Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/7/21 Teachers abusing students for not wearing masks, Graham We will invade Afghanistan again

about a year ago

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Jeremy Hanson

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On Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/7/21 We discuss Senator Lindsey Graham saying unequivocally that America will invade Afghanistan again, " We will have no choice"! Hawaii has joined the draconian states that will now require you to show your papers just like WWII Germany or you will not be able to participate at gyms, restaurants or bars! Teachers in Illinois and Nevada are abusing kids who fail to wear their masks properly. Australia tells its citizens you will not receive health care unless you are vaccinated, Aussie politician says they now live in a vaccinated economy!! Cuomo now caught using citizen tax dollars to pay for and cover up misdeeds, scandals, harassment and mis-allocation of funds "fraud"! Paris police brutally beat woman for not having her vaccination papers and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/7/21