The Absolute Truth Interview With : Luke Ball - RightLife Media Founder

About 2 years ago

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Joe Biden’s Economic Policies Are Hurting America in More Ways Than One

Emerald Eobinson with Luke Ball:
Could runaway oil prices be Biden's way of forcing America to turn more quickly to green technologies? Inflation is not just a silent tax on Americans, it is a silent robbery. High prices are a direct result of the economic policies of the Biden administration. These policies are also a security concern. Since 1944 the dollar has been the world's reserve currency. With inflation running out of control, China and others are watching this and thinking about how they can replace the dollar with their currencies.
Liz Cheney says that a cult within the republican party surrounds Donald Trump. A cult to her is apparently putting America first.  Luke Ball feels that the Januaray 6th committee will vindicate Donald Traump and the participants of the event. Votes were changed, ballots were changed under the guise of liberty and safety, and people legitimately challenged the electors. The hearings will be about drama, not about facts.


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