The Burning Building with Special Guest Anthony Trimino

About 2 years ago

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She's So Right Show

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When Anthony Trimino wanted to flee California, and move to a red state, the Lord gave him a vision. Next thing you know, he's a viral sensation for flying a sky banner above the Super Bowl. Find out why Anthony Trimino is "running back into the burning building", and running for governor of California. Thank you so much for downloading, subscribing and listening. Go give us a 5 star rating, would you?? Please share these with your friends on social media so we can wake up America, save our country and save some souls too!! Please check out our partnerships and affiliates at WWW.SHESSORIGHTSHOW.COM Thank you to our sponsor Dillons Restaurants for your support. Thank you to MyPillow for your support. Go to, use our code SORIGHT for up to 66% OFF!

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