Biden Grants Himself Terrifying New Powers With Climate Change Executive Order

about a year ago

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Here We Go Again – Biden To Create Another Executive Order

Biden is about to grant himself even more power through an executive order for climate change. If he does this he will end up shutting down all drilling in the US and will shut down everything in the US. Although scientists are calling our climate situation "code red" WJ says to take a look back at history and see that we have had hotter times in the past. Biden is also concerned with the cost of natural disasters in America. He doesn't seem too concerned with sending money to places like Ukraine. Biden speaks of over 5 million acres burned in the west. This is larger than the state of New Jersey. He says our national security is at risk as extreme weather damages military installations in the US. Biden says this will impact our supply chains. Johnson says that Biden has already caused problems in this arena and that Biden is about to worsen things. Biden says that congress is not acting on the climate change issue and that he will use his authority to create an executive order to deal with this situation, Johnson and his assistant then go on to state that Congress is acting on the issue. They are not passing everything that comes along due to the high costs. Biden simply wants to act with supreme power as president.