Alfredo Luna Is Being Targeted By The FBI For Imprisonment For Speaking Out Against The Government

About a year ago

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Another Case of Rogue and Out of Control FBI

Alfredo Luna states that the FBI is corrupt beyond measure and that it cannot be fixed. He says that the agency needs to be completely disbanded. There may still be some good people within, but many are not. The good are whistleblowers who can't do anything about what is going on.

He was targeted by the FBI and told he was trying to take down the government. That he attempted to disrupt the presidential inauguration. He tweeted for people not to do anything to disrupt things that were going on. He was told to stop tweeting against the government and he may be able to avoid prison.

He is being charged with possession of an assault rifle. He used this weapon for ten years as a police officer. The police agency he was formerly with has the information on the weapon along with the department of justice

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