Thompson in Maripoca County regarding election fraud. Three judges will decide if the case goes to the state's supreme court.

The opposition to electing Kevin McCarthy to Speaker of the House has been echoed nationwide by many voters supporting 20 holdouts since Tuesday. One such reason has been overlooked in the profits made through the Military Industrial Complex with Ukraine. Many politicians have made financial gains as we continue to fund the war in Ukraine with our depleting resources.

As Zalensky and those sitting on both sides of the aisle continue to demand more resources to fund the people of Ukraine's defense we must examine the other side to the story.

As the fight and opposition to a McCarthy Speakership has waged the we must examine why the position matters and why someone like McCarthy doesn't have true support. There are reasons a few hold out their votes for so long.

Although the Speaker of the House vote has caused a nationwide stir the American public now gets to witness another positive result of good dissidence. The true worldview and stances of mainstream Conservative media boils to the surface as Sean Hannity, Brian Kilmeade, and others attack patriotic servants and their constituents. Who are the real losers after the voting ends and what should occur with media support and consumption?

Dr. Mark Sherwood joins to discuss true goal setting and the understanding of failure. This is especially important after many will be disappointed by a Kevin McCarthy victory.

Never be disenfranchised by the supposed non-success of your dissidence. In order to continue to take out the establishment and those sending the country into oblivion you must work differently. Use what you think as failure to learn what you must adjust. You can never give up or you will continue to suffer and complain.


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