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About 2 months ago

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Who is Scott McNamara? Scott (aka Mr. Mac) is the founder, Executive Director, and Chief Designer of the Mr. Mac Bible animated verse by verse illustrated Mr. Mac Bible. 

What is Mr. Mac Bible? The animated Mr. Mac Bible, books, and related Shorts are popular on YouTube with 2 million views and 400,000 subscribers this year primarily in missionary countries like Turkey, Indonesia, India, and Peru making the series like a “digital missionary” into countries difficult and expensive to physically reach on foot.

The animated Bible books and movies are not paraphrases of popular Bible stories, but an unedited verse by verse illustration of over 20% of the entire Bible!  Our books and movies are being published in English, Spanish, Urdu (Pakistan), German, and Arabic.

What do we need to expand our mission?  We need additional Bible-loving missionary minded partners to help us pay for the international digital marketing feeds to promote our animated Bible series unto the phones and computers of the people in each of our target countries and languages.  We are passionate about Jesus’ Great Commission, and desire to make known!

 And this is the victory that has overcome the world our faith...


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