Buying an Electric Vehicle to Offset Gas Prices Is Pure Idiocy

about a year ago

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Joe Biden Pushing For Electric Cars While Gas Prices Soar

The Absolute Truth hosted by Emerald Robinson welcomes Camry Nelson from America First Policy Institute. Emerald and Camery discuss how gas prices are still soaring but Joe Biden wants American families to buy $50,000 electric cars. Currently, inflation is the highest it has ever been at 8%, but Democrats are insisting on families making large investments in electric vehicles.

Obviously, this is not reasonable for the average American family. Of course, congress sees no problem because they all had a recent pay raise. Many feel the push for electric vehicles is another way to promote the Green New Deal. At this time, buying a $50,000 electric car does not benefit families financially.

In addition to the Green New Deal, many feel that the Build Back Better bill is also not dead, and they will try to rename it and try to get Joe Manchin to finally support the bill. This bill is a large socialist bill that will not help the American people.