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About 3 months ago

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 Pete Bowen - CEO of Giving Children Hope - a faith-based non-profit that helps children and families break out of the cycle of need into success and self-sustainability. We help children and families in Southern California who are housing unstable and looking to build a community to sustain support in areas of food, essentials, and a pathway out of poverty.

COVENANT LEADERSHIP - Life is about happiness. Happiness comes from good relationships.  Seek wisdom, practice love, and get results.

      In your relationships with yourself, family and friends, at work and in the community,

                Until they become habits So you naturally develop the good relationships that give you the best chance for

      Happiness in life, success at work and home, and change in our nation and world.

Happiness. Success. Change the world. Become your best you, one relationship, one habit at a time.

And this is the victory that has overcome the world our faith...


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