Caught! Obama’s CIA and FBI worked with 5 countries to destroy Trump.

About 2 months ago

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The Lance Wallnau Show

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We're peeling back the curtain on a story that's more gripping than any spy thriller on this episode of The Lance Wallnau Show. Lance gives a prophetic Biblical analysis on the international espionage saga, where former CIA Director John Brennan and the intelligence community, in collusion with the Five Eyes alliance, targeted Trump and his associates in an elaborate scheme. Discover the shocking revelations as Lance discusses the Shellenberger report's findings on the CIA's orchestration of the Russia collusion hoax, the unprecedented FBI actions against political opposition, and the potential existence of a binder full of raw intelligence that could unravel the whole plot. Join us for a deep dive into one of the most contentious periods in American political history, seen through the lens of faith and prophecy.

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