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about a year ago

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Sherronna Bishop: Hey, everyone, and welcome to America's mom. We have such a great show put together for you guys todaymore from the Colorado State Assembly. You will not believe what happened here. And, of course, our great guest clerk, Tina Peters, from Mesa County, Colorado, is running for secretary of state in a hot and entangled affair. Then finally, we're going to have a bad bill segment. We'll have our special friend, Dr. Barke from America's Frontline Doctors talking about COVID, and where is Fauci?

Sherronna Bishop: Do you feel it? America is under siege. What does it feel like to live in a state that's occupied? Looking over your shoulder constantly, worrying that everything you do might get you a ticket, or at least a warning, certainly a stern look, and realizing that every step you take is being ordered by your government. Rising food prices restrict your choices. Gas prices so high restrict your ability to travel, and of course, quite frankly, far more a month than money because of rising inflation. It is a feeling of fear and despair. In Colorado, where I live, we have the highest anxiety and depression rates throughout our youth as well as adults. Pharmaceuticals are not only offered but pushed on our children like candy. So, for those kids who are struggling, not only do they not receive the care that they absolutely should be having, but parents are not even notified in ages 12 and up in our state any longer if they're having mental health issues. The government is now in charge. Living under siege feels like hopelessness. It feels like there's nothing you can do to change the situation that you're living in. I encourage you as you watch these next few moments from Colorado, one of the most progressive leftist states in the union, not the people, just the selected representation.

Sherronna Bishop: I encourage you to be encouraged because this state is taking back their power. In 2017, a very passionate businesswoman decided she was going to run for clerk and recorder just to reduce wait times from three and a half hours to a more normal, maybe 15, 20 minutes if even that. Actually, I believe grand junction's wait times have now been reduced to three and a half minutes. This same woman also became a Gold Star mother that year as she ran for clerk and recorder. She has impacted so many with her strength, tenacity, grit, and commitment to do what is right no matter what the cost is. Clerk Tina Peters from Mesa County, who is now running for secretary of state to take the battle directly to Jena Griswold, joins us. All right. Well, we are here with America's favorite clerk and recorder from Mesa County, Colorado, also running for secretary of state and effectively sent a message to the establishment Republicans of Colorado, who definitely had to grab some duct tape and wrap it around a few couples of times as she took 61% of the vote from the state assembly this past weekend. Clerk Tina Peters is with us. How are you? Clark Peters.

Tina Peters: I'm great. It's a great day for Colorado.

Sherronna Bishop: It definitely was, so the assembly was incredible. I just want to say the chants of Tina Peters, clerk Peters, all throughout that entire world arena, were incredible. Was this your first assembly you'd been to?

Tina Peters: I was actually a voting member, a bonus member in the state assembly before. But this was the first time I was a candidate.

Sherronna Bishop: That's incredible. So, what was your takeaway? I mean, did you feel welcome that day? Did you feel like the people were with you? We're on the same team. We're on the same page. What did you think?

Tina Peters: I felt like there was a lot of grassroots. There were people that had never been a delegate before that had stepped up. I just really feel like people are ready for a change in a good way.

Sherronna Bishop: In a very good way, so there are going to be some people watching right now who are not familiar yet with Clark Peters and what is happening in Colorado. So, give us just a quick short story of what has happened that has put you on the map and has everybody wondering and watching this incredible race in Colorado.

Tina Peters: Well, I was a business owner for 32 years, and I decided to serve my community and decided to cut down wait times in Mesa County; the wait times that the motor vehicle department was three and one-half hours. I said, as a business owner, I can fix that, never expecting what was going to happen after that in 2020, everyone knew across the country. There were questions about the validity of the election. But after 2021, when we did our municipal election. It was just - I looked at the results, and I went, no way. People kept bringing me information. I kept defending the gold standard of Colorado as being flawless, and the evidence that there was something wrong just kept piling up. To preserve a program, a computer program, I did a backup of the Mesa County server. A forensic image is what it's called to preserve a program in case we ever need to do an audit. I was told by a Dominion employee that was coming in that this software was going to be deleted. I reasoned that my job was to maintain election records for 25 months in the state of Colorado and 22 months federally. So, it was my duty and my obligation to do that.

Sherronna Bishop: So, you made these images, and the secretary of state of Colorado finds out that these images exist showing a before they did this trusted build image of the system and an after. We can all guess what happened next. Those images were compared, and some very dubious things that happened during that so-called trusted build. Is that correct?

Tina Peters: That's correct, and when she found out that we were finding out about her misdeeds, she immediately raided my office. They papered up the windows. They took my chief deputy, who is the clerk when I'm not there at the office, and escorted her out on bogus charges, a felony burglary charge, after she had come back to work they had taken her out on a bogus, unprofessional conduct charge. They wanted to take over the office. They were being found out.

Sherronna Bishop: It sounds like a guilty conscience to me. You know how little kids rushed in to fix the scene of the crime when they've taken cookies, and they're trying to wipe up the crumbs real fast? It totally reminds me of the Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, and what she's done. You've handled it with tremendous grace, but there has been a lot of devastating action the Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, has taken, along with the District Attorney, Dan Rubinstein, and really Merrick Garland, the head of the FBI in America. I mean, from the top down, they are coming after you, a woman who has never even had a parking ticket. Yet here we are, so it has been incredible to watch the people rally around you because we all know. We understand what's going on. We see through this criminal activity was on the part of the secretary of state, and she has deflected on you over and over. I think it's important to point out that when the indictment came down, there was nothing in the indictment about the supposed misdeeds that led to the secretary of state raiding your office, raiding your home, and multiple other people's homes, including my own. None of that was in this indictment. So, I thought it was illegal to make a forensic image. She said that you had stolen election equipment and essentially that you had done something to rig an election somehow, which is what she portrayed to the public. Is any of that anywhere in the indictment?

Tina Peters: No, they've been fishing for anything. I mean, they've thrown me in jail. I slept on a one-inch plastic mattress with no sheet, no pillow, freezing with five other women and a toilet, a filthy, filthy place. My chief deputy was put in jail the same day. We were in there for 30 hours, and then we were released. They were trying to get a 500,000, a half a million dollars bond, a personal bond. Everything they can they've handcuffed me. I mean, it's just incredible what they've done to try to get me to shut up, back down.

Sherronna Bishop: Exactly, so like any other person who is innocent and mad as heck, you've done something pretty phenomenal and extraordinary instead of shrinking back in a corner and just taking what the secretary of state wants to dish out, and the attorney general wants to dish out. You decided that you were going to run for secretary of state and take the fight directly to Gina Griswold, the secretary of state of Colorado, who happens to oversee the Democrat Association of Secretaries of State for the nation. This isn't just a Colorado story. This is a national story because of the position that Jenna Griswold has in the nation. So, you decided to take the fight directly to her, and you are running for secretary of state. This past weekend you had your state assembly. It was incredible how the people were standing with you, supporting you. Taking this battle on with you, because we all know, we all woke up on November 4th and said, what happened? We all know that.

Tina Peters: That is correct.

Sherronna Bishop: There have been so many victories under your leadership. You know, you've been doing the job of the secretary of state since that city council election where you began to investigate what didn't seem right. You have actually shined a light on the importance of examining and watching these elections. I wanted to ask you about that. What do you see the impact you're having in Colorado so far?

Tina Peters: Well, it has been amazing because we are looking - well, let me just back up. The reason I ran for secretary of state was that I looked at the two people that were your choices. One is a Democrat who we've seen what kind of lawlessness she has created. Passing laws that did not go through the legislature during the supposed COVID crisis in order to relax restrictions that would protect people's votes. The other one, now she's working really hard to get Senate Bill 22-153 passed. That will make it illegal to do what I did legally. So, they don't have anything on me. They're trying to use lawfare. They're going after anything they can. So, here you have on this one side, my opponent, Gina Griswold, is using illegal methods to try to shed a bad light on me when she's really the felon. Then, on the other hand, you have Pam Anderson, who is running as - get this - a Republican who is a director and the secretary of the Center for Tech and Civic Life. You can look for yourself at She is the one with whom Mark Zuckerberg funneled $400 million through this organization. They are now 75 subpoenas out. They are now being accused and charged with election bribery. So, this is why I ran for secretary of state. You have, on the one hand, a Soros-funded operative. And on the other side, you have a Republican, so to speak, that is running with Zuckerberg, the Rockefeller brothers, and Google Rock the Vote money.

Sherronna Bishop: So incredible, and right now, aren't there 26 states in the union that is passing legislation right now to keep Zuckerberg dollars from the CTCL that Pam Anderson is the director and secretary of to keep that out of their states? Twenty-six states are seeking to pass legislation to keep that out. Yet here we are she's running for Secretary of State Pam Anderson, in Colorado to continue Zuckerberg's work here.

Tina Peters: That's right. So, your listeners will hear all kinds of misinformation and disinformation. I'm going to use their words, to say that I've committed crimes that I haven't committed. They have gone after my family. The night I was in jail, my father died, and Michael Dougherty, the DA, one of the DEA...

Sherronna Bishop: Investigators.

Tina Peters: Investigators actually went and harassed my family in Chicago, Virginia, North Carolina, called them, harassed them, and told one that if the other sister didn't call him back, he was going to hold her in contempt. This is while a family is deeply grieving the loss of my father and grandfather.

Sherronna Bishop: Incredible. You have been thrown, dragged, kicked around, attempted anyway, and you're still standing. You're still smiling. The people are with you, and you are going to fight an incredible battle. This is going to be one for the whole nation to watch. You know, normally they're watching the US Senate races, but I think this time we're going to be watching this secretary of state race play out in Colorado. Clark Peters, where can people find you and donate to your campaign?

Tina Peters: Thank you so much. You can go to That's Tina Peters, my name for F-O-R You know, I appreciate all the prayers. I appreciate all the donations and the offers to help. You know, we are up against big-money candidates, so they have a lot of money to run smear ads and things like that to make me look like a criminal. When, in real fact, they are the criminals. They are the ones that are stealing your vote and bringing this country down. We can't let that happen.

Sherronna Bishop: We won't, and we'll be praying for your tremendous success. It was just so refreshing to see how excited people are to have a fighter in you, and that's what you are. You are a gold star mother. You've run into this battle, and we're so grateful you did. Clark Peters, thank you for being with us today.

Tina Peters: I appreciate it. God bless you. Thank you.

Sherronna Bishop: Thank you. Today's bad bill is HB22-1279, and in an unprecedented move here in Colorado, we have shifted from just offering abortion to fully embracing infanticide here in Colorado. This bill has been explained as one that seeks to provide equity in reproductive rights, specifically targeting minority and low-income communities. In fact, this bill has no definitive language whatsoever as to what defines an appropriate abortion at what state or age of the baby or the fetus you can protect life? If a baby is born alive, can we save the life? Nothing is definitive in this bill whatsoever. It simply allows for the unfettered access of murdering children, period. There's no deadline. There are no boundaries. There's nothing that lets us know; at this point, you cannot do this. Anything and everything are up for grabs. So, let me read this to you. Concerning the codification of a person's fundamental right to make reproductive health care decisions free from government interference. It's really worth noting on this bill also that they actually have the audacity to tell you that you also don't have to have reproductive care if you don't want to. Yeah, thank you. We don't need the government telling us any of these things, whether we have to take something or not take something, but that's another point. The bill declares that every individual has a fundamental right to use or refuse contraception. Every pregnant individual has a fundamental right to continue the pregnancy and give birth or have an abortion. A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent or derivative rights under the laws of the state.

Sherronna Bishop: This bill prohibits the state and local public entities from denying, restricting, interfering with, or discriminating against an individual's fundamental right to use or refuse contraception. Let's just get real. This is all about what they're saying is now a right to abort and kill your child without any deadlines, without any boundaries, without any compassion for if the child should be born alive. The new Colorado is embracing extreme and radical abortion laws as we have never seen. Make sure you look up HB22-1279, called the Reproductive Health Equity Act. All right. Joining us today has been one of my favorite people as he has been delivering hope throughout the country and actually made his debut as an American Frontline doctor in Washington, DC, during this so-called pandemic, with 25 years in the medical field and a patriot to the core, Dr. Jeffrey Barke is joining us today. Thank you so much for being with us. So, I'll tell you what. It's been a minute since our tour of Colorado, and the revival that we had here has continued to grow and blossom. Now, here we are, living free once again in Colorado. I can't thank you enough for all the incredible effort you made, not only in California, where you've been such an influence there but all over the country as America's frontline doctor. You have helped so many people have hope to live free and also find a way through the actual issues with COVID. So, I just thank you so much for everything you've done.

Dr. Jeff Barke: Well, you're too kind, Sherronna. Listen, you have been an inspiration to me. When I first started speaking out publicly, I found you somewhere. I don't know, social media, Facebook Live, or something. I started following America's mom, and you were an inspiration that what I was doing was right. It resonated with people, and I should continue to speak out.

Sherronna Bishop: It absolutely has. You are we're supposedly at the tail end of this COVID thing. I really wanted to get a truthful, honest update on what's happening with COVID, what has happened since the rollout of the vaccinations, and what you're seeing as a frontline doctor. People all over this country reach out to you. So, I want to hear what's actually happening now.

Dr. Jeff Barke: Well, listen, I've learned a lot over the last couple of years about COVID 19 and the tyranny that we've experienced. Dr. Fauci popped up again a couple of days ago, talking to us about being prepared for the next wave of some variant. He's up to his tricks again in trying to scare people into compliance, and that's really what's happened. The common-sense narrative about early treatment, the lack of efficacy of masks, about the dangers of the vaccines have been shut down, and the public has been played into this idea that there's something out there that they need to fear to the extent that they have to follow these government edicts and these mandates that I think are unconstitutional. So, a few things that I've learned over the last couple of years. Maybe most importantly, COVID 19 is an easy illness to treat. It's not difficult, and when we can treat early in the stages of the symptoms, we're really good at it. I'll tell you, even if you put to the side some of the controversial medicines, they shouldn't be controversial. I'm talking, of course, about ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine that I and many of us believe the science is clear that when they're used appropriately and used early, they're very effective.

Dr. Jeff Barke: Even if you put those aside and simply look at some of the tools, we have to treat early like vitamin D. We did nothing but educate the population about the importance of vitamin D. We would save lives. If we did nothing but educate about the importance of using a nose, throat, rinse protocol early in the stages, like diluted hydrogen peroxide or providence iodine, we would save lives. We have wonderful sequential multidrug treatment protocols that are out there, but too many doctors don't know about them or are afraid to use them. We've also learned that there really isn't an asymptomatic spread, so somebody that does not have symptoms of this disease doesn't spread it. As a result, there's no reason for us to be testing people that have no symptoms. The analogy I use would be, somebody comes into my office, and they feel really good, and I tell them we need to swab their throat for strep throat. They would look at you like you're crazy. They say I don't have a sore throat. I'm not ill. I don't need to be tested.

Sherronna Bishop: That is an analogy.

Dr. Jeff Barke: I don't need to be tested against a disease that I'm not at risk for, yet here we are. I went to a hockey game here in Orange County the other day, and I'm not going to do that again for a long time. They required us to present either our COVID 19 vaccine passport. Of course, I'm not vaccinated. I've had COVID. I have natural immunity or a negative test, and it's ridiculous. I'm not sick. We don't test people that aren't ill yet. This is what's going on.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, I was wondering how the People's Republic of California was doing and if they were still in full crisis mode or if they were actually starting to listen to the experts. So, that's unbelievable.

Dr. Jeff Barke: Things are loosening up a bit, but there's still a lot of tyranny going on. The other thing that I've learned as it relates to the vaccine is this vaccine is not safe enough and not effective enough to be mandating it for anybody, but we are. And under no circumstances should we be vaccinating any child. Why would we vaccinate a child against a disease that they're not at risk of using an experimental product that has no long-term safety studies? It makes no sense. But here in California, the legislatures, as we speak, are working on a law to mandate that all children do attend in-person schooling have to be vaccinated against COVID 19. It's criminal. We should not be doing this. We've caused more harm than good as it relates to many of the orders and many of the mandates that we've been subjected to throughout this whole COVID 19 pandemic.

Sherronna Bishop: You know, I read your book, COVID 19. I've actually read it three times now, and probably because you read this portion in person also, it still really resonates with me when I'm reading through the book. And that was the fallout to our elderly, the isolation, the ongoing distancing and separating them from loved ones, children, from their families. What has been the result of that? I haven't seen the final numbers of the nursing home deaths and just people dying alone. I did hear a story in my own backyard of a veteran who has not seen someone in a year. He had not seen a person in a year. He was put in isolation because he would not take the vaccine. That is a veteran who is someone who served our country, has been so massively disrespected and cast aside. But I was curious to hear more about those numbers now that we're a little bit farther out from the beginning of this. It's unbelievable.

Dr. Jeff Barke: It's really been devastating, and it hasn't been necessary. The isolation that we've created wasn't necessary to do. I mean, even loved ones in the hospital. I had a patient just last week that was in the hospital for gastrointestinal bleeding. His wife took him to the hospital, rode in the ambulance with him, spent most of the night there with him, and went home to get a change of clothes and to get some food. When she came back to the hospital, they wouldn't let her in because she was not vaccinated. Like, are you kidding me? You just spent three-quarters of the night with them, and now they won't let you back in unless you're vaccinated, or you can show a negative COVID test. Of course, she's been up all night, and it's early in the morning. Where she was going to get a negative COVID test, and of course, she had no symptoms.

Sherronna Bishop: Doesn't that just seem cruel?

Dr. Jeff Barke: It's cruel. It is absolutely cruel. It's not based on any science. It's based on - I don't know what it's based on. It's based on people following orders from unelected health care bureaucrats, and it makes no sense. This is happening all over the country, even with people that are supposed to have routine studies, like a patient I sent to a gastroenterologist just for a routine screening colonoscopy. She's, I don't know, close to 60, and she needs a colonoscopy. She calls to make an appointment. The first thing she's asked is, are you vaccinated? She says, what difference does that make? Well, we're not taking care of patients unless they're vaccinated. It's like, oh, God, here we go again. So, now what I have to do is have a list of doctors. I have to find non-woke doctors that understand the science that isn't putting up with this BS. There's this division going on between the woke and the and the un-woke or something, you know. And I'm finding now a handful of doctors that believe what I believe that we'll see patients that don't have mandates. There's an obstetrician-gynecologist that I referred to that's a patriot. She doesn't require her pregnant patients to be vaccinated. Can you imagine? That's what they're doing at all the hospitals now. You've got to be vaccinated in order to deliver your baby to a particular hospital. It makes no sense. There's no science. There's no testing. We're just following Dr. Fauci and his foolishness, and people are being harmed as a result.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, it's unfortunate that those doctors you're referring to didn't know that Biden declared victory over COVID. It's hard to believe that this is still happening two years later. So, these are current events that you're talking about. People are not able to get surgery and scans and do normal everyday things they were doing two years ago. They are still not able to do that now without a vaccine. Incredible, absolutely incredible. So, tell me, you're so connected to the legal side of things as well. I know you're paying attention to class action lawsuits that are coming up. Do you see any movement in the medical world of people pushing back legally and actually having some victory on those who are fired in the health industry because they would not take an experimental use medication?

Dr. Jeff Barke: Yeah, we're seeing individual cases, and we're making some progress. I think, ultimately, there will be a case that will get up to the United States Supreme Court. It couldn't happen soon enough. They need to rule on liberty. As Bobby Kennedy Jr says, we need to love liberty more than we fear a virus, and we have given up our liberty. We've given up our constitutional rights over the fear of this virus that we ought not to fear. What we should be doing is standing on the rooftops, talking about the importance of early treatment. Talking about the Great Barrington Declaration's perspective of focus protection, meaning there's a thousandfold difference in the risk of this virus for folks that are older and with significant underlying conditions vs. young people. There's a thousand-point difference. Yet we treat everybody the same. We treat kids as if they're at high risk as older folks. I heard Jen Psaki, the president's press secretary, just the other day when asked about that. I think it was when President Biden tested positive for COVID and was asked, is President Biden - how old is he? He is almost 80 or something.

Sherronna Bishop: One hundred and twenty or something like that.

Dr. Jeff Barke: Is he at greater risk than a 20-year-old was the question, and Jen Psaki bumbled the answer and said, well, no, everybody's at risk. There's really not a difference. She's lying. It's not true. Young people simply are not at risk of this illness.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, Dr. Barke, you are a truth-teller. You're one of my favorite patriots in America, and I can't think of a better way to kick off America's mom than having you join our very first show. So, thank you so much for everything you've done, and I look forward to bringing you back very soon.

Dr. Jeff Barke: Sherronna, it's been an honor. Thank you so much for having me and Godspeed to your new program.

Sherronna Bishop: Thank you. As a parent of four children, when I saw the education system taking my children down the wrong path, I decided to step in, to intervene on behalf of my children. I didn't ask for permission. I didn't ask for a seat at the table. I simply decided as an American, and especially as a parent to these children, that God had given to me that I needed to act. I encourage you today. Stop simply allowing people to tell you how it's supposed to be. Stop letting people tell you what the answers are. You have everything you need within you to figure it out, do the research, educate yourself, and make sure that you feel confident in the decisions you are making for you and your family moving forward. Because ultimately, at the end of the day, we're building a new table. It's one of America's First Patriots who loved this country, honored God, and believed in the traditional family. And the incredible production that comes with the traditional family unit. I believe in you. I know that you have the answers within you, and you can figure out your own life far better than the government could any day. Remember, everyone, all that's necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys back here on Friday. We'll have a special guest with us. Until then, see you soon.