Bringin' It Backwards: Interview with Gone Gone Beyond

about 10 months ago

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Bringin' it Backwards

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Gone Gone Beyond over Zoom video!

There is an indescribable dynamic that occurs when the four members of Gone Gone Beyond are creating together. Each player of this musical hybrid family – comprised of multi-instrumentalists/singer-songwriters David Block (Los Angeles/NYC), Danny Musengo (Iowa/NYC), Kat Factor (Santa Cruz) and Mel Semé (Cuba/Barcelona) – brings a unique and diverse perspective on sound, culture, and life to the project. The synergy is magical. On their sophomore full-length album, 2030, Gone Gone Beyond delivers an urgent message of hope and change for our planet set against their inimitable brand of music, described as “mesmerizing future folk” by Consequence of Sound, that pays homage to the traditions of folk-americana songwriting while bringing together a myriad of influences from electronica, jazz, soul, and world music. Gone Gone

Beyond first debuted in 2016 and was essentially birthed from David’s electronic project The Human Experience, where the producer collaborated with dozens of solo artists worldwide over the course of many years. David had released music with Danny, Kat and Mel separately in different parts of the world amidst his traveling until ultimately deciding to put the band together. Since the release of their debut EP, 49 Bogart, and their first full-length Things Are Changing in 2019, Gone Gone Beyond has performed at a range of high-profile events including Coachella, Lightning In A Bottle, SXSW, Red Rocks, and the UN General Assembly, while accumulating millions of streams with their unique sonic landscape.

For 2030, Gone Gone Beyond has created a meaningful, inspirational, and long-lasting collection of art, a true representation of their collaborative spirit and outlook on our ever-changing world. Based on a lyric from the optimistic earth love song “Marigold” (“I hope I see you in the year 2030”), the album is centered around transforming our environment and planting the seeds to cultivate a brighter future. As the band has learned, 2030 seems to be a critical milestone for proposed climate initiatives, making this decade a crucial last chance to adopt the changes necessary to sustain our planet for generations to come.

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