Bill Federer Silence Equals Consent: The Book

About 2 months ago

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Do you know that not speaking up is a sin? Today, Dr. Chaps learns all about the book we have been waiting to hear about: Silence Equals Consent: The Sin of Omission.

What will Dr. Chaps learn about today? How have godly people been persuaded to let ungodliness reign?

President Eisenhower, 1954: “This relationship between a spiritual faith... and our form of government is... obvious... ‘Man is endowed by his Creator’... born in the image of God.”

How were America’s founders inspired by ancient Israel’s “covenant” government?

How did this influence the Puritans, who founded New England's colonial governments?

How did this result in the U.S. Constitution? Did you know "federal" is Latin for "covenant"?

How is Romans 13 understood differently in a self-governing republic than in a monarchy? Hint: in monarchies, subjects submit to the king; in republics, the citizens are the king.


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