Brannon Reads Handwritten Letters From His Viewers

about a year ago

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Brannon Howse: Ruby wrote me a handwritten note: "Thank you for your terrific program and the effort you are using to bring important information and truth to your listeners.”

Thank you.

“God bless you and all those who are working with you."

That's excellent. Thank you.

This gentleman has written in from Montana: "Brandon and everyone on your staff, I thank God in heaven for all you and for all you do. Your broadcasts are awesome."

Well, thank you. He's from Montana.

"Every night, I come in from farming and ranching here in northeast Montana and tune in over the Internet to your worldview."

I kind of feel like Johnny Carson. Remember when Johnny Carson used to read the letters. I just need an Ed McMahon, right?

So, he says, "I come in from farming and ranching here in northeast Montana and tune in over the Internet to your worldview and news hour broadcast. I also love Diamond and Silk. If any of you ever desire to visit Montana, my home and ranch are open to you anytime."

Well, thank you.

"A big thank you to Mike Lindell for making it all possible."


"I will be supporting your organization."

Thank you.

"Oh, P.S.," here's the P.S. are you ready? "P.S. Karen Kingston, I want to marry you. She is the most beautiful. She is the most brilliant woman I have ever seen. I have a beautiful ranch in Montana. She can relax and feel safe and protected. I love that woman."

Well, there you go, Karen. Thank you, sir.

He says, "She's a brilliant woman." He says, "I love her. She's brilliant."

That's nice. God bless you. Oh, look here.

"God bless you, Brannon, Mike Logan, Delta, and Crew. Never give up!"

You got an honorary mention, Delta. I have to read more of these in another show. These are great.

Now, look at the birthday cards. Birthday card, birthday card, birthday card. Look at this nice one with an eagle. I love that. Man alive, you guys make me feel so special. So anyway, there you go.

I just keep waiting for some white powder to drop out, but thankfully, everything's good. That was a joke.

Birthday card. I got a lot of nice birthday cards. Thank you. We should have a section where we read letters. I love the old-fashioned write a letter. I have a huge cardboard box of handwritten notes going back close to 20 years now.

So anyway, there you go. I have to tell Karen she's got an engagement proposal here.