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WILL THE LEFT BE ALLOWED TO CHEAT AGAIN? IS A FAIR ELECTION EVEN POSSIBLE?? These are REAL concerns as we head into the Az primary. So we asked Az Chairwoman of the Republican Party, Dr. Kelli Ward, her opinion! Dr. Ward also gives us strategies for combatting election fraud THIS TIME and encourages us to never give up. If we give up, they win. In this episode: Rigged elections Rino establishment being flipped in its head Whiny and wimpy candidates How Trump changes everything How do we make a difference this election season Dr. Kelli Ward was elected Chairwomanof the Republican Party of Arizona onJanuary 26, 2019, andis the first woman to be electedto thispositionin over thirty years. Dr. Ward graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Duke University, and graduated top of her class from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. She holds aMastersdegree in Public Health (MPH), is afamily physician, policymaker,best selling author,and a small business owner. When Obamacarereareditsugly head, Dr. Ward knew it was time to bring her medical and business experience to the policymaking arena as an Arizona State Senator. Now, as Chairwoman, Dr. Ward is focused on bringing her conservative bona fides to the fight against the onslaught of liberal policies assailing our stateandnation, andis working to unify Republicans and win elections.Her two books, Inspired by Whats Right and Justified: The Story of Americas Audit, bothhit the best sellers listsoon after being released. As a wife and a mom, preserving liberty, freedom, and opportunity in our country is her primary objective. Going forward, she will continue to use her expertise, experience, and abilitiesas well as her grace and grittokeepAmericagreat.


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