Chris Cuomo Changes Tune on Ivermectin, Saying He Takes Regular Doses

About a month ago

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Alex Newman

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 In this edition of The Sentinel Report, Alex Newman is joined by Dr. Chad Savage, the founder of YourChoice Direct Care, to discuss how an exciting community is coming together to share health costs. Additionally, Twila Brase, the president of the Citizens' Council for Health Freedom, joins the show to break down Chris Cuomo’s rapid change of heart on ivermectin. And finally, David Hoyt, the executive director of School Boards for Academic Excellence, catches up with Newman to discuss the state of America’s schools. 

In the news, RFK Jr. says clearly and with no shame that he is ok with full-term abortions, while a small group of patriots in the U.S. House try to hold Speaker Johnson accountable. Don’t miss it!

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