Brannon Interviews GA. Gubernatorial Candidate Kandis Tayler and Plays Epic Video of Her Debate Smack Down and He Interviews MI. AG Candidate Matt DePerno and Computer Expert Jeff O'Donnell

About 2 years ago

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Brannon Howse: Good evening. Brannon Howse is in for Mike Lindell, who is at Mar-a-Lago, again. He is there tonight. Last night I was sitting here interviewing Tina Peters. It was a great little interview. I can hear Donald Trump's voice off in the background every now and then. I don't know if you guys could hear that, too. It's pretty distinct, right. So, I can tell she's in the room with him, and President Trump is speaking. Then I hear Mike Lindell's voice, and Tina says, "I've got to go. Mike Lindell and President Trump are calling me up onto the stage." I'm thinking, if you've got to go, those are two people you would want to be headed toward, you know. I mean, after all, who am I when Donald Trump and Mike Lindell are calling you. They are two of the biggest conservative voices in America today. So, that was pretty epic. So, she did call later and apologized. You've got nothing to apologize for. You know, you're doing your job. So, anyway, I'm sitting in again tonight, and they're still at Mar a Lago. Let's see if we can keep them from dragging away any of my guests tonight.

Brannon Howse: I'll be joined tonight by Kandiss Taylor, who is running for governor in Georgia. She was on the other night, and as you know, she was telling us about a debate that was coming up. Now, apparently, the Republican candidates for governor in Georgia are scared of Kandiss Taylor. They did not want to include her in their debates, but thankfully, she was included. Well, after her performance, which everybody's talking about. You may now know why they did not want her in the original debates. She cleaned their clock. She tore it up. In fact, Mike Lindell called me today and said, "Did you see what a great job she did?" I said, "Yes, it's going around." I said, "Let's get her back on." He and I agreed. Let's get her back on. Let's talk about it. So, we've got a clip we're going to play, and then we're going to go to Kandiss Taylor. Then at about the 6:30 Central Time mark, I'll be joined by Matt DePerno. We haven't had Matt on since he has been confirmed as indeed receiving the nomination of the Republican Party in Michigan as the candidate for attorney general of Michigan. Matt's one of those guys we've known, well, almost since the very beginning of this network, when we had him here in our studio the last week of January 2020. No, 2021, last week of January 2021.

Brannon Howse: It seems like it should have been ten years ago. We've crammed in so much into a short period of time. The last week of January 2021, he's in our studio filming with us for Absolute Proof. He's been back many times since. So, he's like one of those people you kind of get to know really well. You watch as he grows, develops, and goes from just being an attorney, just an entrepreneur attorney, you know, raising his family too, boom! He's on the national platform being endorsed by Mike Lindell and President Trump. We're so proud of him. We're so proud. It's been fun to watch the climb of our friend Matt DePerno, who we are hoping will restore constitutional law to the state of Michigan. So, he'll join us since being confirmed as the Republican nominee for attorney general for the state of Michigan. So, we've got a busy night. Don't forget, folks. We are brought to you by you. Your support makes the Lindell Report possible and makes Lindell Television possible. In fact, let me real quick before we go to Kandiss. Get this out of the way.

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Panelists Chuck Williams: Dr. Taylor, you tweeted on April 23rd that, and I quote, "There will be a runoff, period, and I'm going to be in it." What makes you so certain you can get into a runoff in this race?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Am I really polling that way? Really? Internal polling didn't show that. The people of Georgia don't think I'm polling that way, and it's funny I haven't been in a debate yet. Thank the Lord I'm here today. I'm thankful for the Atlanta Press Club, which stood up for the people and let them have a voice. I am one of the people. I'm an educator, and I've been fighting for abused kids for 19 years. I'm sick and tired of what's been going on in our state. Enough is enough. Our election was hijacked. Our children were masked. This governor failed us in Georgia. The people know it. I know it. I'm running. I'm here. He's going to have a woman running against him because of his failure. Those we elect to work for us, not against us. The Chinese Communist Party, the CCP, is the worst evil on earth. Our governor met with two consulates four times before Dominion was signed. Chinese-made solar panel farms that do not work are being pushed on our farmers. This is the communist, liberal leftist agenda of the Green New Deal.

Moderator Donna Lowry: Mr. Davis, your question, please.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: I'm Taylor.

Moderator Donna Lowry: Taylor. I'm sorry, Taylor.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Thank you. All these examples prove you are not working for us. Governor Kemp, We The People want to know what's stopping you from severing ties for Georgia, renouncing the CCP, and putting Georgia first?

Brian Kemp, Governor of Georgia: So, what was your question, again? They have a school system and teachers that are not trying to indoctrinate our children and making sure that we strengthen all parts of our state.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: I just want to say that the school system has been neglected, and we not only have CRT and SEL and comprehensive states education teaching transgender perversion to our children. We also have anti-white racism that has not been addressed by the current administration. It's taken over our schools, ruining the students and ruining their environment.

Moderator Donna Lowry: Dr. Taylor, how would you have handled the pandemic?

Tom Williams, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Can I speak just one second before she goes on?

Moderator Donna Lowry: We're going to move on.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Hindsight is 2020. So, to be fair, I'm not going to say that he did everything wrong. What I am going to say is the school shouldn't have been shut for the length of time they were, and we should have unmasked children very quickly. We still have schools wearing a mask to this day. We have kids with speech problems. They are worse and worse, and kids that should have already progressed aren't because of the failure of this administration; 2020, totally, 100% Donald Trump won. He won. We have a fraudulent pedophile in the White House because Governor Kemp failed. He can say he didn't have the right to call a special session. The Constitution is clear. He not only had a right, but he also had an obligation. It's clear in the Constitution. He chose not to do it, and why? Maybe it's because he won't renounce the CCP a while ago. I don't know. I'm not him, but I'm telling you. The people of Georgia have had enough. That is why I'm on this stage, and that is why I'm going to win. Because the people have had enough, Stacey Abrams will never win Georgia in a fair legal vote. Let's hope we have one. Maybe they're scared. Maybe they know they'll go to jail, but I will say this. I've said at many meetings. I'm asked this question almost every single week. I will support whoever the Republican nominee is. I'll even knock-on doors for them. I knocked on doors for myself, which the two good old boys don't. Twin rhinos over here, but I will knock for them if one of them wins. But they will never win. Kandiss Taylor will win, and I'll be the first female governor of Georgia.

Moderator Donna Lowry: Each candidate will now have 60 seconds for a closing statement.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: I hope you have been paying attention to the amount of time that's been spent on the establishment's choice and the fake media's choice at this stage. Back and forth rebuttals when the other three didn't get any. I hope you've been paying attention. I am your candidate because I'm one of you, and I'm going to fight for you every single day in that governor's mansion. I don't need a record in politics to get it done. In fact, that's the problem. We've got a bunch of failures on the stage that didn't get it done with failing voting records at the Senate and failed our whole economy and our children during the pandemic. So, I'm going to tell you right now. When you go vote on May 24th, do not vote early. You vote for the person who's going to represent your values. I'm going to put the Constitution first, and I'm going to put Jesus first every single time. We're going to fix our schools. We're going to get rid of this anti-white racism and oppression of our children of color. We're going to get rid of the transgender manipulation. We're going to ensure that boys are not in our girls' bathrooms and girls are not in our boys' bathrooms. And people aren't being raped. We're going to get rid of kindergarten teachers, men with beards, lipstick, and high heels teaching our children. We're going to get back to being moral in Georgia. We're going to put morality over money. I'm Kandiss Taylor. I'm the one you've been waiting for.

Brannon Howse: Man, I might move to Georgia just so I can vote for her. That was epic. Wow, she joins us now, Kandiss Taylor. Welcome back to Lindell TV and the Lindell Report. That was fabulous. Congratulations. No wonder they were scared to have you on the platform with them.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Yeah, I got mad. You know, sometimes when I get mad, my mouth just doesn't have a censor.

Brannon Howse: Hey, I know what that's like. Ask Logan in the control room. So, it's okay to have righteous anger. I'm glad you got mad. It's time because a lot of us are mad, and we don't want to take it anymore, to quote the old line from the movie. I mean, there's nothing wrong with righteous indignation. There's nothing wrong with standing up to bullies. To stand up to the people who bully you, who are bullies, who are criminals. I've got to go through your list, though. I know you're on the road. You've pulled over, and you've joined us. We thank you for that. Whoops, we don't want to lose her.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Hold on. I did it.

Brannon Howse: All right, no problem. But I got to go through your list because it's fabulous. The first one I got to start with, though. You said we have a fraudulent pedophile in the White House. Did I hear that right?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Yes, I said that.

Brannon Howse: Have you taken any heat for that one?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Well, Twitter didn't lock it. You know, I was asked about it when I left. The Atlanta Press Club Media was out there, and they started questioning me. I was really fired up because I didn't get to get out everything I wanted to. Everything I've been hearing, all 159 counties in Georgia and how upset the people are. I wanted to represent them and get out what they wanted. I couldn't get it all out, so I unleashed it on the press. My husband, Ron, calls me Candy. He said, "Candy, it was like, you put them over your knee and spanked them," but I did. I gave it to them, and I told them. They said, "Did you call President Biden a pedophile?" I said, "Well, did you read his daughter's diary from last week?" I've spent 19 years getting sexual abuse disclosures, and it's a real thing. You don't take inappropriate showers. You don't disclose it later when you're a drug addict, everybody looked the other way, and he happens to be the president. Not to mention all the allegations of inappropriate smelling and touching. Yeah, I think there's probably a demonic spirit of perversion on him. They did not know what to say. They were like, Oh, my gosh, she's serious. Yeah, I'm serious.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. So, tell me about the press. You walked out after this and spoke to them. Is that on video? Can we see that, too?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Well, my husband filmed half of it, but they're not going to share it.

Brannon Howse: Can we get that? Can we show that?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Yeah, I'll get it. I'll get the part that I have, but the first part of it, they're not going to share. I know because the first thing they asked me was, what is this thing with the Republicans, and you all are talking about the election? I mean, do you really think that President Trump is going to go back to the White House? I mean, do you all think that? This is what's been said in every single debate, and we journalists here think you are pretty ridiculous. I said, "Really? So, when you commit murder, do you get the death penalty? If the jury says so, even if it's ten years later? And do you, as a journalist, have your full tabulator tapes? Have you all made open records requests? Have you done affidavits and notices? Have you investigated? Because I have for the past 15 months. I'm going to tell you right now. You remember I said this. If we do not fix 2020 and we don't have fair legal voting in our state. We're going to be getting rationed food, and we're not going to have our dollars worth anything. We're going to be in communism. You all keep on with this liberal leftist agenda and mark my word." They just looked at me like, Oh, she's serious. Yeah, I'm serious.

Brannon Howse: Good for you. All right, so let's keep going through the list here. Yes, we got her website up there, Well, before I go back to the list. Now, are they paying attention to you? I imagine the papers had to be epic the next morning, right? Or did they just ignore you?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: They kind of ignore me. You know, FOX News had the two establishment rhinos. They had something about them and said one little blurb about me being there. Of course, they didn't quote me or anything like that. What has happened is I came out with a campaign video, you know, on Monday saying, "I was going to tear down the Georgia Guidestones," which are a Lucifer and satanic place of worship that's been erected in my state. I came out with that, and then this leak from the Supreme Court. If it was an actual leak or just a way to divide us. I don't know about the Roe vs. Wade being overturned. When all this happened, I think it's been a combination of the debate and me ripping them. Then me coming up and standing up for Jesus. All of it combined has created a wave that is taking over the Internet. So, it's been a beautiful grassroots movement.

Brannon Howse: Georgia Guidestones, I'm so glad you brought that up. I mean, I would have never thought to ask you about that, but that's right. It's in your state for those who maybe don't know about it. Let me go to it. There's a picture of it right there. Where in Georgia is this, Kandiss?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: I have a one-minute video. If you go to my Facebook page, it's pinned on the top, and it's the best campaign video that's ever been released.

Brannon Howse: Hey, Logan, can we grab that and play it? Logan's finding it right now. He's remarkable. The Georgia Guidestones, what? Oh, wait. Here we go. I can't remember all of it, but here we go. Look at this. Maintain humanity under, what is that, 500 million? Is that the number?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: They want to kill a billion people.

Brannon Howse: Oh, my word. Reproduction wisely improves fitness and diversity. Unite humanity with a living, new language, rule, passion, faith, tradition, all things with tempered reason. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. Let all nations rule internally, resolving external disputes in a world court. That means global governance. Avoid petty laws and useless officials. Balance personal rights with social duties, prize truth, beauty, and love, and seek harmony with an infinite. Be not cancer on the earth. Leave room for nature. These are the Georgia Guidestones. Of course, we've talked about them off and on. So, is that in your commercial?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Yeah. That's the 10th executive order I'm going to sign on the first day to defend Elbert County from any money that the governor's office is responsible for until they get these torn down. No one knows who erected them. No one knows who paid for them, and they're being protected with a chain-link fence under the surveillance of the county sheriff's office. So, they have no place in America. They're a gateway to the satanic church for the whole United States of America.

Brannon Howse: It sounds like something Henry Kissinger would be in favor of. I've got over there the Kissinger report from 1973, 74. I think 74, talking about we can't let the population go above 8 billion, which we're at right now, 7.9 billion. So, how ironic. And they said that we would end up at 8 billion by the year 2000 if we didn't start funding abortion around the world and killing off people. Apparently, they did, which is why they didn't reach 8 billion by 2000. But now we're about to flip over to 8 billion, and voila, what do you have? A pandemic and a shot. Now we're seeing doctors come out and say, "Hey, this is going right after the young people, and it's just going to attack the fertility of young people." We got people dropping dead. I mean, it's stupid, but it seems to fit with the Georgia Guidestones. Logan says he has that clip. Let's play it.

Campaign Video: They told us what they wanted to do. Some might even say they had to get our permission to at least tell us ahead of time, even if we didn't believe them. Over 4 billion people have been injected with something that took just nine months to create. Ask yourself why. Back in biblical times, human sacrifice was a form of demonic worship. We're still doing it in the present day by killing our unborn. It's the same demons. It's the same sacrifice. It's the same sin. It's just a different time. This is a long shot in and of itself, running for governor against an incumbent. Why are you doing this? If we don't call things out and we don't acknowledge them, we don't take authority and take dominion over what God's given us. Then we are no better than the evil ones that put it up. We've watched as people have destroyed our history and monuments, and in their place, they have erected statues of their own gods. The New World Order is here, and they told us it was coming. This is a battle far greater than what we see in the natural. It is a war between good and evil.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Good for you. I noticed; look at the screen here. This is in one of my presentations. This painting from 1563 that you just showed. Now, look at this. This is a European Union poster from a few years ago, several years ago, actually. It says, "Europe many tongues one voice." Does it look pretty similar to the 1563 Tower of Babel? Absolutely it does. And, of course, look at the European Parliament building in Strasbourg, France. Looks like an unfinished Tower of Babel, right? I mean, this is totally going back to what they're doing is globalism, which we know how God feels about it, which is why he did away with the Tower of Babel. That is an excellent, excellent commercial. So, we could keep you the whole hour, but I've got Matt DePerno coming up, so I better hustle.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: I'm proud of him. Awesome.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. So, you said in the debate that your Governor Kemp, who I thought looked kind of wimpy. He looked like he got the deer in headlights look a few times in those videos. But you said he met twice with the CCP, twice with representatives of the CCP. Is that what I picked up on in that quick clip?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Four times.

Brannon Howse: Four.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: He met four times with the consulate, two consulates. So, he met twice in Houston before they shut it down and said it involved espionage and spies.

Brannon Howse: Which President Trump shut that down.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: That's right, and he also brought the consulate to Georgia and gave him a book and wrote in there about being his friend. Even during the beginning of COVID in 2020, Governor Kent was caught with the Georgia Senate coming out with a proclamation that the Chinese Communist Party was friends of Georgia, that they were friends. We're not friends. The CCP rips organs out of people without anesthesia and lets them bleed to death. That's not okay.

Brannon Howse: They sell those organs. Just so the audience knows. This is the organ harvesting and selling of those organs.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Yeah. I mean, this is ridiculous. And I want to know, are you loyal to the people of Georgia, or are you loyal to the CCP? Because I see so much influence in Georgia. Actually, after the fourth meeting with the CCP, with the consulate, okay. Fourth meeting, 17 days later, they signed Dominion. Is that a coincidence? I'm just asking.

Brannon Howse: So, you're saying four days after he met, he signed the $107 Million contract with Dominion Voting Systems.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Seventeen days later after the fourth meeting.

Brannon Howse: Seventeen days later, after the fourth meeting, a $107 million contract with Dominion.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Right.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Is it a coincidence? That's all I'm saying.

Brannon Howse: And you've asked him to denounce the CCP. Has he denounced the CCP?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: No, he refused to answer the question. Then he deflected. He said, "What did you say?" Then I asked him again, and then he didn't even talk about China. He went off into some other tangent. Then I got to rebuttal, and I said, "Is a yes or no. For me, it's a hard no to CCP, and you're refusing to answer the question." That's why in the end, when I talked about President Trump, he won very big. Is it because Governor Kemp wouldn't renounce the CCP? Is that why we can't investigate? I don't know. I'm not him. You know, we should be asking him these questions. I know I hit a nerve with him. You know, I hate it, but he works for the people of Georgia, and the people of Georgia elected President Trump.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Good for you. How about green energy? You mentioned the farmers being forced into green energy, which is hurting them. Talk about that, please.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: So, I just went through everything I knew about China connections in Georgia, and one was the solar panel farms that are being shoved on our farmers, and they're taking our farmland in Georgia is an agriculture state. That's our biggest revenue, $80 billion a year. So, they're taking acres and acres of farmland, and they're pushing this Green New Deal liberal left agenda by Republican governor on our farmers. It's very disturbing to me, and then we have over a million acres of land in Georgia owned by foreign entities. Then we have this  Rivian plant in northeast Georgia that's being pushed on our Northeast Georgians, who don't want it.

Brannon Howse: What does that mean?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: It's a lithium battery plant that's $2 billion funded by George Soros. Governor Kemp has pushed this on the people of Northeast Georgia, and they don't want it.

Brannon Howse: Tell me about the anti-white racism because I'm glad you use the word, anti-white racists. A lot of people think racism is always just one direction. Racism can go in all kinds of directions, can it not?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Absolutely, and I have two white males that I birthed that I love. I want them to have a fair, equal chance at life. I see it everywhere I go that if you're a white male, you're discriminated against. You know, women, even white women, they have it better than the white males. I see it in my field of education with scholarships, and people get accepted at certain colleges. I see it when we're doing job interviews. I know that people all over the state see it. I've heard it everywhere I've gone. Racism should not be a thing for anybody. It's the American dream to work hard and have a creative, innovative idea, and you make millions of dollars. That is what is America's exceptionalism. We don't need to divide people, and show children, rip blinders off of them of oppression. That's what CRT does, Critical Race Theory. But it also teaches anti-white white racism, and it's wrong.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Then you mentioned that some of these people may go to jail. Tell me who you're referring to and what could they go to jail for?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Well, if we actually investigate what happened in 2020 and people committed treason against a federal election, there's going to be accountability. I know they don't want that because they haven't investigated yet. If they believe that it was a fair legal election, then let us see the ballot. Let us look at it. Let the actual investigators do the work, and let's see what really happened. But I feel like they know, and they're scared.

Brannon Howse: Tell me about you referring to them as failures on the stage. How many of them were there? I couldn't tell how many were on the stage? How many are running?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: There's Kevin Perdue and me that have been in the race that is polling. Then there are two new candidates that just jumped in, Katherine Davis and Tom Williams. They're not polling. They just got in the race like a couple of months ago. I've been running for 15 months for governor.

Brannon Howse: So, there were five of you on the stage?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Five of us, but the three of us, grassroots candidates, I guess, were treated differently than the other two. So, I was pointing out that I'm sick of that. I'm sick of them getting rebuttals and getting all the talk time the second to air. But I will say this. The two twin rhinos, Kemp and Perdue, asked a question because we all got to ask one question. Obviously, I asked mine to Kemp. They got to ask one candidate a question. Well, they chose to ask Katherine Davis a question whos not even polling and refused to talk to me. Well, if I'm the one that has any kind of polling numbers, and I'm the one that can beat you. Why wouldn't you ask me a question? You say you can beat Stacey Abrams. Brian Kemp says, "I'm the only one that's beat her." Perdue says, "I've had run-ins so I can beat her." But yet they don't talk to me. How do you want us to believe you when you say that if you won't go at me? How are you going to beat Stacey? Please explain.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, I think they're scared of you. I think they know you're articulate. You're passionate. You're endorsed by Mike Lindell. You're also endorsed by President Trump, correct?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: I'm not. President Trump endorsed David Perdue, but maybe.

Brannon Howse: Okay, I apologize for getting that wrong, but maybe he can either pull it or after you win the primary, then. Of course, he'll endorse you then, right.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: I pray he does that. The people of Georgia really want him to do that.

Brannon Howse: So, you're hearing from a lot of folks, America First, people.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: I love him. They are so disappointed, and they want him to endorse me so badly. I've told them, you know, just pray. God speaks to President Trump, and he can pull that endorsement any time he gets ready. I'll welcome it with openness.

Brannon Howse: I think he pulled the endorsement from Mo Brooks in Alabama. He pulled out one.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: He did.

Brannon Howse: Anything you want to say before we let you go?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: I want to ask that you all continue to pray for me and share my name everywhere you go. Let the people of Georgia know they have a choice; that's not the establishment that is going to fight for them every single day.

Brannon Howse: I would think, Kandiss, the fact that the current governor who cannot denounce the Communist Chinese Party tells you all you need to know. If you cannot denounce the CCP, what does that tell you? I mean, that tells you he's either scared of them, he's controlled, or they got info on him. I mean, why on earth could you not denounce the Chinese Communist Party with the millions and millions of people that they have murdered. Organ harvesting and the open threats of war against the United States, what they're doing there in the South Chinese Sea, what they're doing near the islands there. With all the things that Colonel John Mills has told us about what they're doing with Russia, what they are doing with Iran, and what they're doing in North Korea. All in partnership together, I mean, the underground church in China. The Christians are imprisoned tonight as we're speaking. I mean, how hard would it be to denounce the CCP?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: It's not hard. In fact, it's a hard no, and that's what I told him. It's a hard night for me, and it's a hard no for the people of Georgia. We don't want any involvement with them. We're a constitutional republic, and we're going to stay that way.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Well, apparently, Brian Kemp is the CCP candidate. I mean, that's all I can come away with.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: That's how I feel.

Brannon Howse: Wow, Now, will you be doing any more debates?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Nope, that's it. Debates are over.

Brannon Howse: And when is the primary vote? When is it?

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: The 24th, do not vote early. You all vote on Election Day or as close to it as possible, May 24th.

Brannon Howse: Okay, and if you need to come back on, just alert us, and we'll get you right back on.

Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Thank you so much for having me. God bless you.

Brannon Howse: Great job, you two, Kandiss. Kandiss Taylor, check out her website, Great interview, great debate, and great clips. That was fun, exciting, and positive. All right, we're going to go to more good news. Our buddy Matt DePerno. He has won. He is the primary winner. He won the primary in Michigan. He is the Republican primary candidate for the Republicans. Well, actually, for the general. He won the primary, so now he's off to the general. We're excited to have him with us here in just a second. We're going to take a quick break and come back with Matt DePerno live. Don't go away. We'll be right back.

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Brannon Howse: Welcome back. Glad you're with us. We're going to be joined now by our buddy Matt DePerno, and then Jeff O'Donnell is going to join us to talk about the election, election fraud, the machines, and more. A fast-paced show. Brannon Howse, here for Mike Lindell, who's at Mar-a-Lago tonight for the premiere of 2000 Mules with Dinesh D'Souza. I was texting with Dinesh last night from the news desk, and Dinesh said, in the text, he's going to do his best to be with us next week. So, we're going to hold him to it. So, Mike is there tonight with Tina Peters and Dinesh D'Souza. I think Kari Lake is there, I believe, and they're doing the premiere of 2000 mules at Mar-A-Lago tonight. So, this movie is catching on. It's catching steam, and we look forward to having Dinesh D'Souza hopefully next week. Oh, by the way, again, if you appreciate all Mike is doing and all we're doing with Lindell TV, use that promo code L77. Matt DePerno, congratulations, Matt.

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General in Michigan: Yeah. Thanks, Brandon. Thanks for having me on.

Brannon Howse: Glad to have you on. I was telling the audience before you came on that it's kind of like having, well, it is. Having a close friend, but having someone you have watched climb the ladder. You know, when you came into the studio here at the end of January 2021, which feels like five years ago, as much as we've crammed into these few months. But you were just raising your family and practicing law. And boom, all of a sudden, you're thrown into this Antrim County Dominion issue in election fraud. Then, all of a sudden, you're getting attacked. It's ridiculous what's happening to you. They're talking about maybe investigating you, trying to take your law license, your insurance, your banking, and then next thing you know, you're running. Then now, you won the primary. We stood back and watched and go; I knew him when. So, it's been a lot of fun to watch your climbthe hard work and the strong stance you've taken. So, we're all pretty excited for you, Matt.

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General in Michigan: Yeah, thanks a lot. We're excited here, too. We worked really hard. We put together a great team and a great campaign over the last eight months. We really showed what I'd call the establishment that the grassroots have a voice. We want a seat at the table, and we earned it. We brought out the delegates in this last election, and they voted for a conservative constitutionalistsomeone who will protect the Constitution and will protect the rule of law.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Just so the audience knows, we realize his voice and mouth are a little off. But that's all right. At least we're hearing him, so we'll just go with it. Matt, what was the vote like? By what percentage did you win?

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General in Michigan: Well, we did two ballots in this case. On the first ballot, there were three candidates, and I got 49.6% of the vote. We needed 50% + 1.

Brannon Howse: That was closed.

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General in Michigan: Very close, so the bottom candidate dropped off the ballot. We went to a second ballot, and I got 55%. The other candidate got 45%. So, I won by ten points on the last ballot.

Brannon Howse: Good. Now, have they all jumped behind you now?

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General in Michigan: We're still working on that. They have not, but we are working on it. We're trying to get the other elected Republicans in the state of Michigan to get behind my campaign, and they will. This is why we have an early convention in Michigan so that we can sort of heal the wounds and get people to support the candidate that wins.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. So, tell me about this gal you're running against, Dana Nessel?

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General in Michigan: Well, Dana Nessel is an extremist. I say she is a Marxist. She is a militant. You know, she just came out recently and said that she would not enforce any laws in the state of Michigan that criminalize abortion if Roe v Wade is overturned. So, she's someone who doesn't protect the Constitution. She uses her office to protect against scandal in the Democratic Party. She uses her power like a sledgehammer against her opponents, and she picks and chooses which laws she will enforce. That's not what we need.

Brannon Howse: Is she corrupt?

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General in Michigan: Well, I would say she's corrupt. She's corrupt in the sense of how she enforces the rule of law. As I said, she picks and chooses which laws she will enforce. That's not what we need in Michigan. That's not what you want as an attorney general. You want someone who will enforce the rule of law equally against everybody.

Brannon Howse: And who's backing her? Who has endorsed her? Who's funding her?

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General in Michigan: Well, it's hard to say, but she gets her funding from many different left-wing organizations across the country. She does fundraise out in California and New York. So, she's being supported by Planned Parenthood and groups like that.

Brannon Howse: So, Californians, or money from California, from New York, and money from Planned Parenthood is trying to pick the attorney general in Michigan.

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General in Michigan: Absolutely, there are outside influences, dark money coming into the state in bundles. Just an outside organization and several others, including the Governors Association for the Democratic Party, just put in $32 million into Michigan just two days ago to support Democratic candidates. So, we need people out there to support the Republicans. People can go to my website and donate. Certainly, we need all the help we can get coming up in this next election, November 8th, 2022. That's how we're going to defeat the Democrats in grassroots organizing, boots on the ground, and massive fundraising efforts across the state of Michigan.

Brannon Howse: Now, you have been endorsed by Mike Lindell, correct?

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General in Michigan: I have, yes.

Brannon Howse: You've been endorsed by; I got the last one wrong. I said Kandiss Taylor, I thought maybe had been endorsed by President Trump, but I was wrong. So, hopefully, I'm going to get this right. Have you been endorsed by President Trump?

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General in Michigan: I have.

Brannon Howse: Okay. I got this one right. All right.

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General in Michigan: Yeah, he endorsed me back in September. He's been a great ally. We got him out here at the end of March to do a rally in Michigan. So, he's been a huge supporter in Michigan. He is committed to Michigan. He's endorsed several other candidates, but he knows how important Michigan is to the preservation of our country and in order to protect the Constitution.

Brannon Howse: And you were down at Mar-a-Lago a few weeks ago as well, for an event for your campaign, right?

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General in Michigan: Yeah. We did a fundraiser down at Mar-a-Lago and raised a good amount of money. So, President Trump has been a big supporter of my campaign also America First candidates across the state of Michigan. That's what we are promoting, a Trump ticket in Michigan. That's what's importantsupporting the Constitution, America First candidates, and understanding that Donald Trump is still the leader of this party. We just saw that last night in Ohio and Indiana, where he went 22 & 0 on his endorsements.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. So, tell me, Matt, about your polling. Have you seen any polling now that you are the Republican candidate for attorney general, Michigan?

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General, Michigan: Yep, we just saw polling come out just today, actually. There's an independent poll that came out showing me one point behind Dana Nessel with 17% undecided.

Brannon Howse: Which probably means you're a good ten points ahead of her.

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General, Michigan: Well, we'll see. All we can do is go off the information that we have based on this polling, but what's important about that is I was a relatively unknown person back in July. I came onto the scene and defeated an establishment Republican who's been around for many years. I defeated him in our endorsement convention just a couple of weeks ago, and I'm polling only one point behind Dana Nessel, who's been in office for four years. That is remarkable. What that tells me is we'll probably beat her by ten points in the general election.

Brannon Howse: So, let's talk about the media, the press. So, they start digging on you now?

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General, Michigan: They have been. They've actually written a couple of articles about me. You know, we got the typical Detroit organizations that come out against any Republican and then some other national organizations. But they've gone back all the way to my high school days. Interviewed people I graduated high school with, looking for information, digging up stuff, and writing scandalous type articles. You know, that's what they do. We understand that, and we're going to defeat that because most of the things they write are fake news. It's unbelievable. A lot of people have seen through that already.

Brannon Howse: What about the machines? I mean, you're the only attorney in America to have a court order to audit the Dominion machines. You showed that they flipped votes. You showed they had modem-type devices. Correct me if I'm saying anything wrong. So, how confident are you that you can win this election knowing what you know about these machines?

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General, Michigan: We know we can win the election because we're going to organize a huge number of grassroots people who are going to come out to vote. We've got people organized who are going to become poll watchers in this state. You know, we were outnumbered 15 to 1 November 2020. We're going to change that. We're going to get people coming out to actually watch, monitor, and control elections in this state. In the sense of making sure that things are done fair. Now, here's the other important thing, Brannon. The Democrats say that Hillary Clinton was cheated out of an election in 2016. Remember that?

Brannon Howse: Yes.

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General, Michigan: Stacey Abrams, still claims today that she was cheated. Hillary Clinton still claims today that she was cheated. So, what we found in 2020 was 7.7 million pre-filled absentee ballot applications mailed out to everyone in the state of Michigan. The secretary of state, a Democrat, told every clerk in the state to ignore signature verification requirements. And Zuckerberg came into the state with over $8 million that he put into collection boxes across the state in Democrat-controlled areas. Now, what's wrong with the Republicans in 2020 saying that we think there was something wrong, and we should investigate when the Democrats were saying the same thing in 2016. Why would anyone oppose an actual audit of the election? It makes no sense. Everyone should want an audit of the election so that we can show the voters that things are fair. Listen, if I'm wrong. I'll gladly come out and say I was wrong. But in order to do that, we need to do an audit of the election. There is nothing wrong with that.

Brannon Howse: So, let me ask you in closing. What can you do, and what will you do as attorney general on this issue when you win?

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General, Michigan: Well, we're going to make sure that we have fair and free elections going forward. People always say we need to figure out what happened in 2020. I know what happened because I did an investigation already. We know how it happened. We know how the fraud occurred, and we're going to hold people responsible who committing fraud in this state. Dana Nessel has only prosecuted three cases of fraud after the November 2020 election. I hope she watches 2000 mules because that should give her insight as to what happened in the state of Michigan.

Brannon Howse: So, if you win, you'll be prosecuting election fraud?

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General, Michigan: Absolutely. We have laws in this state that go unprosecuted, election laws in this state. We need to enforce the laws, not just election laws, but laws across the board for all types of crimes that Dana Nessel doesn't prosecute. She picks and chooses what she wants to prosecute. That's not what we need in an attorney general. We need strong leadership. We need a constitutionalist. We need someone who will protect every citizen in this state, not just Democrats, not just Republicans, but everyone. That's the type of attorney general I will be. I will be the lawyer for the people across the state of Michigan.

Brannon Howse: Excellent. Thank you, Matt. Your website is Congratulations and thanks for being with us, Matt. Look forward to having you back again.

Matt DePerno, Candidate for Attorney General, Michigan: Thank you very much, and everyone out there. Please go to our website, volunteer, or donate. We need the help. I appreciate it, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: You bet, Again, folks right there, DePernoForMI, the abbreviation for Michigan, Joining me now is Jeff O'Donnell. Jeff, welcome to the Lindell report and Lindell TV. Thank you for joining us tonight.

Jeff O'Donnell: Thank you. It's good to be here.

Brannon Howse: So, Jeff, tell us what you do and what we need to know.

Jeff O'Donnell: Well, I apologize for the background noise.

Brannon Howse: It's actually fine, just so you know. It's fine.

Jeff O'Donnell: Okay, good. For the last some months, I've been heavily investigating voter fraud in a variety of different states in a lot of different ways. I've done a lot with Mesa County, Colorado. A report came out last month. I think you know about it.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, absolutely.

Jeff O'Donnell: Why I'm here today is that I've also done a lot of looking at voter registration patterns over for the country as they relate, especially to ERIC.

Brannon Howse: Remind our audience real quick what ERIC is. Would you please.

Jeff O'Donnell: Yes. ERIC is a third-party organization run by leftists who came on the scene in 2012 and has gained up to 31 or so states right now. With the idea of let's all get together on our voter registrations, and that way you can have help determine who should be registered and who isn't, and maybe do cross state things. That was the carrot that got all these states to sign up. However, it has not turned out nearly that well. You know, I personally believe that ceding the responsibility for a lot of the things on these voter rolls is part of what made what happened in 2020 possible.

Brannon Howse: So, what we're hearing is that there's a bunch of dead people on there, a people have moved to another state, and you can't audit this thing. They won't let you look into this thing like you should. So, who's running it? Who's actually running this thing?

Jeff O'Donnell: You know, a lot of it is a person calling the shots is a guy named David Becker. Also, this would not exist if it wasn't for Pew Research. Pew Research is not, let's say it's certainly not a conservative organization, and they maintain an awful lot of information. We just shared the other day some information about Pew Research. It was graphed down to the states, breaking people down by their religion and how often they pray per day. If you have that sort of information, you don't need registration. You don't need to know if they are Republican or Democrat. You can make a pretty good guess who they're going to vote for. You have to remember. They're behind it. I have some other information here.

Brannon Howse: How would they know how many times a day someone prays, Jeff?

Jeff O'Donnell: I guess they're doing a lot of polling; I suppose. But, you know, what comes out of this is that David Becker with ERIC. They inject an awful lot of what they call UBE. UBE is Eligible But Unregistered Voters. Then they make a big effort. They call them UBE. I call them registration padding to make sure that they have as many people on the registration rolls as possible so they have more room to work with.

Brannon Howse: Are you telling me they know who's not registered and then they go register them?

Jeff O'Donnell: Well, they're not registering them necessarily. It's active. But they are providing them to the states, and the states are like, Oh, thanks, and they're putting them in their roles. That's what is causing the inflation in Pennsylvania. From the information I have here, 1.8 million were injected.

Brannon Howse: Okay. So, now I'm even more confused. The people are not registered. They tell the states, who are eligible in your state but not registered, and then they inject them into the rolls. Then they poll if I remember what Dr. Frank has told me. Then they can poll these folks that are not registered. They can poll them, register them, have them vote, and then clean up the rolls afterward. Is that true?

Jeff O'Donnell: Yeah, and they send out postcards to these people encouraging them to register. Those registrations, as I understand it, also go through Eric. So, they know who is and isn't registering from that vast pool of people. Again, we're handing over the responsibilities that used to be handled by very competent people in the particular county. They know their people. They know who lives there. They can handle this, but instead, we're allowing an unaccountable, unelected third-party organization that, frankly, has leftist ties. And it was started by people who don't like people like you and me very much. Then they just basically sit back and say, trust us. If you ask them, they're not very forthcoming with information to citizens. I'll tell you that.

Brannon Howse: So, you said you had noticed some patterns other than what we've talked about. What other patterns have you noticed?

Jeff O'Donnell: Every parent state that I've looked at, and I've looked at about 20 of the 31 or 32 right now. It actually shows unnatural spikes in voter registration that occurred in 2018. It began in all of these states in 2018. So, if you look, you can basically see if you look on a graph. You can see that every four years for the federal election, the registration. The spike goes up a little bit. The same thing for the midterms; it goes up every four years in midterms a little bit. In 2018 it usually spiked 2 to 3 times what could be expected, and sometimes a little bit more. Then, of course, 2020 in most of these states just blew through the roof in terms of registrations. I find it interesting that in every state I have looked at, we need to look back and see what happened in 2018 as far as padding the registrations because just looking at 2020 is not telling the whole story.

Brannon Howse: So, are you telling me they did that for the 2018 election, or were they starting to lay down the steel for 2020 and 2018 or both, or not?

Jeff O'Donnell: Hello?

Brannon Howse: Yeah. Are you there?

Jeff O'Donnell: I think I'm back.

Brannon Howse: Yep. Did you hear the question?

Jeff O'Donnell: Yeah, one has to wonder if this wasn't used to win them the House in 2018. That's just a guess on my part, but I would say that this was part of a coordinated plan. Probably the plan extends beyond 2020 in terms of what they want to do because these patterns are patterns. The 2018 numbers, as I said, they go through the roof. Not to mention most states that I've looked at. And I have to say this. The correlation between really bad registration rules and ERIC states is nearly 100%, in my opinion. So, one wonders why these states are paying thousands, 25,000 to go in and then up to $75,000 a year to maintain their membership in ERIC? Why are they doing that when they actually have the worst-kept polls, I have seen? By worst kept, let me tell you what I'm talking about double voters and multiple registrations. You know, in Wisconsin alone, I've identified, and I bet this isn't the complete number. I've identified about 3,000 people who, according to their poll, voted twice under two different registration IDs. I've seen smaller but still significant numbers in other states. So, the question is, what is the association with ERIC really doing to help our free and fair elections?

Brannon Howse: So, is anyone going to sue to stop this system from being used by the states, or is that already underway? Did we just lose Jeff O'Donnell? I think Jeff just froze again.

Jeff O'Donnell: Sorry about that.

Brannon Howse: That's all right. Did you hear my question?

Jeff O'Donnell: Yes, I did hear your question. Yeah. Honestly, I don't know. I do know that Louisiana recently looked at the whole picture and credible allegations that registration data is being shared with other third-party organizations, and Louisiana backed out. I would call upon other secretaries of state in other states. I mean, look at the information that's available. Ask yourself what you're gaining by giving this organization access to your voter rolls.

Brannon Howse: Where can people see your report, Jeff?

Jeff O'Donnell: They can see any of the reports I've done at a website called, M-A-G-A.

Brannon Howse: Let me go there. I want to see this. MAGARaccoon, all right, let's see. So, obviously, we're going with M-A-G-A and then raccoon?

Jeff O'Donnell: Yes, .com, and there's also,

Brannon Howse: All right, here we go. Look at that. Can you see that? Throw that out there, Logan. Is that the right site, Jeff?

Jeff O'Donnell: Yeah, that's my site right there. Yes.

Brannon Howse: Look at that.

Jeff O'Donnell: Many people know me as TheLoneRaccoon.

Brannon Howse: TheLoneRaccoon. Now, why do they call you TheLoneRaccoon?

Jeff O'Donnell: Sometimes you pick names, and sometimes they're just thrust upon you. So, the story would take too long. You'd have to go through the next break, I think.

Brannon Howse: Okay. So, let's look at this, thoughthe report from the desk of TheLoneRaccoon. I'm going to mark this as a favorite. So, tell me where I can find what we're talking about tonight. I think he just froze again. He always seems to come back, so we're just going to be patient with it.

Jeff O'Donnell: I'm kind of breaking the pack here by talking to you about it here. So, that's going to appear with all of my other reports.

Brannon Howse: Okay. So, you were breaking up a little bit. Where is the report on ERIC? Where is that in here?

Jeff O'Donnell: Oh, I said that is coming out next week.

Brannon Howse: Oh, it's not out yet, but it will be here.

Jeff O'Donnell: So, you got an exclusive here.

Brannon Howse: Oh, wow. Okay, so maybe we better get you back next week when it comes out because I want to read it and show screenshots from it. Knowing you, you're going to have some graphs, charts, and stuff, right?

Jeff O'Donnell: Yeah. When you see every state, after every state, showing the same patterns. You'll be a changed man.

Brannon Howse: Okay, so, Jeff, we're going to book you for next week. When do you think the report's coming out next week?

Jeff O'Donnell: I'm hoping Tuesday or Wednesday.

Brannon Howse: All right, so when it does, text me, and let me know. Let's get you on right away. If it comes out Tuesday, give me time to make some screenshots, build a PowerPoint, and have you on Wednesday, or do I have you on Thursday. But either way, I want to get you on next week, all right. He froze again. There he is.

Jeff O'Donnell: Sorry. Yes, I will give you a text when it's available.

Brannon Howse: Awesome. Thank you, Jeff. Thanks for the work you're doing. Jeff O'Donnell, checking in, his website I love that. He's even got a logo over there. MAGARaccoon, the 513th Raccoon Infantry. It's good. Thank you, Jeff. Thank you, Matt DePerno. Thank you, Kandiss Taylor. Thank you, Logan and Reagan, in the control room and the rest of you guys. Great work, and thanks, Mike Lindell, for letting me sit in for him tonight. Talk to you soon. Take care.

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