America's Mom with Sherronna Bishop Joined by Darin Mitchell

About 2 years ago

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Sherronna Bishop: All right, here on America's mom today, America First candidate Darin Mitchell out of Arizona and Representative Phil Lyman of Utah. And what is going on with elections? Bad bills in Colorado are hurting everyone. And finally, what happened at the Lincoln Day dinner in Garfield County?

Sherronna Bishop: There are times in history that really push us, that really make us think about what we want our future to be like, who we want to be as a people, and what we're willing to do as an individual to preserve that reality we want for our future. In the last two years, we've learned so much about who people are. When they show you who they are, you listen, follow, and make sure that you take note of that. Because when hard times come, people reveal who they are. Under the governing of blue Democrat governors throughout this country, we've seen unbelievable shutdowns, isolation, and fear-mongering meant to control and destroy local communities, really separating us from one another. We watch churches close. We watch businesses close. We watch schools close. We watch children figure out that they can't live in this new world that was trying to be created for them. Where there's no freedom, there is only fear.

Sherronna Bishop: In the midst of that, there were courageous people, though. There were amazing people who decided to get into the fight, who decided to resist the government and do exactly what our founders always hoped we would do. Stand up for the God-given right to defend your property, life, liberty, personal freedoms, and self-determination. And that happened all over this country. Specifically, I think of Virginia. There were gun laws that were being passed right before COVID, where thousands and thousands of people came together to descend on America's birthplace and say. No, we will not comply. In Colorado, we've seen this happen over and over again.

Sherronna Bishop: As a people who are alive and let live community choose to stand up for themselves and their neighbors and say, we won't allow your freedoms to be taken from you. I've always appreciated one particular sheriff out of Weld County, Colorado. Sheriff Steve Reems has said, it's fine with me that you're not okay with me defending your basic liberties, and that's how we feel. So, as we watched these men of courage, pastors who chose to stand up for their parishioners and their community, we watched Canadians finally have enough and decide that they were no longer going to take the tyranny of Trudeau. It's been an incredible journey. No matter all the hardship that's happened, we've gotten to see these glimpses of light where we know it's going to be okay because the truth is, the American spirit is not just here in America. There are glimmers of it all over this world. But ultimately, it's up to us Americans. It's up to us to hold the line and make sure we preserve this incredible gift that God has given us, self-determination and, ultimately, freedom to live how we see fit. With that, there's always a moral compass. There's always a need to make sure we are also a virtuous society. We cannot have freedom if we can't self-govern, and as we see this very divisive and distinct line being drawn in the sand between what is virtuous, true, right, and ethical, and what is progressive, perverted, and diminishing of all the things that make us great: family values, morality, and really even just open and frank discussion.

Sherronna Bishop: The First Amendment is so trampled on right now that people live in fear. We're going to have a look back today on 2019, a rally that was called the We Will Not Comply rally. That was before people were afraid to gather together. That was before the government had threatened and not just threatened, but actually put people without due process into prisons that they are still sitting in today. It's going to be a great time today, but I encourage you, as we walk through these interviews with courageous men who are choosing to stand up, they will not back down. They will not go quietly into the night that you see yourself in these seats. You see yourself in their position and figure out what it is? What is it that God would have you do that will make all the difference.

Sherronna Bishop: All right, everyone, we are so excited to be bringing you more great patriots throughout this country who are stepping in fully as elected officials to represent their people thoroughly and even through the most difficult circumstances. Our special guest today is Phil Lyman out of Utah. He actually neighbors right next to Mesa County and has had extensive conversation and support for Clerk Tina Peters out of Mesa County. We're so grateful and thankful to have him. He's joining us today to talk a little bit about his story and what he has been doing to help restore America. So, Phil Lyman is joining us from Utah tonight, and we are so grateful to have you.

Phil Lyman House District 69: Great to be here.

Sherronna Bishop: Yes, Representative Lyman, thank you so much for being here. I just want to have you tell us where you started from. You have such a history, and many of our viewers are already going to know that Donald Trump actually pardoned you. That sounds like a really bad thing. Like what did you do? What did you do, Representative Lyman, that the president of the United States had to pardon you? So, take us back to 2014. You were serving as a county commissioner in Utah and taking your job very, very seriously as a representative for the people.

Phil Lyman House District 69: Well, we were under attack in San Juan County. The Bears Ears monument was kind of looming. We're doing all these public lands initiatives. Environmentalist groups were in town. People were having their houses raided by the FBI and the Bureau of Land Management. I mean, it's just been an ugly scene. So, we did a protest. I was a county commissioner. We had 500 people drive out on a county road. No trespassing, no intent to trespass, and six months later, I got a call from the Salt Lake Tribune. Of course, the media found out, and they said, how do you feel about being charged in federal court? And I said, oh, I'll have to get back to you on that. It's ten days before I got anything official on that. Anyway, I went through this whole big process and was convicted in a federal kangaroo court and did ten days in jail. They wanted two years. By the time we got there, the judge had realized what a shame it was. Four federal judges recused in the meantime. So, I did ten days in jail, and then after, I paid all my restitution and everything else. I finally said you know what? I'm going to talk to my senator, Mike Lee, with who I have a good relationship; he wrote an affidavit and took the pardon quite personally, and I got pardoned.

Sherronna Bishop: Representative Lyman sounds like a segment seriously straight out of Yellowstone. I think I saw that show, exactly. The environmentalists ascended, and everything goes nuts. The FBI is there. You've got to be kidding me.

Phil Lyman House District 69: It's real. You watch it happen, and I love Yellowstone for that reason. You watch a few of those, and it's like somebody has had some experience here.

Sherronna Bishop: Absolutely, and this cost you hundreds, thousands of dollars in representation. We were talking a little bit about this ahead of time, and you felt that being a county commissioner, you would be safe from that type of nonsense because you're just there representing your people. You were lawful and followed the law, yet they still came at you with all the authority they thought they had to destroy you.

Phil Lyman House District 69: Yeah, that's right. It's kind of a proud tradition as a county commissioner that you stand up for your constituents and your people. If that means thumbing your nose at the Bureau of Land Management now and then, you have an obligation to do that. Well, they decided in my case that they wanted to send a message to all county commissioners to not stand up to the Bureau of Land Management. It was not effective. You know, I think it got people more fired up than was before. Yeah, it was a crazy episode in my life, for sure. But it taught me a lot. It shifted my frustration with the Bureau of Land management to frustration with the Department of Justice, so-called. You just start to see how this machine works and who's pulling the levers behind the curtain. It's really an ugly situation.

Sherronna Bishop: That's an incredible story in and of itself. We can have a whole hour talking about that and the abuse of government, unlawful power, and authority. That's incredible, but all of that happened a few years ago. It seems like in our lives, things are preparing us for bigger issues and bigger challenges to come, if it's even imaginable in your life. You have most recently come out very boldly, very vocally about the election interference and election security issues in Utah, of all places. It's supposed to be a conservative state. Largely you guys are Republican. Yet I've heard over and over about fraud in your voting system. Not to mention the unprecedented shutdowns and lockdowns that you guys experienced under your very radical leftist governor who loves to groom children p.s. And you guys have had to fight for everything that you have. I first saw you personally on Eric Moutsos' video non-essential, and I didn't realize that till we were just getting ready to do our interview today. But you've been being very vocal and very supportive of your community and your people. Tell us what's happening now in Utah and what role you're playing in that.

Phil Lyman House District 69: Well, it's a Marxist-style takeover of our way of life, our government, public lands, air, jobs, and our education, across the board. So, it's no surprise that they are also focused on our elections. I stayed up and watched the elections come in on election night. I saw the big break, and I saw the thing shift. There needed to be some explaining about what that was, and we never got an explanation. In fact, all we got was, if you ask questions, you're undermining democracy, which for a CPA from kind of an auditor background is like, well, if someone's going to put up resistance, that means there's probably something more to look at there. So, I just kept digging and digging. The more I dig, the more hostility is directed towards me and others that are doing the same thing. The more we find that it's irregular, it just does not add up.

Sherronna Bishop: Representative Lyman, what kind of things are you talking about that didn't add up that is worth risking so much? Again, you've already had attention from the federal government, and you really want to go down this road again because, as you know, you've met Clerk Tina Peters and me as well. The federal government right now has been weaponized and given authority to ruin people's lives when they're asking too many questions. So, why are you going down this road? What did you see that made you so inquisitive and really feel like you're going to risk this again?

Phil Lyman House District 69: I guess part of it is that I went from being a county commissioner to a state representative. I've seen people, citizens who don't have the cover of political office, just have their lives destroyed. So, I feel like the least you can do in political office is be part of that. If they want to go after somebody, they're going to have to realize, do they really want to take on a legislator? And the answer is yes. They would, no hesitation for sure, but you still feel an obligation to be there for the citizens, for the people.

Sherronna Bishop: You do, but there had to be more. What you see as you were going, this is not right? This is crazy.

Phil Lyman House District 69: For example, I take the voter rolls for Salt Lake County's about 790 precincts. And then, I take the cast vote record and divide the Castro record by the voter rolls. Across the board, you get 60, 70, to 80% turnout in these precincts. So, you sort that, and you get down to 20 or 30 of those that are over 100% and a handful of them that are 200 to 300% of the voters that turned out. Well, the only way that can happen is if extra ballots have been put in. So, you start asking questions, and when you do that, you testify at a committee hearing or something. Instead of saying, well, this is why that happened. It's your undermining democracy. You're promoting the big lie. The governor comes out and says, you're playing a very dangerous game. That just motivates me to say, well, what answers do you have? Let's just talk about this. Let's have a discussion, but that seems off-limits.

Sherronna Bishop: You know, it's interesting those words; you're jeopardizing democracy. That seems to be the catchphrase. That's like going to someone and saying, I don't think what you're doing is right. And they tell you, well, Jesus told me that it is. The conversation is over. Right. You're trying to destroy our nation by asking questions about why there are more votes than registered voters, and you're shut down. So, tell me what happened from there. You go to the lieutenant governor. She's not having it, and you're friendly like, you know, these people. You have relationships with them. You're a representative in Utah. Are you feeling confused about why on earth we are not asking questions about this?

Phil Lyman House District 69: Right. You feel like at some point, they will back away from that position and start answering questions, and honestly, they have. Not the lieutenant governor's office per se, but some of the clerks are starting to say, yeah, we are not in agreement with what happened. So, when you dig into the Eric Cox Election Records Information Center contracts with David Becker. You dig into those things, and the clerks themselves start to realize, well, maybe they were deceived. Maybe when they turned in their votes and thought they were going to be counted the way they came out of the counties, things didn't go quite the way they thought. They start recognizing that the outside money has had an influence on things. So, you keep pushing it. You keep bringing up actual evidence. And we've got thousands and thousands of records and grammar requests that show the collusion, the inside games that are being played, and it starts to have an effect. People who have some suspicion that tells them you're not crazy, even though they're telling you you're crazy. There is some validation and hard evidence to the suspicions we all had to start with.

Sherronna Bishop: Absolutely. This past week, Mike Lindell and his team dropped an injunction against Arizona's use of Dominion voting machines. I know we in these states feel like the machines have a lot to do with this. Probably the majority to do with this. These bad voter rolls, you're talking about the adding of voters. What do you foresee happening in Utah? We're starting the story of Utah because I think big things are coming.

Phil Lyman House District 69: So, when you started the foundation of the voter rolls, and you've got 40% of them in Utah are withheld. So, you can't see those, and the ones that you can't see, there are tons of irregularities. People that shouldn't be on there. So, you just got this mess of a foundation. Then you go to the machines, to the contracts, and I say it's trying to audit a company without being able to see their bank statements or their check register. It's like, okay, we're just taking people's word for it, and that is not the way a voting system is supposed to work. They're supposed to be controls where people can verify things. All of the reassurances in the world don't overcome the deficiencies that you can observe with your own eyes.

Sherronna Bishop: That is an absolutely incredible way to put it, especially as a CPA. I mean, you are not emotional about this stuff. You're just looking at it saying this doesn't make any sense the way we're doing things, and the numbers don't make sense. So, we're about the end of our time together. I'm going to be bringing you back because I know there are more things coming. I think we want to hear the creating of Representative Lyman. What happened from the very beginning, and how you came to this place. So, we're going to bring you back again and everything that's happening in Utah. We're going to keep our fingers on this. In parting, what actions are people in Utah taking right now to try to secure the vote, to try to protect, quote-unquote, democracy? Really, we're a constitutional republic, and our votes absolutely matter in selecting our representation. But is it happening? Has there been any legislation passed, any protective measures at all?

Phil Lyman House District 69: There were a few bills that were passed. My bill did not pass that called for doing away with the universal mail-in ballots and doing an audit. But some other provisions passed that moved a little bit in that direction. People are signing up to be poll watchers and the upcoming election. People are very engaged in it. We're never going to solve this until we go back and look at 2020. We can't go forward without resolving the 2020 issue, and that's a hot-button topic. I think people should continue to say that they want a resolution to the 2020 election. So, just those things, just speaking up, not being bashful when they're in a groupnot being intimidated into having no opinion.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, Representative Lyman, I like you. You are a true patriot and thank you for mentioning 2020 and being willing to put that out there publicly. I think that's grounds right now for Merrick Garland to raid your home, though. So, let us know how it goes, okay?

Phil Lyman House District 69: All right, I will.

Sherronna Bishop: We'll have you back again soon. Thank you so much for being with us on America's mom.

Phil Lyman House District 69: Hey, thank you for what you're doing.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, today's bad bill is going to really crack you up, SB22-204, which is sponsored by Senator Julie Gonzales of Colorado. I expect you will see this in your neighborhood very soon. This bill is really a doozy called the Repeal of Federal Government Confirm Status For Identification Documents. That is a mouthful, and basically, what it does is it says all of the documentation that is necessary right now to prove that you are a citizen. It's going to end. Let me read it to you. Under existing law, the Department of Revenue is required to issue a driver's license, instruction, permit, or identification card to a person who is lawfully present in the United States; if the individual qualifies for the ID document, the individual produces documents that satisfy the department that the individual is lawfully present, and the federal government confirms the individual status, including electronically, through a system called Save, the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements System. Yes, you heard that right.

Sherronna Bishop: Entitlements, free things people will be getting in America if they are lawfully here. So, what does this bill do? It literally says at the bottom that the bill repeals the requirement that the federal government confirms the individual status. While dadgum, let's just throw our hands up in the air now. It's a free for all today, guys. Anyone can come here, any time. You don't have to prove that you're a citizen, and you get all the stuff, all the things that regular Americans are not getting. You get to take part in that. Isn't that incredible. This Julie Gonzalez, we've learned, and you'll find in your own states that if a name is attached to a certain bill, it's going to be the most far-left progressive Marxist bill out there.

Sherronna Bishop: Already, people do not have enough money for their month. Already, people cannot fill up their gas tanks, and the government is taking more than ever from us. Why? So, we can give it to people who can't even confirm that they are legally here in America. Thanks, Julie Gonzalez. So, here on America's mom, one of our number one goals is to make sure that we're putting the best candidates before you. The conservative America First election security candidates who care about securing our borders, care about conservative education for our children and actually want to make America a better place to live instead of burning the whole dadgum thing down. So, lucky for me, I got to meet one of those types of candidates from Arizona. He has served in the legislature before. His name is Darin Mitchell out of Arizona, and he's with us today to talk a little bit about what's happening in Arizona. It really was put on the map for me, Darin, when the whole Maricopa County issue came up, and I was like, what is going on there? I always assumed you guys were a conservative state. You would have conservative representation. Being in the House before, your policies are absolutely in line with what I would think would be a great conservative legislator. Yet here we are, 2022, you're running again, and the dynamics are very different in the House than previously. So, tell us what's happening there in Arizona and catch us up as our people get to know you.

Darin Mitchell: Yeah, thanks for having me. It's been great getting to know you and this group. This organization, you guys, have is terrific. It's what we need to help save our country. So, for me, in the past, I'm very conservative. I believe that Arizona's very conservative, but every ten years, we go through redistricting. And what happens is at the end of that ten-year cycle, we begin losing within the districts because we're very centrally located in Arizona around Maricopa County. It's just a large urban area, a suburban area. So, we began losing seats, and when I first got elected ten years ago, we had a 35/25 split in the house. In the last cycle, we just had one vote. So, it's 31/29. It makes things very difficult, but now, after redistricting, I believe we're going to come back to another 35/25 majority in the House and, similarly, in the Senate will take three or four seats extra. So, that way, we'll be able to pass the legislation needed on election integrity and end hopefully with a big stake through the heart of this woke stuff that they're pushing on our kids, critical race theory, and all the other stuff. So, there's a whole lot of work that we have to do, just like in every state in the country. I think come January 1st. We'll be able to do that in Arizona because we'll have a solid majority in both Houses and a good governor, a new governor that will sign all of these bills into law.

Sherronna Bishop: You know, it's really interesting. I want to go backward for a second on the redistricting. A lot of regular Americans don't really understand what that is, how it works, and how gerrymandering, so to speak, happens through redrawing these lines to fit a particular party. So, in Arizona, I guess it just doesn't occur to me that other states are doing this as well. I live in Colorado, and they absolutely draw the lines to make sure they get the most progressive people packed into a conservative area and start taking it over. When they redraw those lines, that's what you guys have experienced there in Arizona.

Darin Mitchell: Yeah, and here we have a redistricting committee. So, I took it out of the hands of the legislature years ago. They created a committee of five people that were appointed, two Democrats, two Republicans, and an independent.

Sherronna Bishop: Supposedly.

Darin Mitchell: For example, in my district, now we're 25 points, 26 points plus Republican. So, you know, the primary is the only race. But that means that there are a lot of other districts where it's very close. They tried to push all the Republicans in a couple of districts, and we fought it. But, you know, it's a difficult battle because what happens is whoever that independent is, controls it. Ten years ago, we really got burned by adding independence. I think we did better this time. We'll see, but I think that we're a solidly conservative state still. I'm sorry, I have really bad allergies. I've been moving on, and my voice is cracking.

Sherronna Bishop: Oh, no worries.

Darin Mitchell: We are a solidly Republican state. We'll have a lot to accomplish in January because this sitting legislature right now will not be able to pass the tough stuff that we need because there are just not enough members.

Sherronna Bishop: No, and I've seen some interesting videos that have come out of Arizona at the Republican gatherings. There is a frustration, it seems like, with getting things done. After the Maricopa County audit, where are things at in Arizona now? What do you see there that's happening because we don't see any further actions.

Darin Mitchell: No, it's very frustrating. The pace is very frustrating. So, obviously, we've had a large hearing, and I think a lot of - I don't know how anybody can say this election was stolen. We've had a lot of fraud. It's been exposed. You know, mainstream media, just like in Colorado. Mainstream media won't cover it, and I don't understand that. But we have the Senate turned over their evidence to the attorney general. The attorney general just happens to be running for the United States Senate, which complicates things also. He has failed to indict anyone yet. I know that's frustrating to the president as well because we just spoke about it a couple of weeks ago, but we're hopeful that something will happen. We know, for example, the county board of Supervisors, which is a Republican-controlled board in Maricopa County, which is where most people live. That board, one of its employees, destroyed information that was under subpoena for the state Senate. We know who that person was. It came out during evidence collection. Yet there's been no indictment. What we want to know is, did that employee, that long-time employee, do that on their own, or did they do it under direction from one of the board members of the executive staff? That's what the indictment should be about. I don't know. We need to get to the bottom of it. But what we do know is that our election was fraudulent. In Pima County, for example, we had more votes on an Indian reservation than there are citizens who live on that reservation. Not just voting age but the entire population, but nothing's happened. Why is the US Department of Justice not involved in this, you know, for voting rights violations.

Sherronna Bishop: Absolutely.

Darin Mitchell: It's amazing, but what we have to do is overwhelm the system with our voters in this election because we won't be able to fix it before that.

Sherronna Bishop: Now, I agree with you so much on that point. It's one thing that we don't ever want people to do is give up their vote and decide that it's not worth showing up anymore. In fact, we saw they had to scurry. They made it so obvious they cheated because the conservative vote, the America First Patriot who loves this country, overwhelmed their cheating. So, I appreciate you saying that because this is our country, we have to be a part of this process no matter what and overwhelming the vote. Is there anything that's been put in place at all since the Maricopa County audit to protect the vote in Arizona?

Darin Mitchell: No. But there will be a whole host of things that will take place, but it won't be in time for this election, which includes what type of ballot we have. You know, we're primarily a mail-in state, the majority of Republicans mail in their votes. What we want to go to is one vote, one day on paper ballots, and then those ballots are counted by hand at the precinct level. Then it can be backed up by counting as well by other systems, but that's what we want. I think that's kind of a failsafe system that we have to implement. We don't even know how many votes or how many ballots were out there. There's no identifying our ballots. They're not numbered. They're not watermarked. You can just print them off. So, it is it's so ripe for fraud.

Sherronna Bishop: Absolutely.

Darin Mitchell: Yeah, it's amazing. And you know what? It's that way everywhere. You know very well what's happened in Colorado and the obvious fraud that's existed in all of these swing states, but in all of these battleground states, there's been fraud detected. What's funny is everybody, every American, should be concerned about this, whether it goes your way or against you or for you, whatever your beliefs are. If you don't have a system, you can count on it. Then everything's gone everything. That's why it's the number one issue we have to fix.

Sherronna Bishop: Absolutely. Well, you're a father, a businessman, and you have already served the people of Arizona very diligently and very well. Where can people find you to support you and donate to your campaign?

Darin Mitchell: So, my website is Darin, D-A-R-I-N, For F-O-R, So, it's

Sherronna Bishop: Thank you so much, Representative Mitchell, for being with us. I look forward to hearing about a massive landslide victory for you. Thank you so much. Garfield County's Lincoln Day dinner just took place this past weekend. This is an opportunity to meet candidates, see who's running, and get reacquainted with your fellow conservatives. So, today we're at the beautiful hotel of Colorado in Garfield County, Glenwood Springs, Colorado. A very important event is taking place tonight. This is the Lincoln Day dinner where our political officials from all over the state gather tonight to share about their campaigns. Some are running for office, and some are here to just validate that we've chosen the right people to represent us in Colorado and on a national level. We have our representatives, our state senators, US candidates here as well as our secretary of state candidate, and even the congresswoman is joining this event tonight. So, we are here with Gregg Rippy, the chair of the Garfield County Republican Party. You put this great evening together. The chairman, what do you think? What's the temperature here in Garfield County?

Gregg Rippy: The temperature is great. You can see that we're going to have 150 people here, Max, that we can have in this facility. And it's because Republicans care about what's going to happen in 2022. They're engaged, they're excited, and they're committed.

Sherronna Bishop: What do you see on the forecast? We've got all of these great candidates here. What do you predict, the outcome being for the state of Colorado this next election?

Gregg Rippy: This is our time. This is the time to get our message out. This is the time to make a clear differentiation between what the Democrats stand for and what Republicans stand for. So, I'm very excited about 2022. This is a perfect opportunity for us to make great strides nationally and statewide, and we've been doing pretty well in Garfield County in our offices, but we want to continue that. So, yeah, this is our time.

Video Clip: Oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light. What so proudly we hailed. (Singing the National Anthem)

Video Clip: We have one of our favorite representatives in this area, Representative Perry Will. He's with us. We're going to chat with him for just a few minutes. It's been really awesome to watch our good, strong Patriots hold the line in a really challenging House, challenging the government and out of control governor.

Perry Will: Very challenging, you know. I'll just say the Democrats over there are off their chains. The spending is crazy. Just since I've been there, and this is my fourth year over at the state legislature, we've increased the state budget by $13 billion, $13 billion they're spending, and our hardworking Coloradans are struggling to pay their bills. It just doesn't seem to affect them. You know, the whole thing was the education. Parents need to be in charge of educating our children and getting involved, knowing about the curriculum. All this woke stuff. The curriculum is really bad, so we've really been watching that.

Sherronna Bishop: On the National Front. Jared Polis, Governor Jared Polis of Colorado suggested that Disneyworld come to Colorado. What's your take on that?

Perry Will: Well. (laughing)

Sherronna Bishop: These local events are so important for you to attend. This is where you get to meet the candidates, see them, how they interact with the people, and be able to ask the questions that are important to you. Get involved. Lincoln Day dinners are starting all over the state of Colorado. Wherever you live, you're going to find conservative events or GOP events, even libertarian events that these candidates are going to show up at. Ask your questions, and be a part of the process. Thank you all for being here with us today. You've seen incredible demonstrations of courage, of men who won't back down, who are never going to give in to tyranny. I encourage you and just want to remind you constantly that all that's necessary for evil to prevail is for you, the good man, to do nothing. I look forward to seeing you all soon.