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America's Future

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Get In The Fight  Help End Child Exploitation and Trafficking

A tsunami of voices demanding truth and action is required to pierce the wall of silence surrounding the crisis of child exploitation and trafficking. Americas Future intends to harness and amplify American voices with its Get In The Fightnational campaign to put an end to the war on children in this country.

Get In The Fight is a nationwide education and awareness campaign to help prevent and end child exploitation and trafficking. The campaign includes state summits and training programs for parents and professionals to arm them with the facts and truth about the war on children in order to mobilize the public into action.

It is part of Americas Future Project Defend & Protect Our Children (PDPC) initiative to establish a network of grassroots, community-based steward-leaders for children across the country. America's Future works with state residents from community-based organizations, and interested parties such as other nonprofits, law enforcement agencies, and parent groups. These local leaders form the base of the state's grassroots steward-leaders for children groups. Once trained, they become key resources for other residents in their state and are part of America's Future PDPC nationwide network.

The campaign kicks off in the State of Florida on August 17, 2023, in Sarasota. For more details and to register, visit GET IN THE FIGHT - Florida Summit.

Go to the Project Defend & Protect Our Children page.

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