Canada Is A Mess Under Trudeau, Pastor Artur on Trial for Feeding Homeless 6/12/22

About 2 years ago

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In today's top stories from around the World News- we take a deep dive into Canada's Baffoon of a prime minister, Justin Trudeau who is under fire by his own party. Trudeau made a statement this week telling Canadians that they don't have the right to use a firearm for self defense. He's also under investigation for wrongfully invoking the Emergency Act against the Ottawa truckers, as testimony comes forward showing that his ministers lied. Canada is still one of the only countries in the world that has banned domestic travel for the "undesirables". The liberal government is also proposing bill C11 that would extend extreme censorship on the Internet and babysit Canadians. And to top it off Pastor Arthur Pawlowski is still on trial for feeding the homeless 2 years ago in sub-zero degree weather.

Meanwhile, across the pond in the United Kingdom, health services have gotten rid of the term woman so as not to discriminate.

Is Ukraine on the verge of EU membership?

In Italy a mob of an estimated two thousand or so young men, mostly from migrant backgrounds according to reports, terrorized towns, along with Lake Garda in northern Italy, with reports of women being sexually assaulted, shop windows smashed, and attacked police. All of that and much more ahead! Read More:

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