Bringin' It Backwards: Interview with Christian Kuria

About 7 months ago

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Bringin' it Backwards

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Together with Sean Ulbs of The Eiffels, we had the pleasure of interviewing Christian Kuria over Zoom video!

Christian Kuria is a Kenyan-American producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Vallejo, CA. Christian Kuria first attracted internet attention in 2016 as a Hip Hop and R&B guitarist.

Soon after, he began to incorporate the essence of his guitar playing into fully-produced covers. This led the multi-faceted singer and instrumentalist towards composing and producing his own original music.

In late 2019, Christian made his US touring debut as support for the critically acclaimed writer, producer, and singer, Cautious Clay.

Now, after a year of writing, Christian has released his debut project Borderline (Executive production, creative direction, and release by Arime Records).

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