The Absolute Truth Interview With: Liz Harrington - Former President Donald Trumps Spokesperson

About a year ago

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Donald Trumps Spokesperson Speaks Out

The stop and retain tactics used on Mike Lindell are tactics taught at Quantico. However, the use of these tactics is only applied to the toughest, most wanted, highly known criminals. There is no reason for the FBI to box in the car Mike was in and then approach him with their weapons drawn. All of this drama for a phone they want to check from a man whose desire is to assure that we have fair and honest voting in our country.

President Trump says that we are becoming a weaponized political police state and now they are going after the "My Pillow Guy".

Why aren't they working against the major criminals across the country? Why aren't they going after the criminal cartels crossing our borders every day? Why aren't they stopping human trafficking? Why aren't they stopping the flow of fentanyl which has caused over 100,000 deaths?

What we are learning from all of this is that some of the real criminals are those that are running things. Those in the deep state. 

President Trump reacted more to the events with Mike than others. This shocks the conscience of everyone as they see the diabolical intimidating tactics the left is employing against everyone associated with the president.

They are not taking the evidence that has been presented to them. Evidence of vote tampering versus a phone containing business associates and people working to show the world the evidence. They go after this phone rather than going after those responsible for committing felonies against the legal vote process. They should be going after those that are deleting vote information prior to the length of time this information is scheduled to be preserved by federal law.

They are going after those that are trying to preserve the records. Something is very upside down here. This is becoming a police state with corruption at the highest levels.

Just as it is in the military, you do not have to follow an illegal order. Federal agents should not be following the orders being presented to them.

The timing of all of these things is uncanny and showing of the illegalities and improprieties committed in our elections of 2020. 

Will our elections going forward be honest and will they follow the rule of law that Joe Biden says the MAGA supporters refuse to follow?