Attorney Tom Renz on the Connection Between Hunter Biden, The Wuhan Laboratory and Covid-19

About 2 years ago

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Brannon Howse: Joining me now is Tom Renz, Attorney Tom Renz. Tom. Welcome back to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us.

Attorney Tom Renz: How do you follow Zev Zelenko? You want to talk about a hero. The guy's fighting cancer and fighting every bad guy on the planet at the same time. What a man. I feel like there is nothing I can say that can follow that, but I'll give it a shot.

Brannon Howse: Well, it is a very difficult position you are in to follow a guy like Zev Zelenko. Absolutely. I am being told, in my ear, to pull up a link to show you. So, I am going to do that now as I am commanded by the control room. All right, Special Notice Regarding Evidentiary Findings Related to the Official Renz Law, COVID-19 Investigation. What is going on here, Tom?

Attorney Tom Renz: This, actually ties in with exactly what the good doctor was just talking about. Here is what I found. You have our good buddy, Hunter. Do you want to know why there has not been much information until all of the sudden when Putin decided to bomb Ukraine? It was nothing but COVID until Putin starts going to Ukraine. Then, all of a sudden, we quit talking about COVID entirely and move on to other things like Ukraine. Well, here is the deal. Hunter Biden's crew, Rosemont Seneca, invested in a company called Metabiota. They were big investors, and they are big owners. I have it on that link., it is from my substack.

Brannon Howse: Okay, here it is.

Attorney Tom Renz: You see right there, $30 million to Metabiota. That is their initial round of funding. That is the document link, right there. If you scroll down a little bit more, you are going to see three more links. What you see there, those three links show some of the grants. There are grants, and then also a press release. The press release talks about EcoHealth Alliance working directly with Metabiota on this project, and this project is in Wuhan.

So, you see this is coming out, but I do not think it has been clarified to the people of the American public very well. Hunter Biden's company was working with EcoHealth Alliance to develop SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan. We have the graphs, we have got the charts, and we've got the grants. The $3.7 million went to Daszak's company, EcoHealth Alliance. Everybody says, Well, EcoHealth Alliance, they built this and the gain of function. Well, guess who partnered with them. Hunter Biden. So, through his company., we were funding this.

Brannon Howse: Who else is reporting this tonight?

Attorney Tom Renz: Well, nobody that I know of.

Brannon Howse: Are you telling me tonight that Hunter Biden's company helped to fund Covid 19's creation?

Attorney Tom Renz: If you look at those links right there, what you will see is the grant to EcoHealth Alliance to work on the gain of function work in Wuhan. What you will also see is that they had partnered with Metabiota. If you scroll down in that document, you are going to see that this is EcoHealth working on this predicting thing. I cant get into all that, we don't have enough time to get into all of it. If you scroll way down several pages, you will see they are partners.

You will see UC Davis, Smithsonian, Columbia, and Metabiota right there at the top. There is another spot where they talk about it farther in this document. So, they are working with Metabiota. This is the 2014 grant where they funded this. From that grant, they had a big announcement when they created "SARS-2." That does not sound like SARS-CoV-2, does it? The EcoHealth Alliance and this Daszak guy made this big announcement, I want to say in 2015.

Brannon Howse: What was the name of that company Hunter Biden was involved in so can do a control F on this?

Attorney Tom Renz: Metabiota, M-E-T-A-B-I-O-T-A.

Attorney Tom Renz: So, Rosemont Seneca invested $30 million in their initial round of funding into Metabiota. Now Metabiota, interestingly enough, went along with doing what they were doing to create SARS-CoV-2 with Daszak's EcoHealth Alliance in Wuhan. If you look at the third link, it is a screenshot of the U.S. grant. It talks about, partnering with the Wuhan lab. You can see all this stuff. Well, here is the kicker. It turns out a little more digging shows that not only was Metabiota working in the Wuhan lab to develop diseases, but they are also working with Ukrainian labs. I have more stuff and there is some more stuff in there that ties Hunter Biden's crew with the Ukrainian labs. And, I found another thing where apparently, we have got some labs in Iraq, too.

Because why not develop chemical weapons everywhere humanly possible? I am sorry, bioweapons. But what they are doing is they are putting out these labs and they will say, Listen, these arent biological weapon development. These are early warning labs. What they are doing is they are saying that these guys are out here to watch for the development of these new bioterror threats that might be coming from animals or other such things. That is why you see partnerships with veterinary this and veterinary that. They claim that they are looking for this. The reality is, is that while they are looking, they are doing all this gain of function research and all this weapons development. They are not calling it weapons development, but that is what it is.

So, they are doing this in Ukraine, too, which is why they had such a fit when Russia started bombing the bio labs in Ukraine. They said, "Hey! Oh my God, Russia's going to get a hold of sensitive biological materials." Then we said, "Well, why are you developing bioweapons?" Then they said, "Oh, we're not." It is just other biological materials. It is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. These guys are using these Biolabs to develop this gain of function research and to develop these bioweapons all over the world. When Putin decided to bomb Ukraine and blow up some of those labs, well, guess what? It is the same company going through Hunter Biden that was working in the Wuhan lab to develop SARS-CoV-2.

Brannon Howse: What was, so we connect the dots because I want to hear it from you. What was the purpose of developing? How did the Biden family or Hunter Biden, thus the Biden family benefit from all that?

Attorney Tom Renz: Well, listen, Metabiota has gotten a lot of federal grant money. We do not know exactly how much. They have been listed as subs or partners or this or that on a bunch of different things. What it looks like to me, so, you know, I am a suspicious lawyer type. So, what it looks like to me is they are running these shell companies or these other companies that they own, and they are making the money and they are funneling government funds through a couple of layers so that these guys are making the money off of it. Right?

Brannon Howse: Right.

Attorney Tom Renz: Hunter, it looks to me like he is as corrupt as can be. Why is it that Hunter Biden and his connection to the Wuhan lab have not been discussed? This is earth-shattering. This should be mainstream news everywhere. Hunter Biden's company had a major stake in Metabiota. Metabiota was a partner with EcoHealth Alliance. It is all laid out there in the substack.

Brannon Howse: All right. So, here is an article from the New York Post - Hunter Biden Helped secure Funds for U.S Biolab Contractor in Ukraine E-mails. If you go through it, you quickly find they are talking about Metabiota. We do the old, you know, control F. There it is, look at all the times it is mentioned here.

Attorney Tom Renz: Yes, there are so many times. I have a lot more than what I could put in a substack article. What I wanted to do with that article was just lay it out there.

Brannon Howse: He was a board member. Hunter Introduced Metabiota to Officials at Burisma Ukrainian Gas Company where he was a Board Member.

Attorney Tom Renz: Yes, and I am guessing that at the same time he was one of the big shots at Rosemont Seneca. He also had an ownership stake in Metabiota. So, I mean, corruption, anyone? This guy is leveraging his position in these various companies, and his dad's position, to get this money. The question is, how much did he make and how much did Sleepy Joe get out of this? But like I said, there is a ton of evidence out there. If you look at the ties, there are just plethoras of them.

Brannon Howse: Here's another headline. This one is from last year: Hunter Biden's Investment Firm Funded a Company That Partnered with Wuhan Virology Lab.

Attorney Tom Renz: Yep, they are speaking about Metabiota. What we are finding is there is so many different ties. It is really hard to argue that.

Brannon Howse: Yes, they are. Yes, they are talking about it.

Attorney Tom Renz: Well, they would have to be, because that's what it is. These things have been out there. Nobody is covering it. Nobody's reporting it. It is huge.

Brannon Howse: Here you go - Hunter Biden Invested in a Pandemic Firm, Collaborating with Daszak's EcoHealth and the Wuhan Lab. This is by Natalie Winters.

Attorney Tom Renz: Yes. Also, there are ties to the Ukrainian Biolabs as well.

Brannon Howse: So, what is the bottom line for the laypeople? For us, laypeople put into simple sentences what all this means.

Attorney Tom Renz: Hunter Biden and probably the President took money out of the pockets of the U.S. to enrich themselves by creating bioweapons that are now being used on Americans. That is what it looks like to me.

Brannon Howse: Which gave the cover for drop boxes and ballot harvesting and voting from home and everything else under the sun that allowed them to steal the election.

Attorney Tom Renz: Everybody wondered, how in the heck would anybody think to nominate Joe Biden? Who would nominate Joe Biden? I mean, you go back to the election, he could not get three people to turn out. But somehow, he is nominated, and he gets the presidency over the most popular president in history and this guy somehow keeps winning. I wonder how. I mean, not that there has been any corruption, but I mean, Jesus Howse it is everywhere!

Brannon Howse: Of course, there has been corruption. You are being facetious. I know.

Attorney Tom Renz: Yes, everywhere I look and now you see the same thing. I will tell you why this came up, Howse. I am shifting gears. We are going to win the COVID narrative. I mean, listen, we cannot lose now because Rochelle Walensky said she is going to do a CDC investigation. I am sure that will be fair and honest and full of integrity. So now that we know that we have won COVID.

No, I am joking. We are not shifting gears away from COVID. We are shifting gears to ensuring accountability. Because the thing you must ask and I want people to ask themselves, so let us say when we get Fauci in jail. I say when. Once we get him in jail, I am very excited about that. Once that happens, have we won? And the answer is no. You must ask yourself, who are the people that had the money and the power to buy off our federal government? How do we make sure they are in jail? Because those are the guys that we have got to stop because they will do it again with the next corrupt group of scumbags.

Brannon Howse: Could you imagine if Donald Trump and his son had done what Joe Biden and his son apparently have done?

Attorney Tom Renz: Oh, my God. I mean, listen. Trump got excoriated because he did a speech in North Carolina where some scumbag showed up. Right? We have got Biden praising this Yuval Harari guy who's out here lamenting the fact that the Nazis didn't have more technology to accomplish their goals. I mean, you have got just mind-blowing double standards, and if you haven't looked up Yuval Noah Harari. This guy is just terrifying. He is Schwab's buddy.

Brannon Howse: Dr. Zelenko mentioned him. We have played his clips about the 'God in the Clouds' where he is referring to Microsoft and Apple Cloud. Man has no soul. Man has no free will. We will be involved in intelligent design. We will be the ones creating people, what they do and what they think. I have some shocking clips to play of him tomorrow night.

Attorney Tom Renz: Well, pull the one up about him lamenting that the KGB and the Nazis didn't have the technology these guys have. Then I want you to imagine if Trump associated himself with someone like that. Can you imagine? These guys invited him to speak at the World Economic Forum and they keep inviting him back even after he went out and publicly whined about the fact that previous dictators and groups like the Nazis did not have the capacity to do what they needed to do. This is sick.

Brannon Howse: Which is ironic because he's Jewish.

Attorney Tom Renz: Listen, we have got to ask who had the money and the power to push this sort of corruption on such a wide scale against the U.S. government? That is what we are working at, and I am still not suicidal!

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Tom Renz checking in. As always, thank you for being with us, Tom.

Attorney Tom Renz: Thank you, Howse.

Brannon Howse: We'll get you back when we've e got more time.