Bringin' It Backwards: Interview with Carlie Hanson

About 9 months ago

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Bringin' it Backwards

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Carlie Hanson over Zoom!

Carlie Hanson is an established artist in the music industry for her talent and passion for singing and songwriting. It was the year 2018 when she released her debut single, Only One, that gained a lot of attention increasing her fan base. It is the song that was featured on a playlist by Taylor Swift herself. With her career being in heat, the year after, she released her debut extended play entitled Junk, and in 2020, another extended play was released with the title DestroyDestroyDestroyDestroy.

Being a singer-songwriter was once just a dream. Carlie Hanson was working at a fast-food chain in 2016. The opportunity presented itself when she became part of a contest at iHeart Radio to see Zayn Malik perform at a concert. As it was a contest, she sang Pillowtalk by Zayn Malik while she was seated in a parked car within the vicinity of a shopping mall. She uploaded the video online on different social media platforms and immediately caught the attention of iHeart Radio. With the attention drawn to her, a talent agent reached out to her and invited her to audition in Toronto performing in front of the producers of House of Wolf. Her introductory experience was working with Dale Anthoni, who’s also a songwriter, and eventually allowed her to develop her skills in writing music.

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