Aly Legge Joins To Share How Her Experience During Covid Inspired Her To Push Back Against CRT and Run For School Board

about a year ago

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Aly Legge Fights Against CRT

On America's Mom, Sherronna Bishop and guest Aly Legge about her inspiration to push back against Critical Race Theory and run for the school board. Legge, a member of Moms For America, shares the experience that started it all. 

In 2020, schools had to resort to remote learning for children. At that time, Legge was already speaking out for parental rights. However, remote learning gave the school board candidate a view inside the classroom. One day, her son's history teacher told his students that the constitution could be suspended under emergency rules. Legge immediately contacted the school about this incident. While the school quickly corrected this incident, all schools were teaching the same thing. 

Critical Race Theory is everywhere within teaching instructions, lying about historical facts, and infecting other subjects. In her son's Graphic Design class, a teacher told the child to denounce his white step-father because of his race. This proved that this pervasive mindset would start affecting students' family dynamics as well. This led to Aly Legge running for the school board. 

Legge finds CRT problematic because the United States is an international country that gets migrants from all over the world, looking for a better life. Yet, these migrants are told it is not the case because of their race.