✅And SUDDENLY Everything Changed! Bo Polny Interview

About 2 years ago

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Bo Polny

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Buckle up my friends, you’re really going to enjoy this one!  If you’ve ever spent time actually reading your Bible, you might find one phrase that appears a lot:  “…and suddenly…”  God seems to like working in the “suddenly”.  He seems to like letting things go to the very last minute so that when it’s clear there is no other human solution to a problem, he can swoop in and change the circumstances in an instant!  Suddenly!

The Israelites lived in Egypt in slavery for years, and then took days walking in the wilderness to the Red Sea only to find themselves trapped…but then “suddenly” the Red Sea opened and just as “suddenly” it came crashing closed, drowning Pharaoh and his army.  The chariots can still be found on the floor of the Red Sea to this day.  For years and years, Noah built the Ark.  It had never rained before and every mocked him.  And then “suddenly” the first drop fell, and “suddenly” a downpour turned into a global flood, raining for 40 days and 40 nights straight!  The same theme repeats itself over and over and over again in the Bible.  Bo Polny studies these themes and cycles of time found in the Bible and then he applies to them to our current lives.

Bo joined me on my show today for an AWESOME interview!  I had just had Bo on my show a few weeks ago, but I had to have him back on today as we approach the end of April, a time period Bo is calling “one of the most epic timepoints in human history”.  Bo says we’re about to see fireworks, which include bitcoin going “vertical”, silver breaking 40 years of market manipulation, the fall of the dollar….and the return of Trump.

The key dates Bo is watching are April 23-26, and they correspond to huge time cycles Bo has been watching, all of which coalesce at the same exact time.  Not only that, but my friend Daniel Lee pointed out that April 25-26 is the TRUE time of the Passover this year according to the true Jewish Calendar….you can’t make this stuff up!  It doesn’t mean we’ll see everything happen in those days, but Bo says we’re about to see something spectacular, the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetimes.  In other words, it’s gonna be “Biblical”!

When I first started having Bo on my show last year, Bitcoin was at $10,000.  It’s now at $60,000 and Bo says it hasn’t even gotten started yet!  He also has some other coins he likes even more that Bitcoin, like one that is currently at about NINE CENTS and Bo thinks it will go into the $4.00 range.  Would that change your life?
Yeah, me too!  We talk all that, plus silver breaking 40 years of market manipulation and going to $100+ or even $600+?  Bo says it could easily happen!

And the best of all, Bo has not changed his stance that our RIGHTFUL President, President Donald John Trump is most certainly coming back into office!  Bo says the writing is on the wall for Joe Biden, mene, mene, tekel, parsin….Biden’s days are numbered and his “kingdom” is coming to a quick end.  What I found so interesting about that is that both Amanda Grace and Robin Bullock (I believe) both said the exact same thing recently from dreams and visions God had given them.  Neither one of them knew the other had said it, and Bo had not heard of either of these!  God is most definitely speaking and I would NOT want to be Joe Biden (or whatever actor is playing Joe Biden) right about now!  

Expect SHOCK beginning the END of APRIL and then the next 4-months... craziness and CHAOS! 
So without further delay, PLEASE ENJOY this one with my friend Bo Polny.

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