Australia Replacing Constant 3-Month Extensions of Emergency Powers With Bill That Expands Power and Lasts At Least Two More Years

About a year ago

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Australian Government Giving Themselves Unlimited Power

Legislation in Australia changes the emergency powers of the government from three months to two years. The emergency powers act was put into place during the Covid pandemic. With the pandemic over, why do they need an extension of emergency powers? This act allows police to enter your home at any time. It is being used against anyone who is antivax to silence them. They don't need a warrant or to provide a solid reason for their actions. They can take control of your property or seize anything of yours. You can then be taken to an unspecified facility and held indefinitely. They can force you to undergo medical procedures of their choosing.

If all of this sounds like some of the things happening here, you're right.
If this sounds like what George Orwell wrote about, you're right.