The Absolute Truth Interview : Jill Trammel - Candidate For GA State House

about a year ago

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Is the Vote in Georgia Correct? Will a Hand Recount Prove Different Results?

Fulton County poll officials were aware of massive problems with poll systems. Voter ID systems went down and further problems occurred with the system and uncertified updates were performed to the systems which then led to emergency plan usage which most the people were not familiar with. Additional problems were faced because of redistricting that the Secretary of State failed to notify voters of so they could not find the candidates they wanted to vote for.
Several different things all add up to the numbers not adding up and therefore more than one candidate is asking for the vote not to be certified and for the votes to be counted by hand. While the candidates are asking for this they are being met with pushback asking for evidence of problems. (something they don't have to provide.) Forensic and hand recounts are being called for from all counties in Georgia. At this time there is no indication of the certification of votes as the recount goes on.