8/31/2021 Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show-Dan Perkins

about 2 years ago

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Sitting at a computer screen and writing words is much different than standing in front of a room of people or talking into a microphone that reaches thousands of listeners. A writer is almost invisible. But TV, live audiences, radio programs, these are real people, with ideologies and thoughts of their own. 

While spending many years meeting one-on-one, Dan had to learn how to master new kinds of interaction: Storytelling; debating; interviewing. He has learned to discuss current topics that are sometimes not politically correct and often times, uncomfortable

Yet this expansion into a new area brought greater material for his writing. He researches. He interviews others. He has become a local authority on radio. He has become a stronger writer because of it.

He is part of several a weekly syndicated radio shows, that can be heard on iHeart radio and on Let’s Just Talk (radio and TV). He is on Bill Martinez Live, American Heroes Network and many other personal interviews, all of which can be found on this web site.