The Border Powerball | Battlefront: Frontline | Episode 18

about a year ago

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The floodgates are open at the border and the nation is at risk. The Biden regime continues to play games that show there is no solid plan to actually close the borders - nor is there from current administration in Texas. Religious zealots rule the day as the useful idiots carting these infiltrators into the United States.

Biden has supposedly reinstated "Remain in Mexico" which is a policy from the President Trump administration that stopped the problem of bleeding borders. Was this a trick just like the trick of words used to say the Omicron variant was nothing to panic about while making people panic about it? There is something more sinister happening while people focus on words.

Tonight Dustin Faulkner addresses Todd Bensman's piece about what is occurring in Reynosa. Are there really plans to stop the influx of illegal immigrants or are there plans to bring them in another way? What is about to happen with dangerous caravans pushing forward through Mexico?

Dr. Mark Sherwood joins Hope, Health & Freedom with fire tonight. What is the problem with defunding the police? Marijuana legalization has risen on platforms of Texas gubernatorial candidates. What exactly is the problem with it? How should we approach the issue?

The Build Back Better agenda includes more money to establishment media. As the old structure dies they continue to suck Americans dry as they build against what innovators have changed. Will the media use "local media" subsidies to once again steal from Capitalists and the new landscape of informative media?

If we continue down the path set before us then we shall fall as the last beacon of freedom and liberty. That's what the Marxists desire and on #FrontlineLive it shall be revealed.

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